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Unicorn Pink Watch Do Justice Everywhere

$49.90 $27.90

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Unicorn Pink Watch Do Justice Everywhere

$49.90 $27.90

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The Unicorn Watch From Justice comes from another planet, as its name suggests, from a world called Justice where unicorns in uniform lived.

You like to possess the latest style fads such as the unicorn watch or you simply intend to complete your closet with magical fashion jewelry ? The bezel of the watch is made from tinted steel to give it resistance against impacts and a best aestheticism on your left wrist. Whatever clothes preferences you favor, the steel instance of our unicorn watch will certainly give you an outstanding appearance. Our steel watch sold on our stunning on-line shop, stands for an enchanting unicorn design, offering a plaything want to the watch. Bring a component of refinement to your clothing, with our unisex unicorn watch. Handmade, the watch has a number of features such as the chrono, in addition to an intelligent feature to keep the day-date with high accuracy as a result of the quartz crystal which is inside its watch system. A best collectible timepieces that will certainly make you delighted each day.

  • Fabric & Stainless Steel
  • 100% Natural Cowhide Leather
  • Silver 925 Sterling
  • Belt length: 9.4 (inch)
  • Size : Adjustable
  • Comfort+ : Very light with a delicate touch on the wrist
  • Glossy surface to Enhance Your Appearance
  • Design of Unicorn Watch By Think-Unicorn®

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    It arrived a week later than the scheduled date, requested on October 20 and received on November 13. Simple packaging but in good condition, the product has no box, there is no fading or strange smells, the back is still a little scratched, the watch is beautiful, as in the description. I recommend Thank you AliExpress and thank you to the seller.

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    Very nice

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