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Unicorn Dress Toddler


Unicorn Dress Toddler
Unicorn Dress Toddler


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A long time ago, at parties, unicorns were invited, dressed in this Unicorn Dresses Toddler. Since then, this dress has become magical & brings good luck !

  • Fabric 99% Organic : “Living” material, very resistant to wear and tear
  • Natural Cotton : Ultra soft
  • High Quality Cotton : Matt, soft, good opacity, does not wrinkle
  • Comfort+ : Perfect costume for parties & birthdays. Pleasant to wear & won’t get in the way
  • Breathable Material : Perspiration is easily evacuated
  • Unique Design : Unicorn Costume For Girls designed by an artist
  • Machine washable : 34,5°C (84,5°F)
  • Original design Unicorn Costume Girls by Think-Unicorn®

Don’t forget to refer to the Sizing Guide ! The Girls Costume fits quite small, our team recommends A LARGER SIZE as a security measure.

Unicorn Dress Toddler Toddler” width=”493″ height=”400″ />

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  1. B***s

  2. J***n

    Very pretty dress but they missed a stick but then, I can’t complain. Can’t wait to see the excitement in my nieces eyes when I give to her

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  5. E***c

  6. d***d

  7. D***l

  8. f***f

    Wonderful loved

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  14. D***l

  15. A***s

  16. J***a

  17. R***o

    Excellent Product Arrived almost 1 month early

  18. a***a

    I loved my happy daughter. It’s just like the picture.

  19. J***a

    Arrived perfect.

  20. p***i

    Beautiful satisfied with the product is beautiful

  21. p***i

    Beautiful fast shipping

  22. p***i

    Fast shipping thanks

  23. p***i


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  25. D***r

    It’s hermosooo

  26. F***e

    Came 20 days early great quality, buy again for sure!

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  28. C***n

  29. C***L

  30. C***S

  31. F***a

    exacly as shown

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    Arrive super fast 100% recommended

  42. C***e

  43. A***s

  44. D***l

  45. J***v

  46. a***a

  47. C***t

    Very beautiful but does not have as much volume as in the photo

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  49. m***o

  50. l***r

  51. C***r

  52. N***i

    Very nice, good quality
    Really beautiful, top quality, it’s fast

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    Very nice

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  56. a***k

  57. T***a

  58. L***e

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  61. v***n

  62. B***r

    Loved the dresses made the purchase for my 2 girls dresses came in perfect condition great fabric. .. Arrived with 5 days late but was because mail here in Brazil…

  63. L***a

  64. L***a

    Nice dress. Smells very much, i hope after washing the unpleasant smell will go away. Tiers of the skirt are not sewn very neatly. The height of the child 98 dress size took 100. The width of the dress is large, it will be necessary to suture. On a large child i think suitable. The bezel is very decent.

  65. j***a


  66. B***r

    Wonderful ameiiii

  67. N***m

  68. L***a

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    Arrived on time and is beautiful!

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  81. O***a

    Very fast shipping, dresses cudne. 3 years-100

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  83. A***n

  84. a***a

  85. N***b

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  87. C***x

  88. c***c

    Nice dress of good quality. I took in 6 years for the girl who will celebrate her 5 years, she can put it longer! She’ll be super happy

  89. U***r

    Stinky but I’m going to air it out before my daughter wears it. Super cute!

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  91. f***f

  92. g***g

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  94. B***r

    Great quality and fast delivery!

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    Excellent dress, almost a month delivery)

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    The fast shipping

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    Very fast delivery thank you seller.

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  112. C***s

    Very cute and sized well

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    I asked for purple color you have send me pink.

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  117. M***y

  118. c***o

  119. A***o

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  122. i***i

    Good platishko, only did not guess with the size, will be on the growth

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    Arrived very fast in excellent condition

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    Cute dress thanks to seller highly recommended

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  155. M***z

    Good quality, unfortunately the sizes are a little smaller in reality

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  158. C***r

  159. N***a

  160. I***a

    Dazzling! Beautiful!!!

  161. O***r

  162. G***l

  163. C***m

    My daughter loves unicorns so this was perfect!!!

  164. O***l

    The dress is very good, the daughter in the 8th sky is happy.

  165. n***n

    ma fille va adore

  166. b***b

  167. R***k

  168. N***r

  169. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Beautiful dress as in the photo with a correct quality for an article of this price I recommend!

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  172. A***

    Beautiful dress wow fast delivery

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    Chic dress and fast delivery

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  178. g***s

  179. Think Unicorn Shopper

    A bit small, and so OK.

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  182. J***d

    Dress is perfect really strong hair band

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    5 suits rozmiarowi 120. Is Super!

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    Product is Exactly as shown

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    Chic dress

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    Produit compliant

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    Amazing quality!! I’m shocked it just perfect, came really fast (3-4 weeks) to Israel, I’m very happy! Thank you for the gifts!!!!! (Little wings) !

  205. T***s

    Produit compliant

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    Everything is super, as in the picture, sent quickly!

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    great as described

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    as described

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  233. G***e

    Am happy with purchase however was too small for child intended but have kept for another child One problem the little flowers 2 dropped off on opening the package I guess the glue has dried which is why theyre falling off

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  235. J***z

  236. J***a

  237. P***a

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  239. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Very nice

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  246. k***y

    Very beautiful dress and I hope my little girl Louna will find it pretty!!!

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    Super quality, recommend, wybrałam size 5 for 5,5 latki, dress is perfect.

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  277. F***p

    Size very small, T2 taken for my 2 year old daughter small size and the dress is too small.

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    Good quality dress for a really good price.

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    Better than expected.

  288. Think Unicorn Shopper

    πολύ καλό όπως η φωτογραφία!

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  290. S***e

    Well small size but it knows so have larger size order

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  292. M***e

  293. K***.

    On the actual growth of the child 140 took 146.
    Not a little once, straight perfectly village! The skirt is lush, the bezel is made satisfactorily. Near the lightning there are threads. Cut. The top of the dress is made of transparent thin fabric, when placing the dress on the hanger it is felt that the skirt is heavy for the top of the dress, there is a fear that “go” shoulder seams.
    The child is happy, however.

  294. S***a

    Beautiful dress! Delivery was quickly and everything went smoothly. Very satisfied!

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    Beautiful and fits

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    Super beautiful

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    Super fast! Looks beautiful! Good quality! Same as picture!

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    Product according to the description. Received quickly

  310. M***a

    Kupiona 8 November dotarła 25 November
    Wzielam rozm 8 is our Polish 116 small 122
    Recommend take larger

  311. A***n

  312. T***a

  313. U***r

  314. M***t

    Dress with good material, I am pleasantly zaskoczona. Shipment has come on time.

  315. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Compatible with description

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  317. l***o

  318. E***r

    Spectacular.. Quality, price, speed and efficiency.. Beautiful

  319. N***a

  320. o***a

  321. S***

    We are very satisfied. the photo does not convey brightness and splendor. The growth of the daughter is 104 cm, ordered 4 T came perfectly. It came to Peter in two weeks.

  322. T***a

    Fast shipping. Corresponds to the picture.

  323. m***m

  324. J***a

  325. M***a


  326. R***r

    A beautiful dress with a peplum, lush sparkling skirt, complete with a bezel. Month passed

  327. R***r

    Cute dress with a lush skirt and belt. Included bezel. Month passed

  328. U***t

  329. F***s

  330. D***E

  331. I***a

    Very pretty quality dress. Synthetics, but looks dignified. Took with a margin, although it would be possible and smaller. Wide on my slender girl. It came quickly. I recommend.

  332. T***a

  333. T***a

    Dress and bezel is super, very beautiful! Delivery fast about two weeks. Took for 6 years of growth 7, the dress indicated 140 (My Baby 122 cm) dress her a little big in the chest, it is not a problem with ears. Very satisfied with the purchase. Seller thanks!)

  334. e***e

  335. E***r

    Beautiful, perfect

  336. f***f

  337. E***r

    I love it, beautiful and I come before time everything perfect

  338. m***l

    Beautiful dress size nikel

  339. E***z

    Itclsc cool. Ordered 11.11 received 12.04. The material isnt bad.

  340. L***y


  341. V***a

  342. D***e

    Very nice, such as the picture, good quality, delivery time was a lot but it’s understandable

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  344. k***n

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  347. s***i

    Love it thank you

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  354. I***h

    Looks good, but still not tried on, because as Gift still not gifted

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  356. J***a


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  358. F***m

    Delivered very quickly. Very good product

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  360. A***a

    Bomb dress! A little thread sticks out, but the dress is just class. Came fast enough

  361. C***s

  362. m***e

  363. A***a

  364. E***a

    Very fast shipping. To Nizhny Novgorod 12 days. The quality of the fabric, the seams are excellent, the bezel is not crumpled. Seller recommend. Later I will add a photo.

  365. T***a

    Everything is fine

  366. B***r

  367. O***a

    For 4 years took 4 T size, came very quickly, thanks to the seller) dress class

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  369. L***k

  370. E***y

  371. F***p

  372. J***r

    Costume perfect, top quality, the girls in the sky

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  374. D***n

    Delivery too fast! Thanks!

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  376. F***r

  377. m***e

  378. P***l


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  380. N***a

    Thank you very much!!! The dress got everything perfectly.

  381. N***r

  382. O***a

  383. s***s

    Highly recommend nice

  384. E***r

  385. d***h

    Nice product as advertised. Just that the glitter fall out was crazy. My daughter had glitter everywhere on her body.

  386. E***e

  387. K***n

    amazing! my girls are in love. took one month and a half to recieve them. bought @ singles day

  388. S***a

    The dress is very beautiful, lush. My daughter really liked it, the height of 104 cm weight of 20 kg was taken up by a height of 120 cm. Just came up. The dress has a lot of podyubnikov, sewn normally, there was no smell, the threads did not stick out, the bezel is also good. Take it will not regret!

  389. V***v

  390. M***y

  391. P***o

  392. n***y


  393. R***r

    The dress is excellent. Waited 1.5 months in Krasnodar.

  394. V***o

  395. L***a

    very nice

  396. o***a

  397. P***y

  398. b***b

    Beautiful dress and good quality.

  399. B***r

  400. A***a

  401. Y***

    Beautiful dress!! My daughter loves it, even wants to sleep with it. Size perfect for my 5 year old

  402. Think Unicorn Shopper

    sadly i got the bow broken

  403. M***a

    On the growth of 97 the village is excellent, the dress is cool

  404. S***


  405. Think Unicorn Shopper

  406. E***a

    Elsa costume is just gorgeous! All seams are even, the size matches. Purchase is very satisfied!!! Seller recommend!

  407. N***a

    Everything is wonderful, beautiful dress and bezel. It came perfectly for a height of 104.

  408. J***A

    All right. All right.

  409. S***

    Excellent quality

  410. A***z

    Beautiful and accurate. It fits perfectly when it is licra.

  411. A***e

    Received quickly well packaged
    Remains to offer and try

  412. N***a

    A wonderful dress, all as in the description, and
    Even better! The only thing that upset is a very long delivery. I ordered my daughter for the birthday, but by the right date did not come. Delivery to the Rostov region almost 2 months.

  413. R***r

    Costume precise description
    Size fit
    Sent seller quickly
    But for a very long time went to Perm
    2.5 months.
    Granddaughter is very satisfied with the costume
    It is a pity that the new year was not in it.
    Thank you. I recommend

  414. a***r

    amazing dress. it took a long time till i ot it but maybe it wasnt the seller falls

  415. Think Unicorn Shopper


  416. o***a

    70 days passed the goods and did not come to Belarus. the parcel was not tracked all the way. opened a dispute, asked to return the money, the seller did not want to return the money, extended the protection and wrote that the parcel left China. the seller could not track the parcel itself. alliexec intervened and decided to return the money to me. I will no longer order from this seller the goods. thank You ask Аллиэкспрес

  417. Think Unicorn Shopper

  418. Think Unicorn Shopper

    Slow delivery

  419. S***l


  420. E***k

  421. Think Unicorn Shopper

    It is smaller than expected.

  422. Think Unicorn Shopper


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