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Children And Their Love For Unicorns

Children And Their Love For Unicorns

Unicorns have shown their appeal to people of all generations. From children to adults, women to men, people all love the unicorn. What exactly is their mythical power of attraction that can charm anyone ? Thousands of years ago, in the Middle Ages, people were already singing praises about unicorns. Perhaps for thousands of people, there will be thousands of reasons why they are passionate about unicorns. Let’s break down some possible explanations of children’s love for the unicorn 🦄

In this article, we give you an overview of the relationship between children and unicorns. Probably the most interesting point is how they share many similarities. In fact, there are other characteristics of unicorns that are irresistibly fascinating to children’s minds. Let’s take a look at them all ❤️

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Legends have always depicted unicorns as the ultimate symbol of purity and divinity. They are mythical, miraculous creatures of ethereal beauty with their fairy mane, pure white and radiant light. They look as if they have just come down from the sky. The description reminds us of how children are born. People often say that newborns and small children are gifts from heaven for their parents.

Children and unicorns are the two purest lives. Unicorns are elusive, separated from the noisy and polluted human world. In the same way, children come to earth with a pure heart and mind that may seem totally strange to the adult world. Man yearns for the unicorn, just as he yearns for the purity of self, which he has long since lost on the day of the children. They had it when they were children, but it was worn out by the outside world as they grew up.

That might explain the close relationship between children and unicorns. Children may not be familiar with the entire mythology of the unicorn. But they love the legendary pure and friendly creature that looks so much like them ! Unicorns may also have a soft spot for children. The fact that they only submit to another pure soul proves it.

Unicorn In The Magic Forest


Unicorns are basically cute little ponies with magic. Especially in colouring and drawing where they have been all the rage for some time. What could be better than letting your children express their creativity in colouring pictures to print by colouring their favourite unicorn with pencils, felt-tip pens or by adding glitter and stickers.

Magic is the all-time favourite subject on unicorns that people have been talking about for hundreds of years. There are many legendary stories about the magic of unicorns. One of the best known must be about the healing magic of unicorn horn. In the Middle Ages, people said that the liquid with unicorn horn powder was an effective antidote to any poison.

Unicorn Cartoon

Unicorn horn also has incredible power to kill an elephant as said in the Bible. Moreover, only the sight of a unicorn can make you reach the ultimate happiness in life. All these stories about the magic of unicorns have fuelled the imagination of all generations about the existence of magic. Children, with their flying imaginations, cannot help but be attracted to this magical creature.

Unicorns become the source where all their dreamy thoughts can blossom. Only unicorns and their magic can make their day brighter. Nothing is more exciting for them than the idea of meeting a unicorn one day. Meeting a unicorn, making friends with unicorns and sharing their magic with this legendary animal could be so appealing to children. More than stories about the healing power, for children, the unicorn might even have magic to change anything.

Unicorns can make her a princess. Or they can talk, tell them stories about places they’ve never been before. Anything can come true with a magical unicorn. Maybe that’s what happens in the minds of children. And whether it’s true or not (why not?), their dream of magic unicorns never ends, just like their love for this adorable creature.

Unicorn Night Under The Moon


Unicorns possess an ethereal beauty that does not seem to belong to this world. Children love them, they love mysterious things that adults do not believe or trust.

Imagine your daughter in a rainbow country where life is magical and enchanted, where the kawaii unicorn tells her fairy tales.

The beautiful creature from a faraway and distant forest will intrigue her immense curiosity. They can construct in their minds thrilling fairy tales about its origin. And these stories never cease to interest them.

Moreover, the beauty of the unicorn has an innocent vibration, for it lives apart from the material world of man. Children, therefore, find their innocent look harmless and familiar to them, for they have similar qualities. Legends always say that only a virgin with a pure soul can spot a unicorn. If the unicorn really exists, we can hope that one day a pure-hearted child will be able to see them with their clean, innocent eyes.

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