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Unicorn Nails Polish Pee


Unicorn Nails Polish Pee
Unicorn Nails Polish Pee


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With Unicorn Pee Nail Polish you can give your nails a chrome look. A colour that is identical to the tears of unicorns when they are happy.

  • Quick-Drying Nail Polish
  • Colour and shine that Dries In A Minute
  • Nail polish in unconventional colours
  • Trendy and avant-garde shades with an exclusive, Award-Winning Formula
  • Classic, chic and elegant
  • Flawless coverage, exceptional durability, flake-resistant formula.
  • Luxurious, Eye-Catching Effect
  • Design by Think-Unicorn

You want to enjoy some more Unicorn Polish ? No problem, we have more Unicorn Nails Polish for you !

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  1. o***o

    I ordered pearl. came gold ……. i liked good ….

  2. E***a

    Delivery to italy month. I have not tried in work yet.

  3. v***r

    Good vtirka, but very little. 3 times no more

  4. S***a

    Заказала 27 July, received 20 September. Втирка cool filling normal. I liked it. Заказала immediately 2 jars

  5. K***m

    Month wait over a little in shipping.
    Place the order and receipt confirmation wrongly hold Tate seller inquiries and three are already behind some time spent with you care you said the fond
    Still worry about the anti-to know. ㅜ ㅜ
    And gel important!! Please let me know the goods,
    Mermaid best smoking used for powder.
    Awesome amount for the product is low the month buy ‘ve

  6. V***a

    Powder like a lot, how much it is shallow, i can not say, until i was trying to rub it. As i try, i will add a tip. Sent it quickly, it was true for almost 2 months.

  7. E***r

    The amount is sooo meager, also with garbage .. The shine is good, rubbed in black with a matte top .. Expensive.

  8. o***o

    The order went on foot to the irkutsk region for 4 months. already came out all the time and i opened the dispute, but the seller is well done-i did not hurry to agree on the dispute. about vtirk: cool, but the amount is not worth this money-it’s a robbery ….

  9. g***l

    I tried everything classically. The garden is easy to rub. The seller’s uncle, garnykh sells.

  10. R***a

    Delivered to the krasnoyarsk territory after two and a half months, rubbed into a hot top without a sticky layer, filling is good, the expense is very economical i recommend to buy.

  11. N***o

    The goods are good, it came in 3 weeks. The only mine was not tracked. hung on the shipment, by this the delivery was a pleasant surprise. Put it in the box. I did not try it yet.

  12. G***a

    It’s a small container but it’s used very little so q gives for a lot, the truth is q is beautiful

  13. G***.

    Delivery is almost two months. Vtirka is beautiful. Light, flying like yucca flakes. On the nails-a little grainy effect.

  14. t***m

    it turns out unicorn effect. thanks

  15. V***s

    Magnifiquecouleur but very little in the pot.

  16. m***m

    Beautiful rendering is top!!!

  17. d***d

    Ordered 31.08-27.09. vtirka cool!!!.

  18. N***a

    Thank you very much to the seller good vtirka. Track tracking to the end. Packaging is simple. Came for 1,5 months, but this is normal). Filling is quite meager but it is good and economical to use. Rubs well on the top without hp dried in the lamp led 48 v 10 seconds and excellent. It’s on the black color she is.

  19. T***c

    Incredibly fast! When I try it, I’ll post picture!

  20. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Very long delivery, special thanks to the seller, extended the protection!

  21. V***a

    Very good vtirka for their money, the effect is not inferior to bought in prof. stores, externally the powder is different and seems bigger and whiter than my old vtirka, but the effect is the same, i advise. It took a long time, but the seller immediately gave a long period of protection to the buyer.

  22. Z***a

    Finally attica came, very long delivery

  23. G***u


  24. M***l

    Recommend the product and the Seller.

  25. V***a

    As in the photo

  26. e***a

    June 22 sent on october 4 received, has not yet tried the appearance of the filling usual, i will add as i try.

  27. y***a

    Very cool vtirka what i was looking for

  28. a***n

    Vtirka as in the picture, looks beautiful. Seller recommend.

  29. R***a


  30. K***a

    Little saturated. Before vladimir 2 months.

  31. f***r

    As in the image

  32. A***r


  33. C***s

    Net inside. It has been there longer over done than the agreed term. Very very sorry. Still off test

  34. v***r

    Vtirku did on beige gel lacquer, the camera does not quite convey the effect of wings of the june beetle beautiful, buy!

  35. e***e

    Keliavo ilgai, pusantro menesio. Labai mažai milteliu, bet Labai gražus.

  36. V***a

    Very nice but not sure that I’d call it unicorn. Burblnished it over white

  37. E***o

    I’m happy

  38. A***a

    Pigment is not so much in the jar.

  39. N***a

    Very little powder, i already wrote
    Shipping 2,5 months

  40. L***a

    Cool, but very little

  41. P***a

    thank you!

  42. y***a

    Vtirka cool consumption small very happy to spb a little more than a month delivery

  43. S***

    I waited a long time, but still my vtirochka did not try it yet. Well, of course in the jar it is very small

  44. P***B

    Lovely pollen. Very little product in package.

  45. E***a

    Jar almost empty

  46. Think Unicorn Shopper

    not much in it but good

  47. P***l

    Does exactly intended, not back very

  48. A***u

    Very nice item
    Very fast shipping
    Thank you very much dear seller

  49. S***o


  50. J***a


  51. A***D

    It’s nice powder, easy to use, makes every colour more beautiful and unique. On picture I applied it on pink base. Check some more on instagram @aliaksandrabulai

  52. Y***a

    Great vtirka! They threw it in the mailbox.

  53. N***a

    It went very long almost 2 months! But vtirki is so small that god willing enough for 1 time

  54. D***z


  55. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Very little powder in the jar

  56. K***a

    It came quickly in about a month. Track tracked. Very little in the jar. Color as described.

  57. l***i

    The track was not tracked at all. The order took a long time, but still received.

  58. M***a

    Beautiful vtirka, only very little (as if not two grams), in fact did not try. Went very long, more than four months

  59. A***a

    Refuse when i try

  60. E***a

    Vtirka fire, i ‘ve been looking for such a long time, it was true for a very long time, somewhere 3 more months, packed in a package of pupyrka, the track was not tracked, nothing woke up, everything is super! I recommend and recommend the seller! Thank you! Watch video unpacking parcels from * on my youtube channel emi_nails42!

  61. a***a

    Easy to rub

  62. O***h

    Powder very little. For 2 applications

  63. L***s

    good! haven’t used it yet but looks good!

  64. I***A

    Thank you!!!!!

  65. a***a

    So beautiful

  66. M***a

    Order 23.08
    Arrived 16.10
    In the work did not try, later I will add a review

  67. V***a

    The powder in the jar is a little…, but the color itself is very beautiful. Thank you!

  68. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Vtirka is beautiful, rubs well into the top without a sticky layer.

  69. Think Unicorn Shopper

    The order was 1,5 months before St. Petersburg. very beautiful vtyrka, little. In fact, I did not try. I recommend.

  70. D***a

    Very little in a jar, very! Beautiful wtirka

  71. f***o

    Vtirka is beautiful, small. I haven’t tried the case yet. In the warranty period stowed with our very high-speed mail. Seller thanks

  72. V***a

    Ordered 25.07, received 17.10 in the NSC
    Whole but long delivery

  73. M***z

    There is no proof

  74. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Pollen is very little

  75. T***a

    Product to Poland arrived in month compliant opisem-nie kontaktowałam contact seller

  76. D***l

    Item Super

  77. E***a

    Excellent vtirka. Very beautiful. But in the jar of course very little of it.

  78. A***a

    Did not come, returned the money

  79. E***o

    She’s gorgeous.

  80. O***a

    Very little in a jar

  81. M***n

    Pollen cool but very little product in box

  82. y***n

    There is this really a little and it’s color white Pink no real white

  83. o***o

    It was 2 months old. To the touch is small. Rubbed without problems even on the old, cold top {in the photo color on blue lacquer). I recommend

  84. N***a

    Very little in a jar.

  85. E***z

    Month and a half to arrive, the amount is what the supplier says, but it looks very fine and luminous powder

  86. E***V


  87. P***k


  88. N***A

    Very little powder, the photo looks more

  89. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Very little powder.

  90. a***a

    Arrive really little. אוליי יספיק for fingers don’t worth the price…

  91. j***j

    ***thank you ***

  92. c***s

    Very beautiful

  93. J***y

    item as described, quick delivery

  94. g***a

    The jar was half empty (((

  95. E***.

    Gyorsan megérkezett, sérülésmentes

  96. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Tried on pale pink, gives a rose gold effect at the top!

  97. O***a

    It’s all on time. I’ll try.

  98. N***g

    Very beautiful chrome color. Works fine on gellak.

  99. T***a

    Thank you so much to seller

  100. g***y

    Very Little

  101. v***m

    Very long delivery. ordered 31.07, received 25.10

  102. N***a

    22.09.19-26.10.19 the number is half the number

  103. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Went long. Fully corresponds to the description

  104. s***s

    Very beautiful

  105. R***l

    It has a month about lasted that it bringing at me was
    Have not tested
    No contact with the seller had

  106. S***a

    Not a lot of product inside

  107. M***t

    Excellent seller!! My order arrived fast and everything was just as described!! THANK YOU!!! ***RECOMMENDED SELLER & RECOMMENDED ITEM!*** AAA+++

  108. A***e

    Vtirki is certainly not enough, but the vtirka itself is small good

  109. J***e

    Product complies with the ad and sends fast, I recommend 🙂

  110. O***o

    Vtirka is super but by number very little.

  111. o***a

    Very beautiful, grinding is large, but everything is rubbed.

  112. S***a

    Thank you!

  113. m***k

    Product consistent with the description and well packed. Recommend

  114. N***a

    Went all as in the description, a month in Kursk

  115. I***r


  116. T***m

    Love this , it took a little longer to get to me but worked great and looked awesome after I figured out how to use it.

  117. G***r

    A good vtirka, tried on white, turned out a mother-of-pearl shade. In the photo is the middle and ring finger. The photo, of course, could not convey the shine, but live looks very beautiful. Bear has a week. But for a very long time, almost 3 months. And so little.

  118. E***a

    I’m happy, fast delivery. Only a little bit small, and so everything is fine. Thank you.

  119. j***j

    Little but beautiful

  120. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Cool wtirka

  121. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Shipping came in last week the mummy late you from ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 왤 case Oh I had four EE still $ is jammed as seen on TV
    Cat is incredibly successfully after the reported year order used…
    So long as well. African wax third lovest want ㅋ case free shipping 왤 case big living made trolling mall targeted four key

  122. a***a

    I received the order, vtirka Super, rekonmenduyu, I will order more

  123. V***m

    October days order in November old days arrived in contact me ~ good also fit the light even seven four. packing also meticulous and make you satisfied!

  124. O***a

    Vtirka is very beautiful, I order a second time, because it is very small, but it is worth it. In the photo on the white substrate, the type on the left two layers of the wtirki, on the right-one. With two layers slightly more pink in the low tide and the rainbow effect in the light slightly more pronounced)

  125. i***v


  126. L***a

    Beautiful vtirka! Super

  127. N***h

    I haven’t actually tried it yet.

  128. A***a

    Not come, I expect a refund

  129. V***a

    Thank you very much, I liked everything. Shipping is long.

  130. B***i

    Good wtirka

  131. J***a

    The goods did not come. Money returned

  132. k***t

    I went very long about the summer but I came)

  133. A***a

    Wtirka Super

  134. k***a


  135. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Vtirka is super, but sooo little!

  136. m***m

    Vtirka does not match the description, the color goes more yellow, applied to white. Наполняемость jars small.

  137. A***k

    Washing is large enough, rather as small sequins. 4 stars

  138. K***a

    The product fully meets my expectations. Very delicate mother of pearl

  139. R***s

    Empty bottle. It’s a fraud!

  140. E***k

    Delivery is wildly long. The goods came. All as in the picture

  141. J***a

    The goods did not come, but the money was promptly returned. So thank you.

  142. K***r


  143. O***l

    Vtirka is beautiful, rubbed into a two-week manicure is very easy. Filling is normal for such a not deep jar. I will order more. Thank you.

  144. I***a

    Thank you seller!!!

  145. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Awesome wtirka, all as in the description, the color is super

  146. J***a

    Just a magic wtirka!

  147. K***t

    Shipping fast, Det

  148. N***a

    Delivery almost 2 months. The track was not tracked, put in the post box.
    Washing the cat cried, come on. Vtirka itself is good, small.

  149. A***v

    Very long walking. Well, very little powder. She ordered for 120 rubles.

  150. N***a

    Very little powder, did not try in action, how to make nails write

  151. I***a

    Very little. But the effect is stunning

  152. v***a

    I ordered it in the summer. I did not receive the goods.

  153. f***r

    It’s about and it’s great!! Recommended!!

  154. g***m

    On the white background is very yellow!! There is no bluish and pink shade!

  155. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Chic vtirka

  156. M***K

    Vtirka liked it. I’ll order more. In the photo vtirk on black.

  157. M***a

    Delivery more than a month on the nails did not try, but in the view of vtirka oooooochen beautiful!!!

  158. R***r

    Delivery 1,5 months. rubbed perfectly on the top without sticky layer. very beautiful!

  159. N***K

    Very cool vtirka. I advise!

  160. Think Unicorn Shopper

    The delivery was very long… vtirka is good, but it is very small.

  161. V***o

    Very small volume.

  162. R***y

    Product was only about half full but otherwise exactly as in the picture

  163. I***n

    Very little, enough only for 2 times, in the case did not try, and so it came out intact

  164. K***a

    Fast delivery

  165. A***A

    The goods came in two months to the Kirov region immediately in the mailbox. All intact, good quality. But I do not recommend the product, as the quantity is meager, and the price is too high, and the delivery is long.

  166. N***a

    Small! Very cool!! but very little ((came quickly!

  167. i***a

    very fast. great person

  168. E***a

    Beautiful but little

  169. Z***k

    Very small quantity in pudeleczku

  170. A***k

    All OK recommend via Before Time regards

  171. n***n

    Very cool, thanks to the seller.

  172. S***t

    The goods did not come. Money returned

  173. Y***o

    Great wtirka

  174. S***a

    As for me for such a jar vtirki Little (

  175. v***v

    The goods did not come, the seller returned the money. For this all the stars.

  176. I***a

    Item as in the photo. Ordered 3 months

  177. L***a

    Already second time order

  178. K***A


  179. s***p

    Vtirka Super! All as in the photo and in the description. Delivery 1 month.

  180. A***a

    Very small jar and little powder itself. And so normal

  181. E***r

    Perfect to arrive well and before time it is missing to prove it

  182. V***a

    Packed well. Too large for the wtirki, but Tode looks beautiful

  183. O***k

    Excellent vtirka, came quickly

  184. a***o

    Yes, she is super! her little but it costs her money. happy as an elephant.

  185. E***k

    Like all vtirki a little bit good, the delivery is long. I will order E

  186. M***a

    Perfect vtirka, ordered for the second time

  187. S***a

    Did not come, very sorry, the seller is decent, not once extended the protection, maybe not lucky because of our mail ..

  188. n***a

    Looks very cool, I have not tried it yet. Very little in a jar

  189. R***n

    Vtirka is very beautifully poured, I advise

  190. U***r

    Super! Thank you!

  191. R***e

    Atsiuntė greitai, supakuota outlet, bet Labai Mazas kiekis

  192. w***s

    very small

  193. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  194. R***n

    It was 1.5 months. Same as in the photo-not sequins, but dust. In the jar of them oooochen little.

  195. N***o

    Very little in volume

  196. w***b

    Pretty powder, I prefer it with transparent varnish

  197. O***a

    Vtirka is beautiful. It was almost 2 months. But it’s very small there.

  198. T***

    Красивая втирка, но объем маленький.

  199. P***j

    Delivery in 10 days

  200. Think Unicorn Shopper


  201. S***

    One of the best unicorns in my collection. Delivery more than a month, but the fault of the seller and this is not. The amount of powder corresponds to the description. Photo on black and white substrate, with flash and without.

  202. ***a

    Super wtirka

  203. O***e

    Great item as described. Looks a bit too little inside but didn’t weight it if it’s 0,2g. Thanks

  204. K***k

    Lovely pollen! Good ground, recommend

  205. A***o

    Втирка cool, rubbed easily in the top without L/s but it is very small. Although this money is to be expected. Claims No

  206. v***k

    Very little of it, up to 3 nail

  207. a***y

    Втирка great, but it is not enough.

  208. J***a

    Everything is fine.

  209. K***i

    Shallow. For a long time. Rubbed perfectly.

  210. L***e

    Very satisfied with the received item.

  211. V***v

    Cool втирка. Recommend

  212. Think Unicorn Shopper


  213. T***.

    Quite large particles and they can be seen after application

  214. 1***1

    It took a long time more than a month, but this is our mail, I will add)

  215. A***r


  216. A***e


  217. s***a

    Long service. Powder of very small but beautiful

  218. d***d

    Like втирка. Only very small.

  219. D***n


  220. B***e

    Three well Merci

  221. T***s

    As others have indicated a small amount… i have not tried it yet, but it looks good from coating on lid. Arrived really quickly, very happy with purchase, thank you seller

  222. a***e

    My wife likes

  223. Think Unicorn Shopper

    There is very little powder in the box. The effect is nice but I am afraid it is not enough to cover all the ten nails

  224. y***a

    Excellent втирка, pictured in white and black.

  225. V***a

    Втирка, very good. Came a month later.

  226. R***t

    Good втирка. Recommend

  227. k***k

    Very beautiful, but not enough in a jar. On nails super

  228. R***r

    Very beautiful vtirka, minimum consumption, it is a pity that very little, I will order more. Long shipping, dropped in the mailbox

  229. Think Unicorn Shopper


  230. D***x

    Very well but I n’ai not yet tried

  231. n***n

    Too little

  232. N***.

    Beautiful! It’s okay. Thank you very much!

  233. g***t

    The goods were not tracked, but came on time, the seller did not communicate

  234. A***a

    Good powder. Fast shipping.

  235. S***a

    Very beautiful vtirka.

  236. Y***a

    Vtirki really very little, when rubbing on the type the consumption is very small, the nail took 2 times more, for myself several times enough) in general it is very beautiful, the effect as in the photo of the seller, grinding small, rubbing very well.

  237. v***a

    Vtirochka came quickly, it is not much, but I know enough for a long time, it is sooo beautiful, poured, rubbed well, with her applicator for application and in a beautiful galagric packaging. And also in a beautiful jar. Thanks to the seller. I recommend.

  238. v***v

    Everything came, nothing crumbled

  239. A***r

    It’s small but cute

  240. V***a

    Very beautiful vtyrka, so that effek does not disappear, overlap with a quality top, such is on Ali, Uno, Oxy for example

  241. M***n

    Shipping not whole month not yet próbowałam

  242. M***a

    fast delivery

  243. N***k

    Everything is super, came for a month, packed well, works, seller recommend.

  244. T***a

    The goods came for a month, have not yet tried, all as in the description

  245. A***l


  246. C***s

    Love this unicorn powder!

  247. A***a

    Everything is as it should be!

  248. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Good but too large grinding

  249. M***a

    The goods did not come, returned the money

  250. I***o

    Very fast shipping

  251. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Good product!

  252. V***a

    Very little 🙁

  253. L***t

    The order was received for 2 weeks. Vtirka is good at first glance, as I try to add a review. Very beautiful. In The Jar it is not much, but for home use enough for a long time.

  254. R***l

    The parcel went exactly 60 days to Orenburg, Russia is not tracked, twice opened the dispute, but then canceled.

  255. M***a

    Very beautiful powder.

  256. M***r

    Good however has some from Glitter in the Pack

  257. K***a

    The parcel went less than a month to the Mogilev Region. Completely not tracked. Put it in the mailbox. Looks very pretty. I do not know how it will be spent, but on the eye-her little in a jar

  258. Think Unicorn Shopper

    The order arrived really quickly, within smth like 2 weeks. The powder gives really nice pearly layer on top of the main color.
    The order flew to Canada quickly. Within 2 weeks. The jar is small, as expected. Rubs beautifully with a uniform layer.

  259. T***a

    The goods did not come, the money did not return

  260. Y***v

    very small

  261. V***a

    Vtirka is beautiful, really better than most similar. But recently I found right here, on Ali, sequins from Born pretty, which look even better (although the effect is very similar), but they cost 22 rubles. With much more. In the light of this, I think that this vtirka is not worth it. Photo to do pointless, because. It’s not transmitting anything at all.

  262. m***a


  263. F***G


  264. s***s

    Everything is fine, but less than half the jar is saturated. And it’s not cheap. Second time I will not take

  265. g***r

    Powder is very beautiful. Shimmering cosmic. Of course it is very small in a jar, but it is expected. The order was delivered in 5 weeks to Ukraine, Kiev region.

  266. r***a

    Very good

  267. M***a

    Very fast shipping to Germany raptem after 2 tychodniach

  268. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Looks beautiful on a white substrate. In The Jar it is very small. Excellent vtirka-I recommend!

  269. R***m

    Vtirka, of course, cool. But pancake 120 rubles for the amount of powder on the tip of the knife… Robbery

  270. I***m


  271. Think Unicorn Shopper


  272. K***a

    Great vtirka. Fine Grinding, perfectly rubbed, does not grain

  273. A***k

    OK, fast shipment

  274. O***a

    Very, very little vtirki. Such an impression that it is this vtirku they do not fall asleep (((reached 1.5 months to Kharkov

  275. J***a

    Very fast shipment.

  276. K***o

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like everything’s okey. I’ll add some more feedback and photos when I used it.

  277. J***a

    Very cool vtirka! I ordered it for the second time. Diverges to cheers.

  278. E***a

    Vtirka is good. All as in the photo and in the description.

  279. J***a

    Came before delivery too happy

  280. D***a

    Delivery to Moscow 1.5 months

  281. P***a

    Very good

  282. t***z

    Spectacular. The picture doesn’t do you justice.

  283. N***a

    Good wtirka

  284. M***a

    I have not tried it yet, the powder in the jar is not enough, it seems that they fell asleep

  285. J***S

    Good vtirka lies perfectly! Came for a month. I recommend

  286. B***a


  287. c***a

    He arrived before his date, but it took longer than the month anyway. The beautiful color. But it carries misery, it doesn’t even give me for two sets of nails.

  288. O***a

    Very Little

  289. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Packaging whole, everything corresponds to the description. Very long delivery to the Irkutsk region.

  290. E***a

    Did not come, money returned

  291. f***r

    I absolutely love the effects it gives my art!!

  292. m***a

    Very beautiful

  293. E***n

    very nice

  294. U***r

    Lovely colour different effect with black and white

  295. N***a


  296. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Awarded the obystro. Powder is not enough, but is very cost-effective, will last for a long time. Just like in the description. Shopping happy

  297. N***a

    Втирка cool, but occupancy PPC

  298. y***a

    Vtirka sparingly Little

  299. Think Unicorn Shopper

    a bit smaiiler then expected but vey good prodect

  300. O***a

    Glitter is good. The jar is not comfortable, when opening can slip out of the hands.

  301. g***j

    Delivery less than a month, packed in a doll. I ordered earlier such, everything is fine. I recommend

  302. c***s

    have not tried it yet but looks like picture

  303. U***c

    Nice shell chameo powder. Too small so will not purchase again.

  304. Think Unicorn Shopper

    The order came, everything is as stated. Vtirki in the box is very small, until I tried, maybe the consumption will not be large. 4 stars per number of wtirki.

  305. l***l


  306. A***p

    I thought that it would be good, but no, those that are 20 rubles much better than this for 60

  307. L***c

    Nice, thanks.

  308. a***1

    Got very long, acceptable quality

  309. J***o

    The parcel came in 52 days. Vtirka is beautiful, rubs perfectly even on the old top, the consumption is not big, but I would like to fill more.

  310. K***a

    Powder is not much.

  311. S***y

    Thank you very much, it all came. Everything is very good.

  312. M***i

    Fast delivered. Small amount of product

  313. k***a

    Very little pigment

  314. I***s


  315. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Took at a discount for 87. Vtirki is very small, but the packaging is beautiful)

  316. I***n


  317. R***e

    The best, I ‘ve again

  318. l***o

    Perfect Love

  319. a***v

    Shipping 2 months

  320. Y***h

    Great wtirka

  321. A***a

    Good vtirka, But sooo little

  322. I***y

    Everything is fine, fast delivery.

  323. S***s

    Vtirka is excellent, but unfortunately, the box itself was badly closed. almost all vtirka fell asleep. While I opened it all dirty. The shine is very small, pink-blue shine. Very sorry.

  324. E***a

    Excellent vtirka, the jar is full. Shipping long 2.5 months. Seller recommend.

  325. N***o

    Arrived very quickly! The parcel was not tracked, even surprised when it came. Powder in a beautiful durable package. It can be stored in it. The quality is good, but the powder is very small. Although in the description the seller wrote that 0.2 gr. Seller recommend!!!

  326. g***a

    Came in 3 months, and so all the norms

  327. B***a

    The product is not bad, but the powder is not enough

  328. M***v

    Looks great!

  329. G***k


  330. T***a

    Oooochen long went, but came

  331. I***a

    Wtirka bomb! It is rubbed even in a three-week coating!) delivery about a month.

  332. E***a

    Long went to St. Petersburg, somewhere 2.5-3 months. Not yet used. Sign off the photo later)

  333. L***a

    All Super

  334. K***n

    Fast delivery, OK month to Poland. Very cute, but unfortunately little in opakowanii

  335. T***k

    Put it in the mailbox until I tried it. But in my very little saturated.

  336. D***a

    Beautifully done, packed well.

  337. R***r

    Rubs perfectly, looks good. But very little

  338. S***a

    It was a long time, the color corresponds, in the jar very little

  339. R***r

    All norms, only no brush

  340. g***R


  341. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Thank you, all OK

  342. M***h

    I thought she was Pearl and looked like flour when you rub it. But it is with sparkles and they bug the surface of the gel varnish. I did not order

  343. E***a

    Good washing, but its very little

  344. K***A

    Beautiful vtirka. In the photo she is on the camouflage gel. Looks like a May Beetle more than a unicorn. But the product in the jar is very small!!! 1/5, for 5 manicures from strength

  345. L***a

    Vtirki of course is not enough much, rubs only on the hot top, the second finger rubbed with difficulty, then I had to do one at a time, while the top is hot. The consumption of vtirki is not economical, it is necessary to take on the sponge with a margin otherwise again it is badly rubbed with the shoulders. Despite all this it looks just bombically, the photo does not convey all beauty. The client left in delight, even that the rubles for “tea” left)))

  346. N***a

    Beautiful, thank you!

  347. J***a

    Very beautiful vtirka!

  348. T***f


  349. E***k

    Very beautiful vtirka. rub in the top without a sticky layer, dried lick for a few seconds and everything will turn out. I have a lamp Sun X 5 Plus, which is 48 Watts, I dry in it 8-10 seconds and rub, then I leisure.

  350. M***a

    Delivered oooochen quickly, packed perfectly, everything is intact

  351. a***a

    I recommend

  352. k***k

    There is little powder in the jar, but vtirka is very beautiful. It was 2 months before Minsk. I will order more

  353. T***k

    Not the first time I order!!! Duck is just super!!!! I advise!!!!! 10000%

  354. R***r

    Powder is very beautiful!

  355. S***c

    prelepo je! U srbiju stiže za 16 dana

  356. M***a

    Unicorn/Mermaid!/Rainbow vtirka-only the brilliance from the clasic differs (* in the usual unicorn yellow/green-here the glare is closer in pink-crimson. .. Chic vtirka

  357. T***a

    I ordered 11.11. Received 17.01. The box is big but!!! The bottom is almost near the lid. And vtirki himself a little on the bottom smeared. Vtirka itself is beautiful, but this seller will not buy anymore, I do not recommend.

  358. T***o

    Hurray! I received vtirku. I order the second time the first time the goods did not come. I’ll try in the case I will add. very little powder!

  359. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Small but pretty

  360. M***a

    In St. Petersburg came in 75 days

  361. I***k

    Fast delivery, but little in a jar

  362. Y***a

    Very little in a jar, but very beautiful

  363. N***a

    Today I received, I have not tried it on my nails yet

  364. A***a

    Beautiful vtirka, filling decent, but delivery 3 months…

  365. S***i

    Item not received

  366. k***k

    Her There is very little, and so vtirka is good

  367. K***y

    But not tracked!

  368. A***a

    Looks good , and I think it’s going to work good too. just a bit small amount. Thank you

  369. N***e

    I haven’t tried it yet.

  370. E***a

    A very nice peeling effect and in good quantity. Very happy

  371. K***a

    Very little wtirki

  372. V***a

    Wtirka Super

  373. M***A

    Well packed, the box is full of powder.

  374. S***a

    The order was received 1,5 months after registration. Vtirka is good, but it is not enough. Order better at once 2 jars.

  375. L***a

    Good vtirka, 2 times I order

  376. o***o

    Vtirka is excellent. Poured on different colors of varnish in different ways, but it is very small. For home use enough times for five. In the photo-on black lacquer, on orange-red and on white.

  377. Think Unicorn Shopper

    It’s been a long time. Wtirka good

  378. A***a

    Class vtirka, small

  379. A***i

    Beautiful vtirka, by number is small, but the expense is economical, thrown in a box

  380. g***e

    The order was received by the seller did not communicate

  381. D***a

    Norms but long

  382. O***a

    Delivery 1.5 months cool liked the minimum consumption. No tracking.

  383. v***r

    I ordered December 29. She took it from the post office on January 28. Filling is very small.

  384. T***i


  385. t***y

    Long delivery to Moscow Region 2 months. The goods are good.

  386. J***a


  387. D***a

    Filling small

  388. A***a

    There’s not much content in the jar, about 1/3. In quality I think there will be a good vtirochka

  389. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Ordered 18.11 came 29.01. The filling is normal, the effect on the photo.

  390. d***d

    I ordered 31.12, 27.01 came to the Post Office.
    Vtirka is good, beautifully poured
    We’ll work. But her very little

  391. N***o

    Chic style, apply to the top without sticky layer

  392. A***a

    Vtirka wonderful was quite dense in color poured really Pearl better than the budget for 30 rubles from Bon Priti to the Leningrad region reached for 1 month the only very small volume if you do often enough times for 10 no more with the seller did not communicate but the goods to purchase definitely recommend

  393. k***v

    All ok

  394. E***a

    The parcel came for 3 weeks, the filling is small

  395. M***a

    Delivery to Latvia is about 20 days.

  396. N***a

    Arrived exactly as in the description.!! 1 5 +++++

  397. l***l

    Vtirka is beautiful, but it is very small

  398. g***a

    For a very long time

  399. O***k

    Vtirka Super

  400. E***a

    In the case have not tried yet, but very little in the jar

  401. A***I

    Very little wtirki

  402. O***a

    Very, very small quantity in a jar, it went long.

  403. E***a

    Delivery is 2,5 months. Rubbed on the usual white and black lacquer. Covered with a top for vtirok from Essence (photo attached) on a water basis. Effetc was not very noticeable. Then on top of the dried top, she still applied a little, that’s when she beautifully played and again covered with the top. White shows overflows from green, blue to pink. It all depends on the lighting. On Black poured copper, green, dark pink, Burgundy.

  404. s***r

    gorgeous and easy to use! I set mine on top of white gel polish

  405. V***a

    Vtirka awesome. I immediately tried. For 90R just a find, take it will not regret. At us in the nail such 300R and higher are. Came by the way quickly, less than a month. For summer and spring-a super design option

  406. I***a

    The seller declared 2G, in a jar most likely there is. Pretty Little. But the description corresponds. Wtirka on a hot top without a sticky layer.

  407. l***l

    great quality mermaid effect !!! really satisfied with my purchase!

  408. N***k

    I recommend, excellent vtirka, filled to the edges.

  409. S***l

    It’s relatively fast

  410. e***e

    I ordered it for the second time. Good wtirka

  411. b***b

    So beautiful

  412. K***a


  413. I***a

    Beautiful, shimmering color. That in the jar, that on the nails, as in the picture of the seller. Powder came a whole, did not wake up anywhere. there is not much in the jar, but I think for half a year-a year enough. For use on yourself. I advise the goods and the seller))

  414. T***a

    Excellent vytirka!!!✨What I was looking for

  415. O***a

    In the application cool!

  416. I***a


  417. i***i

    Very good vtirka, 100% unicorn. Clearly the seller did not communicate quickly.

  418. U***d

    Good seller,the quality for 5 stars!!

  419. S***s

    Sits very little powder in the potty

  420. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Well, if it’s too little product, but I guess it is 2gms.
    Very well packaged and I arrive in perfect condition.

  421. k***k

    I reached the Leningrad region for a month.

  422. y***y

    Excellent vtirka, everything is whole and in order. Not much but enough for a lot. Photo her on the nail later.

  423. i***o

    I’m happy!

  424. I***a

    Not a unicorn, lies down with some strange Sparkles ((

  425. A***a

    It came quickly, everything is well packed. She used it in the pub, but it looks cool!

  426. L***k

    Delivery to Ukraine (Zaporozhye) 1 month. I took on the test, there are 2 flakes to the flakes. applied on black color looks beautiful, but these flakes are rough and stick out, require sawdust (I did not like).

  427. R***r

    Vtirochka fire, grinding small, delivery less than a month, in a jar not much, but for this price super) I advise everyone to take several pieces at once.

  428. U***r


  429. R***a

    Very cool

  430. U***s

    Super! Quality bomb

  431. f***r

    Really a little powder

  432. Think Unicorn Shopper


  433. N***a

    Excellent order: quickly came, the description corresponds completely, good quality.

  434. A***a

    Came for a month. everything is fine. the track was not tracked.

  435. l***a

    რეკომენდაციას უწევ კარგი მომსახურებისთვის:)))))))

  436. K***o

    Good vtirka very much, I recommend!)

  437. m***o

    A little powder. But Super

  438. v***v

    Beautiful vtirka, it’s a pity that little of her

  439. p***a

    Very fast shipping. Good quality product. Thank you.

  440. a***n

    Very good, but very little.

  441. V***o

    Long gone

  442. R***a

    The goods came on time. Kachev is happy. Thanks to the seller.

  443. Think Unicorn Shopper

    To the Moscow region came the order for a month.

  444. A***a

    Too little…

  445. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Vtirka cool seller I advise you to like filling less than half a jar

  446. v***a

    Come, fast, I like

  447. O***a

    Ordinary wtirka

  448. O***a

    Good wtirka

  449. E***h

    Ftirka is excellent, everything is exactly like in the photo. In the jar is not enough, but it is spent very economically. Its money is worth (in stores in three or four times more expensive). I’m happy with the purchase. 5 +

  450. A***o

    Not tracked, but it came. Powder is not much, but I’m enough)))

  451. M***A

    Vtirki I think enough for one maximum two times very little.

  452. D***

    Thank you very much

  453. D***v

    Thank you.

  454. K***a

    I made an order on 13.12.2019, took the parcel at the post office in Moscow on 01.02.2020. Track number was not tracked. Washing is very beautiful, fully consistent with the description. For example, rubbed on a black substrate. Vtirki is not so much, but it will last for a long time. The goods are very satisfied. I recommend to buy.

  455. A***n

    Order and did not receive money returned

  456. A***a

    Wtirka just super

  457. V***o


  458. P***a

    The goods did not come. The seller returned the money.

  459. D***a

    Came for 2 months, unreal little, but in the City 3 times more expensive

  460. R***r

    Thank you very quickly

  461. S***a

    Very beautiful viirka.

  462. f***f

    Thank you.

  463. U***d

    Thank you

  464. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Perfect wtirka

  465. M***f

    The parcel did not come, the money was returned

  466. a***v

    It was about 36 days

  467. E***a

    Good wtirka. But not enough powder 🙂

  468. I***o

    Came vtirka for a month, has not yet used

  469. i***a

    Not bad, but before this ordered from another seller and I liked it more, but it’s a pity that this product does not have.

  470. C***x

    Very very small quantity. Damage

  471. A***V

  472. n***a

    Order prishol but not rubbed

  473. v***v

    Full jar

  474. v***a

    The goods are satisfied, the Pearl vtirki in contrast to the Red very little. And shipping almost 2 months.

  475. d***d

    Thank you very much! beautiful!

  476. K***a

    Came zamovlenny for the city

  477. N***a

    Very little stuff. And so super, fine grinding

  478. C***o

    found it to have a yellowish tint , ok but not as expected

  479. A***h

    In the box well, very little, but the vtyrochka is cool

  480. D***h

    Good, but not enough

  481. L***a

    Enough for a couple of times

  482. E***a

    The powder is wonderful, but very little. Enough times for 3. the box is beautiful, and the powder is at the bottom. But the quality was pleasant. I’ll order more.

  483. E***a

    Excellent vtirka! gives a golden tide. Delivery fast, in the mailbox

  484. N***D

    Came in 2 months, to the Primorsky Territory, very little, but beautiful

  485. R***a

    Have not tried yet

  486. n***a

    I order a second time, little, but very beautiful

  487. g***t

    The contents are tiny… But it works very well

  488. V***a

    Powder is small, but vtirka is super

  489. R***r

    Vtirka is good, but very little want more

  490. S***a

    Delivery is fast. The goods are satisfied. Thank you!

  491. R***r

    Thank you, the product is happy

  492. s***s

    Vtirka bomb, it is certainly very small, but how much it is necessary there. in the photo on the white lacquer applied.

  493. l***a

    The goods did not come, the money was returned

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