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Unicorn Blue Pastel Necklace The Amazon Rainforest


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Unicorn Blue Pastel Necklace The Amazon Rainforest


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Amazon is the name of a remote forest on the planet of unicorns. The Unicorn Necklace Amazon is a jewel worn by the unicorns of this magical forest !

Wearing a Unicorn Necklace The Amazon Rainforest around your Neck is a great way to stand out from the crowd by being the cutest, most gorgeous, beautiful and Kawaii girl. This jewel is a great reason to draw the curiosity of your friends and other admirers to start a conversation about this sumptuous Sterling Silver Necklace unicorn. In general, women and little girls love to wear Unicorn Necklaces in connection with their everyday outfits like a black dress to bring some magic to their outfit as well as a touch of elegance. This fabulous fancy Charm necklace can match any outfit or dress. This delicate unicorn necklace is a “Must Have” for women who love Plated sterling silver jewelry with a beautiful pendant. Hang your necklace around your neck and hang a Gemstones Beads encrusted pendant on it for a Magical shimmering and Sparkly Glitter effect. Close the Locket of the silver necklace and keep the pendant over your chest due to the length of the Silver Chain Necklace. This unicorn necklace goes perfectly with other jewelry such as Earrings or a Bracelet, as long as they remain sober without taking up too much space. Stay minimalist and subtle with a touch of elegance in your Unicorn Necklace and let it express its radiant magic of beauty and purity. This is the best Gift for your friends.

    • Size : Adjustable Jewellery
    • Material : Sterling Silver Necklace Chain in Charms
    • First Choice Necklaces Pendants : Water & scratch resistant
    • Comfort+ : Light & No discomfort for your skin
    • Don’t get your hair caught with a Clasp
    • Glossy Sparkle surface to Enhance Your Appearance
    • 925 Extender Silver Pendant
    • No Gemstone Bead / Beaded / Extender / Tassel
    • Design of Unicorn Necklace By Think-Unicorn®

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