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Unicorn Vs Dragon : Who Wins ?

Unicorn VS Dragon : Who Wins ?

Unicorns and dragons are two legendary creatures especially known for their power and incredible strength. Although they seem radically opposed on the surface, one thing brings them together : their strength 💪

Many mythology enthusiasts imagine the outcome of fictional battles in which these two mastodons would confront each other. Today, it’s the turn of the Think-Unicorn to offer you a match in 5 rounds to definitively define the winner and the loser : The unicorn, a magical warrior, and the dragon, a real threat of fire. Are you ready for the Unicorn VS Dragon fight ?! 🔥

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Round 1 : Endurance and speed

The dragon

The dragon’s physiology is impressive. It is on average 70 meters long and 24 meters high and weighs no less than 25 tons. Because of its wingspan, it’s very difficult for it to show agility when it’s on the ground. It is slow and can tire very quickly. On the other hand, as it has a flight capacity, in the sky it has the ergonomics and looks of an F-22 Raptor ! ✈️

The Large Size Of The Dragon

The Unicorn

The unicorn has a much more modest physique. On average, its size is 2.40 meters high and 1.50 meters long. Its weight/height ratio lets us conclude that in terms of stamina and speed, the unicorn will largely take the advantage over the dragon as far as ground fighting is concerned. On the other hand, the unicorn cannot fly. It could find itself very quickly overwhelmed by the ease of movement of the dragon in flight. 🦄

Unicorn Is Standing On A Hills


No matter how fast it is on the ground, the unicorn’s endurance and speed are far less than the dragon’s in flight. If we were to consider only this factor, the unicorn would eventually wear out and lose to the dragon. 🐉

  • Dragon : 1 – Unicorn : 0
Dragon Is Waking Up On A Vulcano

Round 2 : Magic Powers

The dragon

Our Majestic Creature Of Fire has at its disposal two great esoteric abilities. The first is the best known: his ability to spew flames. This power is absolutely super-powerful, but it is not infinite. Indeed, it generates embers thanks to the atypical functioning of its digestive system. We can consider that it has no more ammunition only after 3 great discharges of fervour.

The second capacity is almost unknown to the general public but it does exist. We are talking about his unknown sixth sense which allows him to fully feel all the emotions around him. This is very strong because it allows him to act and think accordingly ! 🐉

Dragon On Fire With Magic Power

The Unicorn

The unicorn’s magical abilities exist only because of its horn. It allows him to neutralize absolutely all evil esoteric actions (including dragon flames!) It also allows him to purify all that is impure. That is to say, it has the virtue of corrupting the dragon with goodness so that it stops fighting and comes to rank in its ranks.🦄

White Unicorn Vs Black Unicorn


The dragon’s fire power has no effect on the unicorn because it is able to neutralize it. The same goes for his sixth sense. The unicorn being an emotional creature, she has been able to manipulate the workings of the unicorn in order to reach a level of emotional balance of perfection. The dragon is therefore unable to anticipate its combat strategies using its opponent’s emotional stage fright because the unicorn does not let anything show through. Having no power working against the unicorn, we can conclude that the dragon would allow himself to be purified and lose the fight. 🦄

  • Dragon : 1 – Unicorn : 1

Round 3 : Raw strength and physical resistance

The dragon

It is often said that the dragon’s body alone is a formidable weapon. And that is true! Nature has equipped it with gigantic claws capable of tearing off any flesh or material with a single blow of its paw. With a huge tail like a whip that can bring down a building if it crosses its path. Multiple rows of massive teeth that can devour even the largest shark’s hook, not to mention the size of its wings, which are so huge that they make the ground tremble. Plus, it has scales made of dense keratin cells. It’s a fibrous shield that’s as hard and impenetrable as steel.🐉

Rainbow Unicorn And A Black Dragon

The unicorn

The Unicorn’s Brute Strength comes down to its sharp horn, which allows it to pierce its prey with a simple headbutt, and possibly its blows with its hooves, which can be very destructive against creatures that are not dragons. In terms of physical resistance, the unicorn is rather weak. Its flesh is easily penetrable and has no protective mechanism.🦄

White Unicorn With Wings In The Pray


Alongside the dragon’s physical power and robustness, the unicorn looks pale. In a fight without magical power it would simply be torn to shreds. 🐉

  • Dragon : 2 – Unicorn : 1

Round 4 : Intelligence

In combat, intelligence is a determining and crucial factor because it directly involves the major tactical and strategic decisions.

The dragon

Although the dragon is very perceptive, he is incredibly boastful, self-centered and proud. He revels in flattery and appreciates the adoration that is brought to him. A great dragon can be friends with an admirer, even if he knows for a fact that the admirer turns out to be a hypocritical flatterer. He will not argue with an insolent fool or an aggressive opponent because the dragon is temperamental and gets angry very quickly.🐉

Dragon Intelligence

The unicorn

As for the unicorn, she has an incalculable level of emotional intelligence. She is capable of interpreting emotions and drawing conclusions more quickly than anyone else. She can transform sentimental energies at will to tip the scales in her favour.

Turning a deeply sad being into a deeply happy being and a deeply happy being into a deeply sad being. Add to this her social insight that allows her to detect weak points in order to take advantage of them and we get a real weapon of destruction through love! 🦄

Dragon Shooting Fire On A Unicorn Shield


The dragon is far from stupid, but the unicorn’s social intellect fatally touches its Achilles’ heel, so the dragon would be totally manipulated and would not be able to use its fighting skills to the fullest. 🦄

  • Dragon : 2 – Unicorn : 2

Round 5 : The mind and determination

So this is the decisive round! The one that will decide the winner for good. Mind and determination are the keys to fighting a fight in which our performance is truly equal to our abilities on the field.

The dragon

The dragon is a den creature. It is very quiet and its main activity is to incubate the eggs of its future young. The dragon would only be overcome with rage if someone or something dared to attack its family. Otherwise he is no more motivated than that by the concept of victory and defends himself timidly and weakly in case of an attack (⚠️ compared to what he is capable of).🐉

Unicorn Versus Dragon

The unicorn

The unicorn is a creature of survival. A true metaphor of love, the death of a unicorn would symbolize the death of love. And often, to keep love alive, we are required to make various sacrifices. Based on this premise, the unicorn fights fiercely to eradicate threats.🦄

White Unicorn Under The Moon


Without a doubt, the dragon would take over the unicorn if the unicorn were to attack his family. However, since the unicorn is first and foremost a loving being, it would NEVER do such nonsense. So we can infer that the general level of determination and mental strength is much higher in the unicorn.

  • Dragon : 2 – Unicorn : 3

Unicorn vs. Dragon : Unicorn wins!

to organize a real confrontation. In any case, know that we are betting everything on the victory of the unicorn ! 🙂

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