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Unicorn Suit Trend : A Magical Disguise


If you are interested in the current fashion, you will see that unicorn combinations are more and more in vogue. Indeed, this trend in unicorn pyjamas is due to several factors ! First of all thanks to the charm of this fairy-tale creature and secondly thanks to the influence of the unicorn in current fashion.

Whether we are a baby, child or adult, having a Unicorn Costume Inflatable will only make our life more beautiful. If you are wondering why, this article tells you all about this costume.

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The popularity of unicorn pyjamas is inherited from the very influence of this legendary animal. Indeed, the unicorn is represented in the modern world as a pure creature with a unique charm. If unicorn pyjama suits have achieved their current reputation, it is mainly due to four factors.

The comfort offered by his sleepwear

Like a romper suit, jogging suit or kimono, the unicorn suit is usually made of stretch cotton. The texture of these disguise pyjamas will keep you warm and make your nights soft and pleasant.

Girl In Unicorn Disguise

To the elegance and beauty of this cosplay suit

As I’m sure you know, unicorn suits all have cheerful colors. Just like this white horse with its twisted horn, the clothes that look like him are elegant and beautiful. Moreover, the accessories and figurines that accompany this garment all have an exciting charm.

To the mythological meaning of the unicorn

This is no secret to anyone. When you see a unicorn on TV or on a poster, it is followed by a princess. And rest assured, this is no coincidence ! Indeed, in ancient mythology, unicorns are pure creatures, usually linked to the life of a princess. When you are dressed in such a suit, you look like a princess.

People Dancing In A Unicorn Disguise

To the charm of this mythical creature

A white horse with a single horn on its forehead and a large, colourful mane is not an animal you see every day. That’s why having unicorn pajamas on your shoulders makes you unique and different anywhere.


  • During the Halloween party, we all want to play our favorite animal. While some opt for a Batman, panda, or dinosaur costume, others prefer to remain more authentic with a Unicorn Costume.
  • If like many English people you are a fan of this fantastic animal, a unicorn costume is what you need. Remember to complete the whole outfit with a T-shirt, a plush toy or unicorn slippers.
  • If you don’t know what will suit you, the following paragraph presents the types of unicorn suits available.
Big Unicorn Head Disguise


When you want pajamas or unicorn jumpsuits, you face an embarrassment of choice. The cause ? There is a wide range of new unicorn pyjama collections that you can find in our shop.

Unicorn pajama dungarees

Characterized by adjustable shoulder straps sleeves, this type of unicorn suit is now part of the big fashion. Indeed, it is suitable for agile men or women who love to move their arms. To have a uniform look, you must combine this suit with a unicorn t-shirt.

Pink unicorn jumpsuit

No need to go into too much detail ! Women recognize themselves with this color. Soft and charming, Unicorn Disguise Are Optimized For Women And Girls who like to seduce without being vulgar. However, they can also be suitable for men ! Who knows ? To each his own style.

Girl In Unicorn Pink Jumpsuit

Blue and rainbow pyjamas

Although some more determined women opt for this design, a blue unicorn or rainbow jumpsuit is generally the preferred design for men. It is more striking and fits perfectly with booties of the same colour.

Two-piece pyjama set

Two-piece unicorn pajamas make us all fall for them. They are charming and give us more freedom. Consisting of pants and usually a short or long-sleeved shirt, they can be worn together or apart. Whether you want to use them for sleeping, for Halloween, or for fancy dress parties, this type of unicorn suit will be the perfect garment.

Suit for baby girl or baby boy

Babies too can spend a warm and comfortable winter. With the arrival of the cold, babies also need to be protected. Indeed, with a small unicorn pyjama, little ones can put on this disguise and enjoy the comfort it offers.

Unicorn Suit For Baby


Unicorns are omnipresent in our world. We see them everywhere and they fascinate us more. When you are a fan of this mythical animal, the best thing to do is to keep it close to you. How do you do that ? Simply by buying a unicorn suit to represent it.

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