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Unicorn Pajamas For Your Parties

Unicorn Pajamas For Your Fancy Dress Parties

Halloween, costume parties, birthday parties… these are all events where you have to be original and make an impression. If you’re tired of dressing up as a princess or a cute monster, why not opt for unicorn pajamas ? You’re sure to catch the eye…

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The Unicorn Pajamas in all its states

Before we talk about the style you’re going to wear, let’s first give you a little reminder of what Unicorn Pajamas are all about. In fact, these are pajamas of Japanese origin. If originally, its goal was to have an original pajamas, nowadays it has become a fashion accessory that is taking over the market.

Unicorn Pajamas keep you warm and comfortable. But on top of that, you bring a little touch of authenticity to your bed. The models available today are true masterpieces that you can wear for fancy dress parties and other events.

women in a kugirimi pajamas

Which unicorn pajamas do you like ?

That’s right, the unicorn pajama suit isn’t just for home anymore. They can be worn anywhere, especially at costume parties, carnivals and masked balls. But you still have to choose your style carefully.

First of all, you have to focus on your overall look. It is clear that if it’s for a fancy dress event, you will put on a lot. You have probably already ordered the best ionic hair dryer and a high quality hairdresser to take care of your hair. Having done that, concentrate on your general look: make-up, haircut, complexion…

Then choose the Unicorn Kigurimi Pajamas style that best suits your style :

  • Bright colours for people with matt shades of colour
  • A plain colour if your make-up invites you to a casual chic style.
  • A darker colour if you want to highlight a sober and elegant style.

In short, anything goes. You can even dare extravagance through totally opposite styles. Enough to draw attention to yourself !

dog pajamas is dancing

Unicorn Pajamas : styles for everyone

The unicorn pajamas, even if it is basically a Unicorn Pajamas Suit, can be declined in any type of style :

  • Panda
  • Leo
  • Cat
  • Bear
  • Rabbit
  • Crocodile
  • Etc.

Almost all animals are included. Why not choose your favorite animal to dress up? And you can even dare to make inconsistencies by using colours that are not suitable for each type of animal: a blue or red panda, a bear with flashy colours…

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