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Unicorn Birthday Decoration Bring a touch of magic

Unicorn Birthday Decoration : A Magical Touch To Your Party

Organising a unicorn-themed birthday party for your child is no longer just about ordering a cake and sending invitations to the little guests. After all, a birthday is above all a special occasion to celebrate, an unforgettable moment for both your child and his or her young guests.

A touch of magic … a fairy-tale atmosphere … a bit of daydreaming … it takes a bit of all this to make your unicorn birthday party a success. The theme of the unicorn, which has been in vogue for some years now, guarantees you an ultra trendy party. You have to ask yourself where you’re going to start planning it, don’t you ? Follow the guide.

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Some ideas for a successful unicorn birthday decoration

Highly appreciated, and even adored, by young and old alike, the unicorn is a welcome addition to any festive unicorn decor, birthday party or other event. It is up to you to make it your own by opting for a total unicorn decoration or simply by playing with a few details for a soft and trendy effect at the same time.

Little tip: prefer a pastel unicorn birthday decoration for an adult party, and a rainbow decoration for children.

Above all, don’t deprive yourself of anything! Make sure you choose a unicorn birthday decoration that looks great and will be remembered for a long time. For example, opt for girly accessories such as iridescent garlands, pastel paper rosettes or tulle pompoms, perfect for adding a touch of softness to your birthday decoration.

unicorn flying with balloons

Another essential for a unicorn birthday decoration, Unicorn Balloon and crockery 100% in the theme. You will agree with us that a birthday party without balloons would lack style. Balloons come in different shapes and colours and are as diverse as they are trendy. They are even adorned with colourful confetti, bringing even more magic to the party. And if you want to pep up your Unicorn Birthday Party decorations, just dress your balloons in colourful tulle.

As for the dishes, we opt for disposable plates, cups and cutlery in the colours of the unicorn. They can be rainbow-coloured to add fun to your decor, or iridescent to keep up with the current trend.

baby in a unicorn pajamas

Anniversary unicorn decoration right down to the plates

Did you really think that the Unicorn Party Decoration would be limited to decorative items? Think again, because when the unicorn invites itself to the party, it’s to go all the way! And it’s no secret that unicorns love brightly coloured candy.

So don’t miss out on a unicorn buffet that will delight your guests’ taste buds. Colourful candy bars, unicorn lattes that everyone will love, cupcakes in trendy pastel colours, unicorn shortbread for all tastes … not forgetting the multicoloured sweets.

unicorn tent for birthday celebration

Everyone in unicorns !

Once the room and the table are ready, there is one last point, and not the least. Have you guessed? The disguise for the happy man of the day and his guests, of course. According to your desires or rather those of your child, there are many fashion accessories in the colours of our favourite multicoloured creature. A headband or a hat to embellish his hair, a t-shirt or other disguises in the effigy of the unicorn: hats, bracelets, necklaces … the choice is very varied and adapts to all tastes.

And that’s not all. Who says festive outfit also says make-up, right? You didn’t think you could organise a unicorn birthday party without glittery eye shadow for a colourful make-up? Of course, you have to make sure that you choose the right quality and especially products that are suitable for children’s sensitive skin. No need to remind you that make-up for adults should be avoided, as some components can cause allergies in younger children.

room to celebrate a unicorn birthday

So make sure you choose hypoallergenic and non-toxic products that are water-based. Also consider buying makeup accessories for your birthday party at a specialty shop or toy store. The products sold there meet the requirements of the standards governing the manufacture of toys in the European Union, particularly those of the Central Administration for Pharmacology and Technology (FDA). In addition, make sure to check the expiry date of the products, as their use should not exceed 18 months after unpacking.

Another necessary Accessory For A Unicorn Birthday Decoration is the punch box or piñata. To make it, you will need :

  • A big box
  • A glue gun
  • Different colored paper (or paper towels)
  • Gift bags or plastic cups

To make your Unicorn Pinata :

  • Use a cup to make holes in the cardboard
  • With the glue gun, glue the disposable glasses to the back of the cardboard
  • Put the gifts in the glasses
  • Fill the holes with paper (or paper towels)
  • With the cutter, draw crosses in the center of the circles
  • Finish by decorating your box

Some ideas of games for your unicorn-themed birthday party

What would a birthday party be without fun activities? Children will not only eat and drink. Plan a few games to keep them busy and entertained. Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Drawing: Children love to draw. Put sheets of paper, pencils and markers at their disposal and offer them the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. You can even download colouring unicorn drawings from the internet.
  • Unicorn treasure hunt: This is a great idea that will certainly delight children. You will need sheets of paper and a pen to write down the clues, and provide a small gift like a unicorn figurine for the winner. You can also get inspiration from models available for download on the internet.
  • A small quiz with questions adapted to the age of the children.

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