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Unicorn Pastel Friendship Necklace Best Friend

$34.90 $27.90

Unicorn Pastel Friendship Necklace Best Friend
Unicorn Pastel Friendship Necklace Best Friend

$34.90 $27.90

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Worn by 2 unicorns who were in love with each other, the Unicorn Best Friend Necklace represents their great and eternal love.

More stunning than ever before, our Unicorn Necklace Best Friend has been very carefully picked to be part of the most stunning Jewelry Necklaces of our collection. This Collar has been exclusively adapted for ladies who intend to give themselves an one-of-a-kind as well as wonderful look. Various opportunities are possible, you can hang a Unicorn Pendants on it or adjust the size of the unicorn Chain Necklace Silver at the level of your neck. Created in a kawaii design, it will certainly fit perfectly for all ages, from the innocent little woman to the classy female. Our Unicorn Necklaces are made of Silver Plated Steel and also often covered with 14K Goldwhich is more accurate than life. Several colors are likewise readily available to pick from according to your tastes or your state of mind. Often decorated with zirconium, Sterling-Silver or sparkling diamond, in red ruby, sapphire Pink or amethyst purple. The clasp/ Locket of this Unicorn Charm Bracelets is made from a tiny carabiner to provide you additional safety around your neck as well as make it simple to put it on and also take it off. If your little lady enjoys to remain stylish as well as to sublimate herself everyday, we advise you without further delay this Charms Pendant Necklace which is an enchanting device! Much more attractive than a Heart Necklace or a Heart Pendant!

  • Size: Adjustable Jewellery
  • Material: Sterling Silver Necklace Chain
  • First Choice Necklace: Water & & scratch immune
  • Convenience+: Light & & No discomfort for your skin
  • Don’t obtain your hair captured
  • Shiny Sparkle surface to Enhance Your Appearance
  • 925 Silver Pendant
  • No Gemstone Bead/ Beaded
  • Design of Unicorn Necklace By Think-Unicorn ® FREE DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME BY A CUTE RAINBOW

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