Our Best Unicorn Drawings And Colorings For Downloading

Our best unicorn drawings and colorings for downloading

Unicorns : fairy-tale and legendary animals. These magnificent and astonishing creatures were born in European fables. Its resemblance to the horse is obvious. Yes ! The only difference is that the unicorn has a horn protruding from its forehead. The horns of these majestic creatures possess an elixir that can neutralize a poison ! It is even said to have the ability to transform poisoned water into drinking water.

Children love fairy tales and especially characters such as fairies, unicorns, dragons, flying horses and mermaids. Nowadays unicorns are everywhere: in children’s literature, films and cartoons. They are often interpreted as the pets of princesses and damsels. Unicorns also appear as protectors of the earth or the kingdom. Unicorns are not evil. Indeed, like most creatures in mythology, they symbolize elegance, purity, beauty and especially magical strength.

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Unicorn coloring pages for kids :

This article contains some of the most magical unicorn colorings. You’ll see drawings that are both fun and educational to print for free: nothing could be more enjoyable for your children to travel to a fairytale land full of wonders.

What’s more, your child doesn’t need to follow any pattern. Indeed, the goal is for them to have fun while colouring. That’s why these unicorn colouring sheets can be coloured in yellow, green, pink and even multicoloured !

Kindergarten is all about getting to know the different alphabets and the sounds they make. So prepare your child for school with these colouring sheets with a pretty picture of a unicorn so Let’s Draw A Beautiful Unicorn !

NUMBER 1 : Colouring European Unicorn

  • Colour in this magical creature with your child as he learns to write upper and lower case letters.
  • Your child can use glitter or any other artistic medium to give dimension to the picture.
Download European Unicorn Coloring

NUMBER 2 : American Unicorn

A beautiful American unicorn to color. Similar to a white horse except for a perfectly straight horn in the middle of its forehead which makes it majestic and elegant.

  • It is said that the American unicorn has a gift that purifies water and air. Female American unicorns can run much faster than male American unicorns.
  • This unicorn loves to eat clover and blackberries and has the habit of moving in groups or herds.
Download American unicorns coloring

NUMBER 3 : Karkadann Unicorn

Karkadann is translated as the lord of the desert and comes from Persian or Arabic stories. It sounds like a cross between a unicorn and a rhinoceros.

  • The Karkadann unicorn is not associated with love or joy, but has been described as dangerous and strong with a horn that had healing powers.
  • Karkadann’s only real enemy was the elephant.
Download Karkadann Unicorns coloring

NUMBER 4 : Kirin Unicorn

This is Kirin, the unicorn from Asia. This unicorn has the body of a deer and a tail like an ox. It is said that the unicorn Kirin is distinguished by its belly which is of multiple colors.

  • As a rule, Kirin unicorns have spots on their backs. So, why not tell your child to add some so that the colouring really looks like her!
  • Finally, Kirin unicorns can be found in remote areas of China and Japan. They are quite shy and do not fight.
Download Kirin Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 5 : Lancelot Unicorn

Lancelot, the famous California unicorn. That’s right. Resembling a goat with only a horn on its forehead, this unicorn has been associated with mystery and beauty.

  • This magnificent species first appeared to the public in 1984 and performed for the first time in the circus.
  • The public immediately fell in love with the cute Lancelot unicorn, but its existence raised many questions.
Download Lancelot Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 6 : A Unicorn Above the Clouds

Here’s a beautiful coloring sheet of a unicorn above the clouds.

  • Here is a beautiful coloring that will be perfect for little princesses who love magic and fairy tales.
  • What do you say we turn it into a work of art by hanging it on the wall? Your little girl will be the happiest !
Download Unicorn Above the Clouds coloring

NUMBER 7 : Unicorn Shadhavar

Shadhavar is a delicate hollow-horned unicorn, similar to a gazelle. The wind creates beautiful flute music through this hollow horn.

  • Its music would attract both humans and animals.
  • It is a carnivorous unicorn and was often thought to be evil.
Download Unicorn Shadhavar coloring

NUMBER 8 : Persian Unicorn

The Khara Unicorn of Persia was a giant donkey with only one horn on its forehead. It had only three legs, but six eyes.

  • Persian unicorns had protective powers roughly similar to those of unicorns around the world, and she was important in the Zoroastrian religion.
  • Persian unicorns were said to be the most deadly one-horned creatures.
Download Persian Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 9 : Physiologus Unicorn

Basically, it is a text written by a Greek author based in Alexandria.

  • The unicorn known from medieval bestiaries, also called a rhinoceros in Greek, was first described in the allegorical book on animals commonly known as Physiologus
  • It’s a small, kid-like animal with a horn in the middle of its forehead. It wears a horn on its muzzle.
Download Physiologus Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 10: Ki'lin Unicorn

Ki’lin was a fabulous beast in ancient Chinese mythology. It is described as having the body of a deer, the tail of an ox and a horn. It has red, yellow or blue scales of fur.

  • It is an intelligent forest unicorn belonging to Chinese mythology. It has links with fertility and fortune.
  • Ki’lin has never been valued for its body parts and fortunately has never been hunted. It has a deep and melodious calling.
Download Ki'lin Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 11 : Daniel's Unicorn

This coloring sheet represents the unicorn from the book of Daniel in the Bible. The unicorn is described as a goat with bright red eyes.

  • The story goes that Daniel’s unicorn fought a ram and knocked it into the water with its horn. Then, with the blood, the horn grew bigger.
  • The horn then came off and was replaced by four smaller horns.
Download Daniel's Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 12 : Unicorn Re'em

The unicorn Re’em is also a biblical unicorn. The Bible mentions it seven times, always in a context of immense strength, indomitable spirit and one or more long horns rising to the sky.

  • It is mentioned without explanation, as readers are supposed to know the animal well. Over time, however, the real identity of Re’em unicorns has been forgotten.
Download Unicorn Re'em coloring

NUMBER 13 : Indian Unicorn Equus

The Indian unicorn called Equus is a species that has been extinct for many centuries.

  • Having an enormous resemblance to the donkey, this unicorn was called “thorny donkey” and lived in prehistoric times.
  • It is also said that the Equus was crossed with horses or donkeys.
Download Unicorn Equus coloring

NUMBER 14 : Pegasus Unicorn

The unicorn, Pegasus is a mythical winged divine stallion, and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology.

  • Usually depicted in pure white, Pegasus is a child of the Olympian god Poseidon.
  • Pegasus was considered a symbol of purity, wisdom and fame from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
Download Pegasus Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 15 : Unicorn Ruva

The Ruva unicorn eats green vegetables just like horses, in fact they are horses with horns and have the weakest powers.

  • They have a thing about flowers that no one understands. They are often called flowering unicorns because of that.
  • Their appearance is similar to horses.
Download Unicorn Ruva coloring

NUMBER 16 : Japanese Unicorn

The unicorn is a legendary creature of Japanese culture. Its unique style is reminiscent of temples and the entire Japanese universe.

  • The Japanese unicorn is a fantastic animal with a unique feature.
  • An aura of wisdom and positivity emanates from it.
Download Japanese Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 17 : Black Unicorn

Black unicorns are symbols of power, strength and freedom. They are a true force of nature.

  • While a white unicorn can act as a guardian of a forest, a black unicorn is never tied to a particular place and does exactly what his heart desires.
  • Black unicorns are able to roam the world freely.
  • Black unicorns embody extraordinary strength.
Download Black Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 18 : Chinese Unicorn

The Chinese unicorn has been seen as a sign of predilection in Chinese culture for several centuries. There are several types of Chinese unicorns such as the Qilin.

  • Since the Han period, it is believed to be a benevolent creature, whose horn fleshes the team for war, although it never does any harm.
  • Its appearance in the empire was a good omen, deserving an immediate report to the emperor.
Download Chinese Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 19 : Archaic Unicorn

The archaic unicorn is a fantastic creature that will make your children dream. It is said to be the size of a goat, the tail of a lion and split hooves.

  • This archaic unicorn was known for its good will, purity and benevolence.
  • Your child will be delighted to get to know this wonderful creature.
Download Archaic Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 20 : The Unicorn Jewel

This coloring introduces you to Jewel or the Jewel Dance. Indeed, Jewel is a famous unicorn from the “Narnia” series. Make your child want to have fun with this beautiful fairy coloring!

  • Jewel was a noble white unicorn, cream with an ice blue horn, and was the best friend of the Narnian King Tirian.
  • He often wore a gold chain around his neck. He was gentle with his friends, but used his horn as a fierce and deadly weapon in battle.
Download Unicorn Jewel coloring

NUMBER 21 : Fairy and Unicorn

This is a unique coloring of a unicorn with a girl on its back. Your child will love to colour in her majestic spiral-shaped horn, thick mane and beautiful body.

  • This colouring sheet is perfect for teaching your child about the physical characteristics of a unicorn.
Download Fairy and Unicorn coloring

NUMBER 22 : Rainbow Unicorn

The most beautiful rainbow with a beautiful unicorn on this coloring to print for free.

  • Simple and easy, so that your children can gradually train to colour in their favourite fairy characters.
  • A unicorn is good but with a colorful mane is better! And moreover a rainbow it gives a drawing rich in colors !
Download Rainbow Unicorn coloring

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