How To Turn Your Hair Into A Rainbow Unicorn ?

How To Turn Your Hair Into A Rainbow Unicorn ?

Of course, the unicorn hair trend has been increasingly popular since the beginning of the Unicorn style. And it’s probably here to stay, so why not kiss it and try it on once in a while ? We are here to help you become the most beautiful rainbow-haired Unicorn you can be. Whether it’s for a birthday party or Halloween, why not adopt your own rainbow-haired unicorn mane ?

Also, give your creativity free rein by learning more useful tips about unicorns on our site.

But first, let’s take a look at this trend and find out why it has become so famous this way. Here is some information for your information 💇

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Unicorns are legendary, rare and magical creatures that only appear with magic, and the term “Unicorn” is used for those who are unique and express their style in their own way. Just like that, rainbow hair is hair in the colors of the rainbow or just an exclusive color, but they would certainly show the style of the Unicorn ! Rainbow hair colors range from pastels to bright colors, or even neon. They can be coloured from root to tip or just a little rainbow light and shade. The possibilities of Unicorn hair shades are unlimited. That’s why anyone can be a unicorn !

Even for your daughter! She can also have a beautiful unicorn hairstyle for her birthday for example.

Of course, you are not going to colour your little princess’ hair, but there are other ways to get a beautiful unicorn hair. Be creative by putting on a unicorn wig or a unicorn headband !

Unicorn Purple Hair


Step 1 : Appointment with an expert hairdresser

  • Turning your normal hair into rainbow hair requires many difficult design and implementation steps that only a skilled hairdressing expert can handle. There have been many who have tried rainbow-coloured hair at home and regretted what they did right afterwards. Then, consulting your hairdresser first can save you a lot of time and energy. Just let him or her create a masterpiece for you !

Step 2 : Look for unicorns with rainbow hair pictures for illustration.

  • Make sure you use the right words on colors to get what you want for your Unicorn hair. Be as specific as possible and it would be best if you give them the picture of the hair color you expected for illustration, just to be sure.

Step 3 : Check the health of your hair before you style it

  • In order to create a rainbow style, your hair must be bleached before being coloured to the colours of your choice (If your hair was already light blonde, yes, congratulations!). This process will probably lighten and dry your hair. This is why you should ask the expert to check the state of health of your hair and reconsider styling it if it was brittle, damaged or too weak at the time.
Unicorn Rainbow Colored Hair

Step 4 : Save time styling your hair

  • Styling your hair into Rainbow Hair can take a long time, it takes time and patience. The first process as mentioned above is to lighten your hair as much as possible to really nail the rainbow hair. After that, the hairdresser will apply the color as you wish and the more complicated your hairstyle is, the more delicate your hairdresser has to be. Just be patient and don’t rush the Magic Unicorn Rainbow Hair !

Step 5 : Preserving your rainbow hair

  • The whole process of bleaching and dyeing your hair makes it easier to bleach your new rainbow hair and that’s why you need to treat it carefully and specially. To avoid discoloration, you have as many options as below :
  • Choosing shampoos specially designed for coloured or free sulphate hair
    Do not use lukewarm water to rinse out your hair
    Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, chlorine and salt water.

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If your skin is clear and fresh, the rainbow hair shades most appropriate for you are light pink, peach or tangerine. On the contrary, if you have fair and discerning skin, try a deeper shade such as amethyst or ruby hair. If your skin is neutral, you will look beautiful in sapphire, aquamarine and emerald tones. Those with dark, fresh skin with foundation shades will look amazing in lilac hair and if they have dark skin with a golden hue, fine, just choose a plum shade !

Unicorn Red Hair


Always be ready to say goodbye with your rainbow hair to say hello to a new one! But again, don’t try to do it at home! Just go to your hairdresser and tell him/her what you want to do, he/she will take care of the complicated task for you! If you want to go back to your original colour, you will need to go back to the process of assessing your hair health and probably go through many bleaching and dyeing processes again.

Keep on scrolling, we bring you the Celebrities to the Beautiful Unicorn Hairstyle to inspire you and get you running to your hairdresser right away !

Rainbow Unicorn Hair On A Girl


Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin was a natural blonde who had her hair done in electric blue on a photo shoot for the Chaos brand. She had recently replaced her long pink hair with a beautiful bright blue to match the long fringe.

Hailey Baldwin Pink Unicorn Hair

Cardi B

Check out this amazing hairstyle from Cardi B which is probably the most fashionable and gorgeous hairstyle a pregnant woman could rock! Of course, because she is pregnant and is not allowed to undergo such heavy and complicated bleaching and dyeing, she uses the Unicorn rainbow hair extension. But that doesn’t make her any less beautiful, does it?

Cardi B Unicorn Rainbow Hair

Lady Gaga

Check out this gorgeous orange and turquoise hairdo from Lady Gaga, which has been prepared for Joanne’s world tour in the future. This rainbow-haired unicorn is sure to cause a sensation, isn’t it ?

Lady Gaga Unicorn Rainbow Hair

Pink-haired Pixie Lott's

If you’re looking for the right pink hair to show off your inner unicorn, then fix Pixie Lotte for example as she definitely nailed the gum pink hair, so much so that the world has gone crazy for her hairstyle !

Pixie Lott Pink Unicorn Hair Scaled

Bella Thorne with sea-green hair

An amazing transformation with red and pink hair turned Bella Thorne from a natural redhead into a beautiful ocean unicorn.

Bella Thorne Unicorn Sea Green Hair

I want a video tutorial to learn more !

Is our information sufficient for you to make the decision to become a rainbow-coloured unicorn? Then what will be your favorite unicorn rainbow hair or what color you have chosen to become a unicorn !

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