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How To Plan A Unicorn Birthday Party ?

How To Plan A Unicorn Birthday Party ?

All the tips on how to have the best unicorn birthday party

Birthday parties are great. A well-planned themed birthday party is one of the best ways to satisfy your loved ones. Among the most popular birthday party themes, unicorn birthday parties are the most popular at the moment. What’s the secret ? Everyone loves the Unicorn. And it is easy to plan a beautiful and exciting unicorn birthday party with very simple steps. Among all, you can plan a Unicorn birthday party for your children, teenagers or even an adult !

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How do you plan a fun unicorn birthday party ?

Unicorn Cake For Birthday

Here are the important steps to plan a unicorn birthday party filled with fun !

Start with a Unicorn birthday cake

Yes, no unicorn birthday party is over if you don’t have a birthday cake. Look for a beautiful unicorn birthday cake that can make your loved one happy with Unicorn Candles. In case you don’t like the cakes, Unicorn cupcakes are also suitable. If you like to make your Unicorn birthday cake at home, look for a beautiful design and choose Unicorn theme colours such as light blue and pink for the sugar dough decoration. It will be a beautiful birthday cake for your Unicorn Party !

Unicorn Birthday Parties

Don't ignore the festive decorations

A theme party is not over if the party decorations do not match the theme. From the birthday party banner to all the decorations, try to include the theme of the Unicorn Party to make it more beautiful and memorable.

  • If it’s a child’s birthday, buy unicorn-themed gifts for gift bags.
  • For Goodies bags (small gifts), you can buy colourful paper bags. Then decorate the bags with unicorn stickers and add a more magical look by using glitter and confetti. Fill the bags with small toys and candy that match the Unicorn theme.
  • For teens, you can buy gifts and Unicorn Balloons to welcome party guests. If you have no idea what decorations to buy, take a look at this wide selection of unicorn party accessories for inspiration !
Unicorn Pinata For Birthday Party

Plan your games and party entertainment

Now, everything’s ready for a happy Unicorn Birthday Party, but one thing is missing. It’s entertainment for the guests. The party games are perfect for children’s birthday games to make all the guests interactive. If it’s a child’s birthday, you can include the Unicorn Pinata and don’t forget to rent mascots for the party. Children will be delighted to participate in their unicorn-themed dream party. For teenagers, you can look around for party games. Simply include unicorn prints or decorations to incorporate the theme. A photo booth with unicorn-themed accessories will be a great idea to entertain everyone at the birthday party !

Unicorn Happy Birthday

Outside of the unicorn themed party, you can try to tinker with some Unicorn Party Decorations using related colours. It will be a dream party with this mythical creature. Add soft colours to everything. From disposable paper plates to cups, straws, spoons and forks, tablecloths, you can match colours to add value to the birthday party theme.

When you plan everything Unicorn, all the guests and your loved one will be the happiest. They will enjoy a Unicorn Birthday Party Filled With Fun. So, you can be proud to organize a great and memorable birthday party with one of the most popular birthday party themes. It is true that unicorn birthdays are the best of parties for unicorn fans.

After all, don’t forget to capture the best moments of the birthday party especially if it’s his first birthday !


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