What Is Pixel Art ? Where Does It Come From ?

What Is Pixel Art ? Where Does It Come From ?

The pixel is actually the smallest element that makes up an image.

Pixel Art is a digital drawing technique born in the 80-90s, the beginning of the computer age. At the time, the resolution of the screens and the number of colours available were very low, which complicated the work of computer graphic designers who had to draw pixel by pixel with very rudimentary tools.

This art began in Quebec City, then spread very quickly throughout North America and arrived in Europe after having been a huge success in Japan 👾

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Who can make a unicorn pixel art ?

Unicorn Pixel Art is for anyone who loves to draw and is patient enough to finish a whole drawing in a meticulous way.

From children who know how to hold a marker, to elderly people who want to spend their time in a playful way, to people from different socio-cultural and professional backgrounds. Pixel Art can bring the whole family together: women, children and men.

Jesus Ridding A Rainbow Unicorn

How do you do it ? Tools and advices

First of all, you have to have a model. You’ll find below our selection of the 10 most beautiful Unicorn Pixel Art. Some are more for beginners, others for confirmed and the last ones are really for the most expert among you.

Once you have made your choice, you can either print it to have your model close to your sheet or you can put it on a big screen (computer or tablet). You still have to have it in close-up to be able to do it properly, that’s why the phone (the biggest one is) remains a bit narrow.

Then you have to choose the right paper. Either you take a blank piece of paper and draw the grid more or less thick (as you wish) by hand, with a ruler. Make sure to respect the regularity of the line spacing to get a regular result. You can take a sheet of paper that is already squared. It’s easier, but you won’t have the choice of pixel size.

The weight of the paper, i.e. the thickness of the paper is also important. It depends on how you want to use your Unicorn Pixel Art once it is finished. If you want to store it in a binder, a sheet of 80g will suffice, but if you want to display it, offer it as a gift or frame it, we advise you to use paper weighing at least 100g.

Next, the choice of felt-tip pens is very important. A thin tip for small pixels and a thicker tip for larger pixels. Coloured pencils are a possibility, but if you want a sharp and colourful result, you should choose very bold pencils (2HB minimum).

Once your model is in place and your material close to you, it’s time to start your Pixel Art Unicorne.

Unicorn Pixel Art On Gameboy

How do I get my Pixel Art Unicorn right every time ?

It’s best to start at the top of your sheet and line by line. You have to anticipate the rest of the Unicorn Pixel Art by leaving enough space to the right and left so that you don’t run out of space on your sheet at any given moment (and often do the end of the drawing). A decimeter can help you to manage the necessary space and also to determine the exact middle of the sheet.

Once the first line is finished, move on to the second and so on until you reach the last line.

To ensure that your colouring with the markers is even, we recommend that you always colour in the same direction, either from left to right or vice versa, or from top to bottom or vice versa. If you are colouring with coloured pencils, you can make circular movements, always in the same direction, to avoid the pencil strokes appearing and making your drawing unsightly.

Once finished, we advise you to date it. That way, in a little while, you will be able to see your evolution. It is always good to see that you are progressing. Because yes, it is not innate to make beautiful and regular Pixel Art Unicorn. That’s why we have made a selection of The Most Beautiful Pixel Art Unicorn but also of more levels: beginner, confirmed and expert.

The 10 most beautiful Pixel Art unicorn : models


  • Pixel art unicorn foresighted
Pixel Art Unicorn Foresight
  • Pixel art unicorn front
Pixel Art Unicorn Front
  • Pixel art unicorn in profile
Pixel Art Unicorn In Profile

For confirmed :

  • Pixel art unicorn donuts
Pixel Art Unicorn Donuts
  • Pixel art unicorn sitting in front
Pixel Art Unicorn Sitting In Front
  • Pixel art unicorn dab
Pixel Art Unicorn Dab
  • Pixel art unicorn blue eyes
Pixel Art Unicorn Blue Eyes

For experts :

  • Pixel art unicorn rainbow
Pixel Art Unicorn Rainbow
  • Pixel art unicorn pink background
Pixel Art Unicorn Pink Background
  • Pixel art galloping unicorn
Pixel Art Galloping Unicorn

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