What Does The Unicorn Tattoo Mean ?

What Does The Unicorn Tattoo Mean ?

Unicorn Tattoo - Design and Ideas

Scientists believe that in the Copper Age, tattooing was used for medical purposes, to reduce pain, on the Iceman, tattoos were found in areas where bone problems were most common – on the lower back, knee, feet and joints.

The unicorn tattoo is more common among women, because according to ancient mythology, making friends with it was only possible by girls. Therefore, the fundamental value of such a tattoo – chastity, purity and beauty – is ideal. However, the unicorn is not without splendour – she does not submit to anyone.

But to make this tattoo and be human, everyone can define his own personal meaning, and then she will play the role of a mascot. There is another meaning of the tattooed unicorn – power and courage. That is why the image of the winged horse is considered one of the strongest symbols.

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In Chinese Culture

This meaning obviously comes from Chinese folklore and the Old Testament. These sources tell of how these beautiful animals help people in need. In addition, the unicorn weeps for physical and mental torment, which is described as a remedy, and is endowed with an antidote. In Chinese culture, this creature represents :

  • wisdom
  • happiness
  • longevity
  • justice
  • sincerity

There are values that are no longer relevant and rare. It is an association of such a tattoo with paganism and Christianity. It is interesting to see the confidence people have in the fact that a man who has met a living unicorn learns all the languages of the world.

Kawaii Unicorn Tattoo

Meaning And Representation

The peak in popularity of the tattooed unicorn occurred in the 60s and 70s of the last century, but today the image on the body of the mythical creation has lost popularity.

The meaning of a tattooed unicorn can also be complicated by the choice of the representation. The drawing can be made in any colour and style – everyone has his or her vision specialists. Do the unicorn tattoo in a prominent place. Unicorn tattoos can be very colorful and interesting, especially if you find a talented artist who will make an excellent design.

A unicorn tattoo often has the characteristics of bright colors, usually pink, light purple and white. Many single-breasted tattoos, for example, show a well-defined portrait of unicorns in an equally magical forest, sometimes galloping, sometimes standing perfectly and always looking straight ahead of those looking at the tattoo. Many people like to use a portrait that allows a lot of detail in the expression of the unicorn.

Colored Unicorn Tattoo

A Unicorn Tattoo can show a realistic creature, or something completely unnatural. The Victorian cherry blossom cherry tree with horses is an example. With the exceptionally elongated body, the head with oversized features, and the horns may have very little colour and detail. Their manes may be long and slightly wavy, they may have intricate, spiral patterns, or be smooth and silky.

Sometimes people like to have unicorn tattoo designs that include more fancy figures. A good design idea would be a one-legged race with Pegasus, a broom with Centau, or a fight with a dragon.

The tattoo, from mythology to the present day

Mythology also mentions that the unicorn also fought with the lion. Only once present the spring and summer of the lions, each year they struggled to dominate the season. In this design can be created a living image, the unicorn in the spring environment, with blooming flowers around her and a lion in the summer scene, with a bright sun behind her back.

The unicorn is one of the most mysterious mythological creatures. Since ancient times, it has been idealized in countless stories, songs, legends and myths. According to mythology, the unicorn is a white horse with a horn on its forehead, whose body drips with silvery blood. It is a symbol of purity, chastity and virginity of the soul. But despite the widespread belief in its existence, for centuries there has been no evidence of the sight of these creatures. Today, unicorns with beaded bodies and long, spiral-cut horns dominate the public imagination, and the heroes have cartoons and video games.

A tattoo of a unicorn can be an adult version of a child’s ideal. The Unicorn Tattoo Often Represents The Beauty And Innocence of most fantasies, and these tattoos can be new ideas and designs for external expression of the same characteristics. Tattoos and unique designs which, because of their mystique and beauty, are most often seen on a woman or girl. It is also not surprising to see these beautiful designs on a man.

My Little Pony Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorn Tattoo - Meaning, Symbolism

It is interesting to note that in the fourth century, before the New Era, the first doubts were raised that the Earth was not a plate, but a ball-shaped (Aristotle), which was not scientifically proven until a thousand years later, and that tattoos had been better known for centuries. It is interesting to note that the shape of our planet cannot be changed or that something new is being discovered about it, and the tattoo is becoming more advanced with each passing moment.

From there, I will first introduce you to Otzie, the ice man who lived in the Copper Age (about three thousand years before the New Era). Although this is not the oldest evidence that tattoos were used a long time ago, it is still the first discovery in modern society. It was found in 1991 in the Alps, and with the help of X-rays it was discovered that it had (still?) bone degeneration.

Scientists believe that in the Copper Age, tattoos were used for medical purposes, to reduce pain. On the Iceman, tattoos were found in areas where bone problems were most common – on the lower back, knee, feet and joints.

Although the tattoo looked different from what we have today, the colour was absorbed into the skin by rubbing coal dust on the desired area.

Unicorn Tattoo On The Hands And Fingers

This culture was popular in Egypt, especially among dancers. Although you probably thought they were prostitutes at first, that’s not true. On the contrary, the tattoos found on them represented symbols of divinity, fertility and joy at that time.

Although at first the ancient Romans refused to decorate the body, later, seeing the tattoos emphasizing the masculinity and cruelty of the Celtic warriors, they accepted the practice and marked their soldiers with their own symbols. As they never fled from progress, the Romans perfected the application, but also the elimination of these whites.

Unicorn Tattoo Drawing

It is believed that once upon a time unicorns lived on earth. They are often described as strong and fierce mythical beings. It is believed that a man was not born who could seduce her and that only the virgin of pure soul could be associated with him.

The horns of the unicorn were priceless and were paid for in gold. They were thought to have healing properties. The dust made from his horn was considered to be a miracle medicine for all illnesses. It was also believed that a man who drank water from a unicorn’s horn would be protected from poison.

It was believed that whoever killed and drank the blood of a unicorn would be damned forever. Also, it is believed that its blood can save a man at death, but then he is condemned to the curse of half-life.

Unicor Tatoo If Im Lost Please Call

Unicorn - The legend through the ages

In popular belief, the spirally coiled horn is regarded as a symbol of the primitive heavenly force, development, transformation and ascension.

In Celtic mythology, the unicorn guards the feminine mysteries and embodies the virginal aspect of the triune goddess. Moreover, it is said to have a link with the mysterious and legendary island of Avalon, the apple tree and also the fruit of love (the apple) itself.

In many Germanic and Celtic legends, the unicorn and the dragon represent good and evil, which are equally strong and fight an eternal battle. According to the Christian idea, the unicorn jumped on the lap of the Virgin Mary. Thus, it is a symbol of Christ and therefore the unicorn also corresponds to the Christ consciousness known today in the esoteric.

Depending on culture and religion, the unicorn comes in different forms. For example, the unicorn looks in some images like a horse (Europe), an antelope (Egypt) and even a cow (China), in other images it also has a lion’s tail and a goat. The most common and best known representation of the unicorn is based on Celtic designs and refers to a white horse with a twisted horn.

My Little Pony Unicorn Tattoo Blue With A Horn

The unicorn and spirituality

If the unicorn presents itself as an animal of power, it tests the purity of heart and the ability to serve in humility. Like the Pegasus power animal, the unicorn is also closely related to the higher worlds and their inhabitants. Anyone who comes into contact with the unicorn will find it mostly in the forest, where it is well hidden and rarely appears.

When you see it in shamanic journeys, dreams or meditations, you see it mostly in clear waters such as small lakes or ponds, drinking and disappearing immediately in the thick cloud. It is not uncommon for Elves in her surroundings to make sure that nothing happens to the unicorn and that she stays hidden – just like the unicorn does the same for Elves.

The unicorn, powers and beliefs

The animal unicorn of power does not come to everyone and carefully selects his protected. Only people with good intentions and a pure soul can see her and understand her language, for all others the unicorn remains invisible and mute. Because, according to the legend, she can only be captured by a virgin girl. This means that the fundamental essence of the unicorn’s being (and of your own being too) cannot be captured by physical and material means, but only by innocent receptivity.

The unicorn as an animal of power usually enters its own life when an initiation is imminent. It is not uncommon for the power animal unicorn to challenge his protégé to follow him and trust him unconditionally – even though the path may seem strange, threatening or dangerous. The unicorn often leads us through a dark, dense forest or over a barren mountain to test our confidence and courage.

Whoever succeeds is more than rewarded, because the goal was worth it: It is said that unicorns only lead to the gods and their temples for people with a pure heart, which few people see anyway. Moreover, the unicorn as an animal of power shows you hidden treasures – be it in yourself, in the spiritual or material world.

Although the unicorn is a gentle and loving creature, its powerful animal medicine and magic are particularly strong. Ultimately, the unicorn knows how to defend itself and its protégé against demons and evil dragons – just as mythology has taught. The unicorn is the purest of beings, showing you how to purify yourself spiritually and emotionally and how to protect yourself in order to awaken the divine within you and connect with higher beings.

If the unicorn allows you to touch its horn, you must accept this offer humbly and gratefully, for there is no better proof of trust – furthermore, the unicorn’s horn has magical powers that heal wounds immediately and without scarring, and immediately negative occupations or energies should be able to release.

If a unicorn appears to you in the dream, it draws attention to innocence, virginity and childish naivety. But it also announces contact with the beings of light and the messages to come from the beings of light. Whoever is allowed to touch or ride a unicorn in a dream is part of healing and purification at the highest level.

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