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Unicorn Watch

The unicorn watch is a carried timepiece that you use to tell the time. It is designed to be worn by a person on his or her left wrist. Due to the many activities of the person wearing a good unicorn watch, it is made to keep a constant movement. The wristwatch is designed to be worn primarily around your wrist and thus be tightened and attached by a watch strap made of fabric, metal bands, leather or other types of different bracelets. There are other types of watches such as the unicorn pocket watch which is specially designed to be attached to a chain and be stored in your pocket. The watch is an authentic horology timepiece.

From the 14th to the 17th century, the unicorn watch was for a long time equipped with a mechanical device driven by a complex clockwork mechanism powered by a powerful mainspring which chronometers the time with the help of a small oscillating balance wheel inside; they are called unicorn mechanical watches. As of 2010, the unicorn watch has evolved, smarter than before called as a smartwatches, it now has an electronic device that is specially manufactured to be worn on your wrist attached by a watchband. New timekeeping functions have appeared, such as timing or backlighting, however this is only a small part of the packages that will make your life easier with our unicorn watches timepieces.

Some unicorn watches can show you the day, date, month and year like the Swiss watch. You can choose between different unicorn watches such as our mechanical watches which have various additional functions such as moon phase display at night. Some of our smart and modern watches have chronograph, timers and alarm functions, GPS and even calculators. With the help of the new Bluetooth technology, they can be connected to your heart-rate monitoring to measure it via the pulses of your wrist, the reverse of the chronograph watch. Our unicorn watches even go so far as to use radio clock technology to correct the time if you are late or early.

In our online shop, our unicorn bracelet watch are equipped with quartz-movement while remaining inexpensive and medium priced with optimal quality. You will also have access to some collectible unicorn watches from our collection that are more expensive but more appreciated by you ladies with our craftsmanship, aesthetics as well as the glamorous design of our watches that are often designed with a traditional mechanical movement for a simple timekeeping, they are less accurate yet more expensive than our electronic unicorn watches.

Our kids unicorn watch

We have several ranges of unicorn watches, such as digital, analog-watch, leather strap or glowing watches that are suitable for all ages, whether it is for children, toddler, boys, mens or adults. Choose different designs such as the girl child to match your style to add a touch of sparkly glitter. Think-Unicorn is a specialist brand of unicorn watches, our prices range from the lowest prices for wrist watch to the highest for vintage unicorn watches. All have unicorn design on the inside of the dial.

Our Girls unicorn watch

Diamond pink is the favorite style and color of girls and baby girl. If you are a lady, opt for something simple, unique and classic like the beautiful watch Fluffy. Some rainbow unicorn watches can be used as a toy for the fun of watching our children’s play with each other. If you haven’t found your favourite colour, opt for sobriety with the unicorn watch black or for a water-resistance or waterproof watch to go swimming. Choose the colour of your leather band that best suits your wrist to show your friends that you have straps straight from the world of unicorns.

Our collection of unicorn watch for girl

Now that you know more about the unicorn watch, its composition, usefulness, etc… Think-Unicorn offers you a wide collection of unicorn watches to make you happy every day or to give as a gift to your little girl. Find below different models of unicorn watches available in our online store :

  • Unicorn digital watch for girl
  • Unicorn smart watch
  • Ladies unicorn watch
  • Unicorn digital watch for girl
  • Children’s unicorn watch uk
  • Unicorn horn led watch

Please feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions about our unicorn watches.