Top 14 Unicorn Dreams And Their Symbolism

Top 14 Unicorn Dreams And Their Symbolism

There are many mysteries in the world of dreams. Sometimes these mysteries are messages that our subconscious tries to convey to you. But are you still able to understand their meaning ? If you are there, we imagine that you don’t. 😄 And yet it would really be more than beneficial to you !

For example, it would allow you to know what your brain is trying to tell you so that you can get to know yourself better. 🙂 Did you dream about unicorns ? Then it’s for a good reason and we’ll see it together ! 🦄

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Unicorn Running In A Dream

How to Interpret a Unicorn's Dream ?

The interpretation of a unicorn dream varies from person to person. Indeed, there are different scenarios in which it can be brought to appear. Each scenario has its own meaning. In this article, we have looked at 14 cases that turn out to be the most frequent. It is therefore very likely that you are concerned by one of these cases ! 🙃

Child Lassoing The Moon

1 ) Dream of a Unicorn Attacking

If in your dream you witness a unicorn attacking, it may be a sign of the evil that is to come. In the collective imagination the unicorn symbolizes purity and innocence, not fire and blood. It is therefore abnormal to see it fighting. When your subconscious makes you a spectator of abnormal events, it often means that something is not normal in your life. And that it must be stopped before it’s too late !

Dreaming Of An Attacking Unicorn

2) Dreaming of losing a Unicorn

Dreaming of losing a Unicorn or dreaming of a lost Unicorn can indicate a new beginning in your waking life. In this dream, the unicorn is a metaphor for the old life you will leave behind. This dream is a sign of the great change. ⚠️ But this is only if you don’t find that famous unicorn. If you remember finding it, then it may mean that you do want to change your life, but deep down inside you are not ready yet.

Dreaming Of Losing A Unicorn

3) Dream of Seeing a Unicorn

Dreaming of seeing a unicorn (calm) means that you will soon be led to an exciting experience. It can be for example a great trip or even why not a new love relationship.🙂 Meeting a unicorn in its so-called “normal” state can only be the harbinger of great news! It also means that you feel good and that you are in perfect harmony with your identity.

Dream Of Seeing A Unicorn

4) Dreaming of a Unicorn Kicking You

Dreaming of a unicorn kicking you is a sign that you feel strongly rejected by someone you love. Often this kick is the result of a permanent split between you and that person.

5) Dreaming of Catching a Unicorn

Dreaming of catching a unicorn predicts that you will sooner or later see a marked improvement in all kinds of affairs. On the other hand, if you don’t catch it, fortune will play you wrong.

6) Dreaming of a Spotted Unicorn

If you’ve been dreaming about a unicorn with spots on her skin, then this is great news! Spotted unicorns are very rare. So is the business opportunity that should be coming your way soon.😉 It looks like it will be profitable.

Dreaming Of A Spotted Unicorn

7) Dreaming of having a unicorn

Dreaming of having a unicorn is a message from your brain trying to tell you that you keep trying to appropriate questionable goods. You think that these goods are useful to you, but you know that deep down you don’t really need them.

Dreaming Of Having A Unicorn

8) Dreaming of Riding a Unicorn

Dreaming of Riding a Unicorn is an excellent omen. In most cases it marks the beginning of a long and happy period of prosperity. Often the unicorn is mounted during a race. A race that inevitably leads to the ascent of happiness.

Dreaming Of Riding A Unicorn

9) Dreaming of Killing a Unicorn

Dreaming of killing a unicorn means you hurt your friends out of pure selfishness. The unicorn you murdered represented your relationship to social relationships. You may not realize it yet, but your subconscious does. 😛 you should know that the subconscious is ALWAYS one step ahead of you.

Dreaming Of Killing A Unicorn

10) Dreaming of Wearing a Unicorn

Wearing a unicorn predicts that your interests will not be neglected for frivolous pleasures. It means that you will continue to take your plans seriously for a long time to come! 🙂 When you wear a unicorn, you support your stability. It is a very good thing.

Dreaming Of Wearing A Unicorn

11) Dreaming of Seeing a Unicorn Pack

Dreaming of seeing a pack of unicorns is not a good sign. It denotes wealth with a certain amount of clutter. Also, according to studies, it can sometimes indicate that love will find obstacles.

Dreaming Of Seeing A Unicorn Pack

12) Dream of White Unicorn

Dreaming About White Unicorns is mostly the business of young girls. It usually sends a rather positive message that they are being treated by a wise authority. That their education is in good hands. Also, some wishes will be granted at a completely unexpected time. For white unicorns are the symbol of postponement in anticipation.🦄

Dream Of White Unicorn

13) Dreaming of Climbing a Hill with a Unicorn

If you go up a hill, and the unicorn falls but you win the top, then you will earn a fortune, but you will have to fight against your enemies and their jealousy. If both you and the unicorn reach the top, your ascent will be phenomenal, but substantial.

Dreaming Of Climbing A Hill With A Unicorn

14) Dreaming of a Friend riding on a Unicorn Behind Us

This one is very often a young woman’s dream, it is quite complex in its interpretation. It suggests that she that your friend will be first and foremost in the service of many prominent and successful men.

If she is afraid, she is likely to provoke feelings of jealousy. If, once she has descended from the unicorn, she turns into a pig, she will carelessly pass on honourable offers of marriage, preferring freedom until her chances of a desirable marriage are lost.

If she later sees the pig sliding gracefully along the telegraph wire, she will advance her position by intriguing it. Dreaming that she is riding a white unicorn up and down a hill, often looking back and seeing someone on a black unicorn chasing her, indicates that she will have a mixed season of success and sorrow, but through it all a bitter enemy is working to darken her with sadness and disillusionment.

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