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What Is The Unicorn Trend ?

What is The Unicorn Trend ?

Unicorns are today on all fronts. Starting with children’s pyjamas, to plush toys of all kinds, unicorns have also become the symbol of certain popular movements, including the unicorn trend. But what does the unicorn trend consist of ?

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It is a group composed mainly of women with children who share tips and tricks to consume in a more ecological way. It is therefore an environmental movement that has set itself the goal of saving the planet and fighting against over-consumption. Every month, this unicorn group takes up challenges to save money without damaging the planet or its inhabitants. Since everyone is free to consume as they wish, everyone can also control and opt for a more responsible way of consuming, without harming the lives and health of others.

The Unicorn Trend Accessories

Founded in 2015 by Marie Lefève and Herveline Verbeken, this group is a self-help movement that brings together many members. Its founders advocate and promote minimalist ecological precepts and ethics. Its program is mainly aimed at women, since they are the family’s managers. Thus, by doing without advice on how to consume better while spending less, the group aims to reduce the harmful effects of over-consumption on the planet.

To do this, the group members share tips on how to evaluate their expenses, how to anticipate them and above all how to balance them according to their income. A progressive program is also available in 5 key steps to help families consume better.

A Unicorn Is Swimming

The symbolism of the unicorn at the service of the group

We all know that the unicorn is an ancient creature that represents purity and wisdom. It is in this sense that this group has named their movement “The Unicorn Trend“. Their plan of action focuses on caring through sharing and education. It is a progressive programme for women to stop over-consuming and at the same time reduce waste and wastage.

The programme proposes better budget management, mutual aid and a minimum of waste. We find the reminder of the symbolism of the unicorn through mutual aid which is the pillar of this movement.

Unicorn Pizza

The symbolism of the unicorn also resides in the fact that it is a completely peaceful movement. It gives advice that everyone can follow, without being binding. Moreover, benevolence is the key to this movement since it delivers beneficial advice for the one who listens and for the whole family in the long run.

The purity of the unicorn can be found in the promotion of waste reduction. Indeed, according to this program, if everyone contributes to it, the environment in which we live will be purer. Positive changes on health and the environment are thus to be expected.

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