Why Are Unicorns Magical ?  All His Secrets Will Come Out

Why are unicorns magical ? All His Secrets Will Come Out

Unicorns are legendary creatures and have special magical powers to grant the wishes of those who are pure of heart. These white beauties with their simple spiral horn are elusive and can be very difficult to spot in today’s real world.

Known to hide in forests all over the world, they can only be spotted by a pure-hearted soul. Quite simply, because they know that these people would never reveal their location to the outside world or to those who do not deserve to see them ✨

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What do magic unicorns eat ?

Unicorns eat grass and hay, and their favourite time of day to eat this grass is early in the morning when it is covered with fresh dew. They eat out of envy, not because they need it. They get their energy from the magic and positivity of their environment.

Unicorn Eating Donuts

What do unicorns drink ?

Magic unicorns don’t need to drink to survive. But they like to drink water that is as natural and pure as they are.


What do unicorns do for fun ?

Unicorns love to grant the wishes of those who deserve it. Their magical powers will allow the one who loves them to grant a particular wish.
To do this, simply place your hand gently on the unicorn, close your eyes and make a secret wish that only the unicorn can hear. The joy on the faces of those whose wishes have been granted is enough to keep a unicorn happy for life.

Unicorn Ridding A Dinosaur Retrowave Disco

Can unicorns fly ?

Unicorns cannot fly, they are creatures bound to the earth, unlike their parents the Pegasus.

Unicorn Pooping For Flying

How strong are unicorns ?

Unicorns have supreme strength and can slaughter any being, even those as big as an elephant if necessary. Although unicorns would never harm another living thing. The Unicorn Can Win Against A Dragon !

Unicorn Installing Muscles Please Wait...

Do magic unicorns have a family ?

Although unicorns are quite solitary, they have families and elders whom they follow and learn from like us. Although you will probably only see one unicorn at a time, they live in small groups.

Unicorn Happy Family

How long do unicorns live ?

Unicorns live for hundreds of years, because they are so difficult to spot that no one knows how old they can get !

Unicorn With A Princess

What's the name of a unicorn horn ?

A unicorn horn is called an Alicorn. It is also the word for a winged horse ! It is believed to have healing powers.

My Little Pony Pink Horn

Where can I meet a magic unicorn ?

Since they are secret creatures, spotting a unicorn can be very tricky. There are no rules and no one can say otherwise… Feel free to read on to Learn More About Where Unicorns Live.

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