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Unicorn Necklace Designs That Will Make You Fall For Them

Unicorn Necklace Designs That Will Make You Fall For Them

In everyone’s childhood, unicorns are certainly the most favourite mythical creature because they are so adorable, so bright and they even have the power to feed dreams. Thus, wearing a piece that is relevant to the unicorn is supposed to bring luck, moreover, the unicorn necklace is the most favourable because it is practical to wear and make you stand out.

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If someone thinks of the unicorn, they will think of all that is magical and aesthetic: rainbows, sparkles, glitter and the possibility of something enchanting. Surprisingly, unicorns are smart designers because they can make any kind of clothing, decoration and even jewellery.

So, if you are a unicorn lover and need ideas for unique gifts for unicorn lovers or just want to stand out from the crowd, we have a magic list of the best Unicorn Necklace designs that all unicorn lovers will love for you. We hope you will find this magic list of unicorn necklaces (or unicorn pendants) useful. Enjoy it !

Unicorn Crystal And Rainbow


Make a fashion statement for yourself with beautiful unicorn jewelry and unicorn necklaces. Our collection, which includes gold unicorn necklaces, silver unicorn necklaces, unicorn necklaces for girls and much more, is especially handpicked with the highest quality and the hottest trend.

Toddler With A Unicorn Necklace

Little Unicorn Glow in the Dark Necklace

Our bestseller – wonderful and imaginary, especially for those who still believe in magic. Add fun to your life and magic to your day because this necklace will bring you out of the darkness. This beautiful simple necklace is ideal for everyday use and would make a great gift.

Unicorn Necklace Glowing

Colored Crystal Gold Necklace

Coloured rhinestones on its surface will amaze you with its beauty. Each coloured crystal represents a part of the world of nature and a part of the world of dreams will make you stand out instantly. An accessory so beautiful that any unicorn lover would love it.

Gold And Crystal Unicorn Necklace

Cartoon Design Unicorn Necklace

This very cute design would brighten up your day instantly. This jewel is handmade, especially for unicorn lovers with nice styles. They would fall in love at first sight.

Cute Cartoon Unicorn Necklace

Gold Magic Unicorn Necklace

This necklace is a must have to highlight your outfit with an acrylic unicorn pendant. It comes with a card inside so you can leave your message inside. Made of high quality material with a delicate design, it is the perfect item for unicorn women and The Best Unicorn Jewelry Gift ever !

Pink Gold Unicorn Necklace

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This unicorn necklace is a must to enhance your metal outfit with a unique design. It is made of high quality material with a detailed pattern and statement to express itself on its surface. It must be a funny unicorn gift for your beloved !

Silver Unicorn Necklace

White Unicorn Green Forest Necklace

This necklace is an essential element to enhance your style with the image of a unicorn printed on the pendant. This unicorn jewel will melt your heart at first glance.

Gourmet Unicorn Necklace

Still looking for a necklace, bracelet or unicorn earrings for more magic and colour in your style ? Take a look at our jewellery collection unicorn necklace or Unicorn Pendant and let yourself be tempted by one of them !

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