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How To Organize A Bright And Colourful Unicorn Party ?

How To Organize A Bright And Colourful Unicorn Party ?

Unicorns are everywhere these days ! And to celebrate the launch of our new unicorn party items, today we’re going to show you how to organise this beautiful iridescent unicorn party !

Whether it’s amazing decorations, beautiful tableware or finishes that will truly delight your guests, you’ll find inspiration for every aspect of your unicorn party.

Birthday parties aren’t any more magical than that. Read on for more inspiration 🎂

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Let’s start with the most important part of your unicorn party : Beautiful Unicorn Decorations !

The dream decorations from our unicorn party range are perfect for mixing and matching. Ideal for guests with different budgets and party locations of different sizes.

We especially love this adorable garland of unicorn tassels. Hang it along the walls of your party room or behind your buffet table for a beautiful and magical effect.

Unicorn Party Decoration Garlands

Another favorite is this beautiful banner of iridescent letters. Whether you hang it on the wall or the ceiling, it is guaranteed to make a statement.

Unicorn Birthday Party Make A Wish

It’s not a birthday party without Unicorn Balloons. It’s an easy way to beautify any party venue.

Confetti balloons are very trendy right now and it’s a good idea to mix and match Unicorn Party Decorations with some un-themed decorations.

We especially like these star confetti balloons.

Unicorn Balloons For Party

If you’re looking for a big, striking decoration that screams unicorn, then this giant unicorn ball is for you! It will stay inflated for a few days so that the birthday girl or boy can take it home after the party.

Big Unicorn Balloons With Little Girl

Marble balloons are another of our favourite holiday trends! And these pink and purple ones would go great with the iridescent theme of an iridescent unicorn party.

Birthday Balloon Accessories

Party kitchen Unicorn

Next time it’s party food! Whatever you plan to serve, these iridescent Unicorn Plates are a must on your buffet table ! Although it would almost be a shame to cover them with food !

Unicorn Plates For Party

Beautiful parties are made with attention to detail and we know your guests’ eyes will light up when they see these beautiful unicorn shaped cups !

Unicorn Ice Cream For Party

Napkins are napkins are napkins At least that’s what you think! These iridescent napkins look like unicorn horns when you roll them up, making them a beautiful Unicorn Table Decoration until you are ready to use them.

Unicorn Hat

Or why not scatter the tables with those iridescent unicorn confetti ? It’s a great way to embellish simple tablecloths !

Unicorn Stars

If you’re feeling creative and looking for an inventive way to serve your festive dishes, try making these adorable unicorn-shaped party boxes. All you need are white party boxes and our printable unicorns.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Now, the icing on the cake of your unicorn party… The cake!

And it’s a lot easier to create a magical Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper than you think.

Simply decorate an ordinary white cake (homemade or store-bought) and decorate it with lollipops, glitter, icing gems and that pretty “Make a Wish” cake filling.

Unicorn Donuts And Cake

Think-Unicorn also has a range of Unicorn moulds especially for you, so that you can make your most beautiful cakes in the simplest possible way! Add some Unicorn candles, your daughter will be the happiest princess by blowing out these wonderful candles !

If you feel like being creative, you could even try making these beautiful unicorn cupcakes. We have also made a video tutorial for you to discover in our article !

Kawaii Unicorn Cake

Unicorn party bags

Now, something really special! Most Children’s Unicorn Birthday Parties involve party bags and we are sure that every child will be delighted to receive one of these beautiful Unicorn Party Bags. Fill them with unicorn-themed toys and candy and give one to each guest !

Beautiful Unicorn Party Bags

The finishing touch

Last but not least, add the finishing touch! We love the idea of giving each guest a Unicorn Tattoo upon arrival (or putting one in every party bag !).

Make A Wish Unicorn Cupcake

Or put a Unicorn Headband like this one on each place setting so your guests can wear it during the party !

Unicorn Headband

Feeling inspired ? Host your own iridescent unicorn party with unforgettable Unicorn Party Supplies or browse our online store for more inspiration !

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