The Unicorn Necklace, How To Choose It ?

The Unicorn Necklace, How To Choose It ?

What are unicorn necklaces made of ?

📿The unicorn necklace is often made with a flexible form very often consisting of a chain, pearls, necklace or gemstones and various materials. The necklace is sometimes made of a rigid metal band that is decorated with beads, pearls or gemstones. Your necklace may also be engraved with an embossed filigree and beautiful granulation to make it a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry suitable for all women and little girls.

The jewels as well as the unicorn necklaces can be conceived from a very wide range of materials of all kinds, there will be for all the tastes. Gemstone is very prized on pearl necklaces as well as similar materials such as sea coral and baby yellow amber. Other precious metals as well as shells and pearls were often used in the making of the necklace and enamel often played a crucial role. But how to choose a unicorn necklace ?

Unicorn Necklace Im A Unicorn And I Dont Believe In Humans

The unicorn sterling silver necklace

Is sterling silver real silver ?

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure in most cases.

Generally, the girls sterling silver unicorn necklace is composed and covered with pure silver and a thin subtle layer that improves the appearance of the necklace to make it more shiny. However, they are not part of the jewelry that is 100% pure silver, so they should never be labeled as such.


Are sterling silver unicorn necklaces good ?

The sterling-silver of the Silver unicorn necklace for little girl has a superior resistance to other materials such as gold plated or silver. In addition, the sterling silver of the necklace looks like platinum or white gold, which makes it an excellent quality choice as jewelry. Giving a nice ethereal look, it does not cost as much as platinum.

Sterling Silver Unicorn Necklace
Silver Unicorn Necklace

The unicorn gold necklace

The most common type of gold used for the unicorn 14K gold and has been used extensively in jewelry stores in the USA. Designed to make the 14k gold unicorn necklace more affordable, decreasing the gold composition inside the necklace. This amount of carat gives an excellent resistance which is suitable for pendants, bracelets and rings as well as for beautiful earrings.

Gold Unicorn Necklace

The best stringing material for your unicorn necklace

Nylon thread is ideal to put beads on your unicorn necklace because it is a perfect beading thread for any material that is strong and hard. This avoids causing bad abrasion to cords such as silk and other soft and abrasive cords. Nylon is a soft material that is available in a wide range of sizes and colors to fit all sizes and tastes.

Stringing Material For Necklace

What is the best material for stringing beads ?

There are different stringing for unicorn charms necklace that will fit perfectly to this one. However, it is quite difficult and complex to make a choice in the type of rope to use for your clasp collar. Below is a short list of cords and strings for your jewelry :

  • Cotton cord
  • Hemp cord
  • Flexible beading wire
  • Memory wire
  • Coated Copper Wire
  • Ribbon
  • Rattail. Rattail is a satin cord which is ideal for kumihimo braiding and Chinese knotting techniques
  • Silk. Silk thread is most commonly used for making jewelry with freshwater pearls or other delicate bead.
Stringing Unicorn Beads

What is the best chain for unicorn necklace ?

The wheat chain is the strongest chain for a unicorn necklace, it is also called espiga or spiga chain. Beautiful and elegant, the wheat chain is smooth and perfect. Used as a chain that holds a pendant necklace or as a stand-alone chain, it ends with an elegant V around the neck. The wheat chain necklace is made with a complex design that is symmetrical and looks like a small rope.

Unicorn Necklace Chain In Gold

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After having read this sparkly guide exclusively dedicated to unicorn necklaces, you will be able to make your choice more easily between a gold, silver sterling or diamond necklace or charm, but also in the choice of the string that will accompany your precious jewelry. Find all our rainbow collection of unicorn necklace in our online store Think-Unicorn.


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