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How To Decorate A Room In A Unicorn Style ?

How to decorate a room in a unicorn style ?

Most children have heard about unicorns from an early age, so every child wants to immerse themselves in the world of magic. Do you want to satisfy your children and make them believe in unicorns? Here you can make it happen and continue to feed their dreams by decorating the rooms with these unicorn style decoration ideas that we list below.

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What's the world of unicorns like ?

What will people immediately think of if they talk about unicorns? It must be something bright and magical like rainbows, sparkles, glitter and unicorns, of course!

Moreover, there are rainbows everywhere: in the sky or even in the horns and tails of unicorns. In the world of unicorns, everything is full of bright, shiny and adorable colours, as pink, white and gold can be central colours.

Moreover, all the creatures in this magical world are friendly and cute because they can be your friend instantly as soon as you are part of this place.

Unicorn Decorations For Birthday

Unicorn style decorative gifts

Top 11 unicorn decoration ideas that you'll fall in love with

Unicorn Surprise For 1st November


This pretty Unicorn Sticker design will add a special touch to your interior, especially for girls’ rooms or children’s rooms. Let’s take your child to a magical fairy-tale garden! Made of PVC, this type of unicorn-shaped decoration is easy and practical to use. It is removable and waterproof.


  • What a beautiful object! Add it to your collection of unicorn style decorations and you will see a magical world. Add a new atmosphere to your bedroom and make yourself comfortable with its soft light from the Unicorn Lamp.


  • This painting has an impressive quality. It is made of “canvas” which is the best print in the world. Nothing is more pleasant than to have this beautiful painting that will illuminate your room or your living room with this majestic magic unicorn ! That’s right! At Ma Petite Licorne, there is no age to be a fan of unicorns !


  • The latest addition to our unicorn style decoration collection is this brand new Unicorn Night Light. This uniquely designed lamp will emit light and brighten any room with a beautiful rainbow. What do you think of it as a gift idea ?


  • Cute Unicorn Bedding Set with a unicorn sleeping peacefully. Warm, quality and cute design, you will definitely fall in love with this unicorn duvet cover. The best unicorn gift ever !


  • This satin unicorn cushion is made of 100% polyester and is dimensionally stable. You will love its chic and cute girly design for all unicorn fans! So spend a magical and relaxing night by resting your head on this unique Unicorn Pillow.


  • This is an indispensable unicorn decoration for your home! These Unicorn Lamp will shine in your home and spread magic in the rooms of your cozy home.


  • Made of “canvas”, this beautiful unicorn painting will bring a whole new look to your interior! Available in several sizes, this painting representing a sumptuous unicorn with a magic horn will brighten up your favorite room. So why not give it a try ?


  • Add some sobriety and elegance to your bed with this splendid duvet cover filled with love! All in polyester, this bed linen set will bring softness and comfort. The plus? It is a duvet cover anti-dust mite !


  • These Unicorn Candles are so adorable! They’re perfect for your birthday cakes. So, what are you waiting for to light your candles! Let’s make your cake even more amazing and add a new atmosphere to the birthday of unicorn lovers.
$59.90 $34.90
$59.90 $34.90


  • Whether to decorate your fairy-tale room or to carry it everywhere with you, the Unicorn Squishy will fill you with happiness. This anti-stress allows you to relax while holding a magical object. Yes ! You love unicorns ? Then let yourself be lulled into the world of squishy unicorns for a guaranteed anti-stress !

Do you have a lot of ideas for Unicorn decorations in your head ? Take a tour of our shop to discover many more ! You can find more ideas and images of Unicorn Decorations On Pinterest. You are not at the end of your surprises… 

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