Tutorial For Having Beautiful Unicorn Hair

Tutorial For Having Beautiful Unicorn Hair

All unicorn fans have dreamed of one day having Unicorn Hair, that is to say, rainbow-coloured locks. There are different ways to colour your hair, either with a permanent dye or a temporary dye that is gradually removed after several shampoos. There are also very different shades, from pastels or fluorescent to strong tones that go well with darker skin.

We will see in this article the different ways of colouring in different shades so that you will all have an answer to your research 💇

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How to make Unicorn Hair ?

There are 3 essential steps:

  • The choice of dye and colors
  • Bleaching your hair
  • Use of Permanent Dye or use of temporary stain

We are going to explain to you in detail and give you all the advice you need on these 3 essential points for coloring your hair so that it becomes Unicorn Hair without being damaged.

Women With Unicorn Hair

Tips and Warnings for Beautiful Unicorn Hair

When someone says they like Multicoloured Unicorn Hair, we don’t all have the same image in mind. There are as many representations as there are people. It depends on what the person has or has not seen before and what they like.

For some people, it is any shade of unnatural hair colour, such as pink or green. However, for most people, it is a specific combination of pinks, purples and blues that distinguishes them from other multi-coloured hair types, such as mermaid hair.

The process is much simpler compared to other multi-coloured hair trends. Even better, there is also a temporary option !

Katty Perry Purple Unicorn Hair

Required material

Below is a list of everything you will need to dye your hair unicorn hair:

  • Pink dye
  • Violet dye
  • Blue dye
  • Colour developer
  • Fading kit
  • Bleach
  • 3 to 4 tinting brushes
  • 3 to 4 non-metallic bowls
  • Plastic or latex gloves
  • Old shirt or towel
  • Shampoo for coloured hair
  • Moisturizing conditioner

Now that you’re well equipped, let’s start the transformation now. If you’re not completely sure, you can first use a temporary hair colour to see if you like the result. If you do, you can then do a permanent colour !

Girl With Blue Beautiful Rainbow Unicorn Hair

1 - The choice of stain and colours

Colour with pastel pink, purple and blue for a traditional unicorn look. These are the traditional unicorn hair colours, but some people prefer a navy hue instead of blue.

Try colours that suit your skin tone for a less traditional look. Pastel pink, purple and blue are the most popular unicorn colours, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. If you want something that looks good on you, consider changing the shades to better suit your skin tone. For example:

  • Very light skin: Choose warm shades, such as pale pink, peach or tangerine.
  • Light skin: Choose cool shades, such as lavender, turquoise blue.
  • Medium skin: Choose a deep, jewel-like shade, such as amethyst or ruby.
  • Matt skin: Choose a saturated shade, such as aquamarine, emerald or sapphire.
  • Dark skin: Try a pastel shade, such as lilac.
  • Very dark skin: Try a darker shade, such as plum.

If in doubt, choose a temporary colour that fades with a few shampoos. Not only does it fade quickly, but it also works on dark hair. This means that you don’t need to bleach your hair first. It has fewer harsh products that could weaken your hair.

It’s a great option if your school or work doesn’t allow unnatural hair colours.

If you want permanent colouring with a lot of colour, call a professional. The application of very sophisticated unicorn hair requires a lot of time and effort.

Beautiful Multicolor Unicorn Hair

Be aware that permanent hair dyeing requires bleaching beforehand if your hair is darker than blonde. You can get this bleaching dye at a beauty store.

This Unicorn Rainbow Hair Tutorial assumes that you will bleach your hair to get the traditional look of pink, purple and blue unicorns, but it also introduces other options.

There are vegan hair dyes that do not require bleaching. Look for labels such as “For Dark Hair” or “Does Not Require Bleaching”.

If your hair dye comes in a tube, you will probably need a 10 or 20 volume developer. Some brands that specialize in “punk” hair dyes don’t require developer.

Plan to bleach your hair if you dye your hair using the traditional palette. If your hair is darker than blonde, you will need to bleach it first. If you don’t bleach your hair, the colours won’t look very good, if at all.

If you use temporary colouring, you don’t need to bleach your hair.

Your hair should be healthy before you bleach it. If it is dry or brittle, do not bleach it. Instead, choose the temporary dye option.

2 - Whiten your hair

Protect your skin, clothing and workspace. Cover your work surface and floor with newspaper or plastic bags. Put on an old shirt or drape an old towel over your shoulders. Rub cream on your hair and ears, then put on a pair of plastic gloves.

Make sure your hair is healthy. For best results, condition your hair thoroughly the night before you bleach it.

Prepare your bleach in a non-metallic bowl using a 10-30 volume developer. Buy a good quality bleach kit that contains bleach and developer. Prepare the bleach in a non-metallic bowl following the instructions in the kit:

  • If you start with light brown hair, try a 10-volume developer.
  • If your hair is medium brown, a 20-volume developer may work for you.
  • If you have dark brown or black hair, carefully use a 30-volume developer; it is very powerful.

Apply the bleach to dry hair with a tinting brush, starting at the ends. If necessary, first divide your hair into 4 sections. Use a dye brush to apply the bleach all over your hair, starting at the ends and mid-lengths. Then, run through your hair again and apply the bleach at the roots.

Never apply bleach from the roots. The process would then be too quick and could destroy your hair.

Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the product work. The time required depends on the colour of your hair at the start and the volume developer you use. Check your hair every 5 minutes; as soon as it reaches a pale blonde colour, you are ready to wash it.

Whitening Your Hair

Expect to have to wait between 30 and 45 minutes. Never leave bleach in your hair for more than 45 minutes or you risk destroying it.

Everyone’s hair reacts differently to bleach. Your friend’s hair can bleach much more slowly than yours.

Wash off the bleach with cold water and shampoo. Rinse the bleach first with cold water, then apply shampoo to your hair. Lather your hair and rinse the shampoo. If you wish, you can apply conditioner, but it’s best to wait until after you’ve coloured your hair.

Let your hair dry naturally in the open air.

Repeat the bleaching process if necessary. It’s best to wait 24 hours before bleaching, otherwise you risk damaging your hair excessively. Keep in mind that if you have dark brown or black hair, it would be almost impossible to bring it to a platinum blonde colour; you will have to settle for darker unicorn hair.

If the initial bleaching process has made your hair too dry, don’t bleach it again. Just make do with darker unicorn hair.

White Hair Decolored

Feed your hair if it ends up having coppery tones. Buy a moisturizer or purple toning shampoo and apply it to your hair following the instructions on the bottle. Some should be used on dry hair, others on wet hair.

Some hair care products should be mixed with a white developer or conditioner. Read the instructions to find out.

Most hair care products should be left in your hair for 20-30 minutes.

Purple fortifying shampoos should generally be left in your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you have platinum or light yellow hair, you don’t need to tone it.

Treat your hair with a deep conditioning mask. Although it is not absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended. Buy a conditioning mask for damaged, dry or colour-treated hair. Apply it all over your hair, then slip your hair under a shower cap. Wait for the time recommended on the label, then rinse.

Some deep conditioners should be used for no more than 5 minutes, while others should be left on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tutorial For The Coloration Of Your Hair

3.1 - Use of permanent dyestuffs

Protect your skin, clothing and work surface from stains. Put on an old shirt that you’re not afraid to stain or cover your shoulders with an old towel. Put on a pair of plastic or latex gloves and cover your work surface with newspaper or plastic.

If you plan to dye your hair down to the roots, apply Vaseline or cream to the skin around your ears and hairline.

It’s best to wait 24 hours before you dye your hair, especially if it’s dry to the touch.

Mix your dye colours in separate, non-metallic containers. If you use a dye that comes in a tube, you must mix it with developer. If you use a “punk” dye, consider mixing it with white conditioner or thinner to get the exact shade you want.

Stir each colour with a plastic spoon or tinting brush. This will prevent colour transfer.

Different brands may have different mixing instructions, so follow them carefully.

Use Of Unicorn Permanent Dyestuffs

Split your hair in half, like creating a ponytail halfway up. Use your thumbs to part your hair at about ear level. Gather everything above your thumbs and make a bun on top of your head. Secure the bun with a hair clip.

You don’t have to do this, but it will help you stay more organized. This method is highly recommended for people with thick hair.

Use a dye brush to apply a little dye to a 2.5 cm wide strand of hair. Gather a 2.5 cm wide strand of hair on the left or right side of your head. Use a dye brush to apply the desired colour to the strand. Use your gloved fingers to work the dye into the hair to make sure it is completely saturated.

For a complete dye job, apply the dye to the entire strand, starting at the roots.

For a shaded look, start applying the dye about halfway up the hair shaft.

Apply the next colour to a 2.5 cm section of hair. Release the 2.5 cm section of hair you just dyed. Take another 2.5 cm wide section of hair right next to it. Choose your next colour and use a clean dye brush to apply that colour to your hair.

Again, make sure that the dye penetrates your hair well.

Continue to apply the dye to your hair in 2.5 cm sections. Once you have applied the third colour, return to your first colour and continue the pattern. Once you have finished the first row of hair, drop another row of hair and continue to apply the dye.

Permanent Colouring For Your Unicorn Hair

You must not wrap the previous sections with plastic wrap. A little color transfer is perfectly suited to the Unicorn Hair Look.

You can apply more than one color to a section of hair. Be sure to mix the two colours by rubbing them together with your fingers.

Leave the dye in your hair for the length of time recommended on the package. This can take between 25 and 30 minutes and up to 2 hours. Some dyes should be rinsed out immediately after treatment, but some dyes can be left in longer to obtain a more intense shade.

Read the instructions that came with your stain. They will tell you how long the dye should stay in your hair.

Rinse the dye out of your hair with cold water until the water is clear. You can ask someone to help you do this over a sink or bathtub, or you can do it yourself in the shower. Don’t use shampoo, not even a shampoo without sulphate or dye. Just rinse your hair with cold or warm water until the water runs clear.

Rinse again with conditioner. If your hair feels soft, you can wash it with regular conditioner – just leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. If your hair is dry, it’s best to apply a deep-conditioning mask.

For this step, you should continue to use cool to lukewarm water.

Read the instructions on the conditioner package. Some deep conditioners should only stay in your hair for 5 minutes, while others should stay in your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

Temporary Unicorn Hair Dyeing

3.2 - Use of temporary stain

Shake the bottle of temporary dye. Choose a colour to start: pink, purple or blue. Shake the bottle to help mix the dye inside, then open it.

This method is intended to add strands of color to your hair; it is not recommended for total dyeing.

Pull your hair into a half-raised bun, if you wish. Use your thumbs to part your hair horizontally, at about ear level. Gather everything above your ears into a bun and secure it with a hair clip.

You don’t have to do this step, but it will help you stay organized, especially if you have long or thick hair.

Grab a 2.5 cm wide lock of hair. There’s no specific way to do this, since you’re just adding strands of colour to your hair. Just take a random 2.5 cm wide section out of your hair.

Apply the dye to the strand of hair with your fingers. Run a little of the desired dye over your fingers and rub them against the 2.5 cm section of hair. You can apply the dye starting a few centimetres from the root, or only at the ends.

Continue to apply different colours to other strands of hair. Drop the strand you have just coloured and go on to the next one. Choose your next colour and apply it to this strand as well. You can even add one colour to the top half of the strand and another at the bottom for a shaded look.

Wipe your gloves between colours to avoid colour transfer.

Wash your hair with shampoo. As you wash, your unicorn hair will fade. Most temporary dyes still last up to 10 shampoos, but others may only need 2 or 3 washes.

Maintains Your Beautiful Unicorn Hair

Maintain your unicorn hair

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is safe for colour. If possible, use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for dyed hair. If you can’t find one, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

The label must indicate whether or not the product is sulfate-free, but check the ingredient label.

Wash your hair with cold water. The water doesn’t have to be frozen, but it should be as cold as you can handle. Anything between cold and warm is safe.

Don’t use hot water or the dye will wash out faster. It will also make your hair dry and frizzy.

Limit your exposure to sunlight, sea water and chlorine. All of these can make your hair colour fade. Cover your hair with a hat every time you go out, and use a bathing cap every time you go swimming in the pool or ocean.

If you don’t like to wear a hat, try hoodies or scarves. You can also spray your hair with UV protection spray.

Reduce the number of hair washes to no more than 2-3 times a week. It would be even better if you reduce it to once or twice a week. If your hair tends to become greasy, consider using a dry shampoo between washes.

We hope we have met your expectations. For more unicorn hair colouring ideas, watch this video:

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