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Wherever you walk, the sun will follow you. The Rainbow Unicorn Sandal is necessary in case you want to walk on a Rainbow !

  • Comfortable & Resistant : rainbow unicorn sandal will become your new companions.
  • Organic Material : Non-polluting for the environment
  • Don’t Hurt : Your toes will do wonders
  • Don’t Slip : Don’t be afraid of hidden puddles by the pool.
  • Unique design : By our designers team
  • Original design Unicorn Sandals by Think-Unicorn®

Don’t forget to refer to the Sizing Guide ! The unicorn sandal fits quite small, our team recommends A LARGER SIZE as a security measure.

You want to enjoy some more sandals ? No problem, we have more Unicorn Sandals for you !

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Rainbow Unicorn Sandal for toddler - a must-have accessory

The Power Of The Softness Of The Unicorn

Are you planning to go on holiday with your children ? Or simply to spend the summer in the sun on your deckchair ? Don’t forget to equip yourself with the necessary clothing for this ! Rainbow unicorn sandal are perfect for your children. Both magical and designed in a soft, non-slip material, these sandals are perfect for young children.

Good sandals must above all be resistant. Are you also tired of finding bells on the side of your feet due to the plastic of the sandals rubbing against your feet ? With these unicorn sandals, say goodbye to foot bells. Made of soft material, you’ll feel like you’re walking in softness.

We attach great importance to the materials that make up our rainbow unicorn sandal. Made from a non-polluting material that is recycled and then improved, these unicorn sandals are above all adapted for the happiness of your children without having to intoxicate them with an unnecessarily polluting or even toxic material. Buy them in our online shop for fast and free delivery.

Have you always been afraid to walk by the pool in your hotel and fall into the water in front of everyone ? Don’t be afraid ! These rainbow unicorn sandal are here to maximize the grip of your walk. Also, avoid falling unnecessarily on slippery surfaces and then injuring yourself and ending your wonderful holiday.

The success story of the unicorn sandals really appeared in the 80-90s. Today, few people still use them and yet those who don’t use them completely miss out on their essential health benefits. The unicorn sandals are a magical form of medicine, which aims to relieve muscular tension in the body. In addition to its restorative virtues, unicorn sandals are also very relaxing for children and adults.

Feet support the weight of our body throughout the day, fortunately they are still strong. On top of that, they are constantly locked in our shoes, which makes it vital to keep them in good condition so that they can breathe properly. Just like you, your feet deserve to have a pleasant moment of relaxation. That’s why the simplest solution is to massage your feet, to help them re-energize your body by stimulating, relaxing and rebalancing it.

Rather than calling in a foot reflexologist, it is just as interesting to use unicorn sandals. Indeed, they provide exactly the same benefits as a manual massage, except that you do it comfortably at home…As mentioned earlier, it may take some time for your feet to get used to rainbow unicorn sandal, but you’ll quickly forget the pain and give way to pleasure. They will adapt to the shape of your arch as you walk each day.

There are also thong sandals, slide sandals and slingbacks that will fit your feet perfectly. Unicorns love to wear this kind of shoe on their feet. The High Heel or Peep Toe are also beautiful unicorn sandals.

Summer is finally here! So it’s time to put away those bulky snow boots and replace them with something a little lighter and more comfortable. These are of course unicorn sandals! When it comes to choosing men’s, women’s or children’s shoes for the summer, there is no better option than unicorn sandals. Read on to find out all about the great benefits of owning a few pairs of sandals:

  • Your feet can breathe: Do you have a problem with sweaty feet? If so, it’s probably because your feet can’t get enough air when they’re in your shoes. This is not a problem when you have a pair of open-toe rainbow unicorn sandal. When you wear unicorn sandals, your feet will be able to breathe and feel a little fresh air when you walk around town.
  • Comfort: Similar to the point above, sandals provide comfort and support throughout the day. Your toes won’t be cramped in a pair of city shoes. Make this a comfortable summer by stopping by Haig Shoes today. We’ll find the perfect unicorn sandals for you and your feet.
  • Easy Access: Women’s shoes in Rochester Hills, MI can be hard to put on. When you’re in a hurry, you probably don’t have time to sit down and carefully put on your shoes one by one. This is not a problem when you wear unicorn sandals. Just put them on and walk out the door. When you get home for the day, just take off your sandals, relax and rest.
  • Sandals are made for the beach: Whether you’re going to one of the Great Lakes or a tropical destination, summer means beach! Don’t be one of those people who walks on the beach in tennis shoes – their shoes are full of sand when they leave the beach. Instead, wear your new unicorn sandals! You won’t have to worry about the sand and you’ll look stylish while enjoying your holiday.
  • Look stylish all summer long: Speaking of style, there’s no better way to do it than wearing sandals! A few decades ago, flip-flops or ugly sandals were the only options if you wanted to wear comfortable open-toed shoes. This is no longer the case today. Shoe designers spend a lot of time and effort creating stylish unicorn sandals for men and women. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style: buy a pair of rainbow unicorn sandal today and make fashion talk among your friends.

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If you are looking for shoes sandals of another brand such as Ankle, Gladiator, Heeled, Teva, Insole, or Low Heel, you will find other online stores that sell these top quality items. We also offer premium unicorn sandals such as: Metallic sandals, summer sandals, blue sandals, or sport sandals, all in the style and universe of unicorns !

On our online shop, we offer a free delivery, with parcel tracking, secure payments such as stripe (credit cards) and paypal or even skrill. These payment methods are encrypted and 100% secure. You can also receive discount vouchers in your mailbox with our newsletter to make great rainbow unicorn sandal gifts to your friends! If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact our customer support, Tania will answer you as soon as possible within 24 hours.


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