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What Does A Unicorn Watch Do ?

What Does A Unicorn Watch Do ?

⌚️The unicorn watch has been designed solely for the function of keeping a consistent hand movement despite the many movements caused by all the daily activities of the person who owns the watch. A unicorn wristwatch is designed to be worn around the left wrist of women as well as little girls. A kids unicorn watch is attached by a beautiful watch strap that is provided with or another type of bracelet such as the leather straps, metal bands, or in another type of cute and magic bracelet such as steel which makes it a wonderful watch for children and women.

Pink Unicorn Watch With A Leather Strap

What makes a watch a good unicorn watch ?

🌟A good unicorn watch at an affordable price for everyone is equipped with a delicate quartz movement or a mechanical movement that is fully “COSC” certified. One of the many advantages of the quartz material is that it requires fewer moving parts in the design of the unicorn watch for kids. Your movements will become much more precise than before and more affordable in everyday use, this makes watches better.. In our store, Think-Unicorn, our brand uses these quartz movements like other watch brands such as Ronda, Miyota, Seiko, Rolex or Prisma and Justice unicorn watch.

What does quartz mean on a unicorn watch ?

💎Unicorn watches that is made with quartz is a battery-powered timepiece who is using a good piece of quartz crystal inside its mechanism to keep the time with high-precision and faithfully. To make a quartz crystal live at a frequency that is perfectly constant, all you need to do is pass an electric current through it. Due to the constant vibration of the unicorn quartz watches, it will have an extremely accurate time with the help of the quartz crystal inside it.

Unicorn Aura Crystal With Quartz
Unicorn Aura Quartz Crystal

Are quartz watches good ?

💎Most unicorn watches that are made with quartz have an accuracy of exactly 15 seconds per month that is guaranteed. This magnificent precision is far superior to mechanical rainbow unicorn watch, however, high precision quartz watches called “HAQ” can be the ultimate quality when it comes to precision.

Unicorn Quartz Crystal

Is it good to wear a unicorn watch ?

⌚A cute unicorn watch greatly enhances your appearance by making it beautiful and pleasing to the eye, while blending perfectly with the outfit you wear in your everyday life… Have a good looking ! Which is, by the way, the reason why people love wearing a unicorn watch on their wrist among their many accessories. However, a long time ago, unicorn watches were considered as a real tool and not a decorative accessory to sublimate themselves.

White And Pink Unicorn Watch With Plastic Strap

A unicorn watch on our online store to conclude !

Find on our online store a wide range of unicorn watches that will accompany your style of dress with magic. Whether it is for you or to offer to your children or your daughter or toddler, a girls unicorn watch band are a jewelry that can be considered as a toy or as a decoration for your wrist. Choose from our collection the watch that will suit you, in pink, rainbow, blue-green or black, we offer the widest possible sparkly choice for your happiness at Think-Unicorn© !

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