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Unicorn Wallet Tsy


Unicorn Wallet Tsy
Unicorn Wallet Tsy


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Etsy is actually the name of an enchanted unicorn who loves to own money. She uses the Unicorn Wallet Etsy to buy all sorts of accessories that she likes.

  • 99% Organic Cotton : Natural & resistant material
  • Comfort+ : Takes up very little space
  • Abrasion Resistant (Leather) and tear resistant (Nylon)
  • Size : 4.7 – 3.1 – 0.6 (inch)
  • Weight : 154 (pounds)
  • Other materials: Leather, Nylon, canvas
  • Machine Washable : 29.5°C (79.5°F)
  • Unicorn wallet with unique design by Think-Unicorn®

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