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The Unicorn Slippers, The Perfect Shoes That Keep You Warm !

The Unicorn Slippers, The Perfect Shoes That Keep You Warm !

In addition to being cute, the unicorn slippers is a practical and comfortable accessory. It covers a large part of your feet for maximum comfort and warmth. Easy and quick to put on for the most active people, it can only put you in a good mood after a long day at work or school. Also, the accessory is perfect for fancy dress parties. Everyone will love it, and it can also be used as an original gift. The key lies in the right choice of model. 👡

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What time of day to wear the unicorn slippers ?

You can wear the unicorn slippers during your holidays or on weekend days. As soft and comfortable as you like, the slippers will also keep your feet cold and warm on working days, whether on summer evenings or winter nights. Unicorn slipper is to be put on immediately after you get out of the shower and is to be worn until the end of the evening to avoid catching a cold on the one hand, and on the other hand to channel the spirit of the unicorn into your wildest dreams.

Lighting Unicorn Slippers

How do you complement your coolest outfits with the unicorn slippers ?

Ideal for people looking for the perfect gift for family and friends, the unicorn slipper is part of a wide range of cute and trendy unicorn products. Primarily since many people use unicorn slippers to embellish their outfits at fancy dress parties, Halloween or other such events, the aim being to catch everyone’s eye. The unicorn slipper is particularly adapted to the kigurumis unicorns, to which it is perfectly matched.

Warm Unicorn Slippers With A Rainbow Mane

A better satisfaction thanks to the different models of the unicorn slippers

In the workshop, the unicorn slipper is made in several models. Its material is made of 100% polyester or cotton. Cute accessories reminiscent of stuffed animals, other Unicorn Slippers have built-in LED lights, powered by removable and replaceable batteries, which illuminate the unicorn slipper and add a magical and fantastic touch. The most advanced models even have a motion sensor that changes the color of the LED lights with every step you take!

Warm Unicorn Slippers With A Cup Of Coffee

How do you choose your unicorn slippers ?

Unicorn slippers are available on the market in various sizes and are suitable for all people and all types. In general, the size is indicated on the purchase page of the slipper. So be sure to select the right size for the future wearer’s shoes.

With different colors, it’s up to you to select the slipper that matches your clothes and best represents your personality. The unicorn slipper is an accessory that most often matches the Pajama Kigurumi for a total look. Offered separately, these items are, in fact, to be bought at the same time for a full sleeping suit. Reminiscent of the frog, an animal evoked by the romper, the slippers underline the casual and joyful spirit of unicorn pajamas.

White Unicorn Slippers With A Horn

How to deal with the unicorn slippers ?

At home, machine washing is not recommended for polyester unicorn slippers. This is acceptable if your product is made entirely of cotton. On the one hand, the use of lukewarm water is strongly recommended to avoid shrinkage. On the other side, for the unicorn slippers to keep their softness, you should select a gentle washing cycle in the washing machine. But if you want to wash them with the rest of your clothes, put them in a washing net for delicate textiles.

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