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A Galactic Unicorn Bathrobe For Young And Old

A Galactic Unicorn Bathrobe For Young And Old

The unicorn bathrobe symbolizes mystery, magic, innocence and feminine aspects. It is a beautiful mythical representation of a white horse that is so popular nowadays with young girls and children. Its innocence and purity are a representation of childhood and its charm. This is why, at Think-Unicorn, we thought of coming all bright, unique, charming and charismatic with our adorable unicorn hooded robes.

Let’s think about the wonderful attributes that make this unicorn bathrobe unique and full of usefulness !

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The stunning galactic impression is beautiful and extravagant which is perfect for any girl’s after-bath mood. This is the best outfit you would like to put on after taking that hot bath especially if you are a unicorn fan.

Unicorn Galactic Bathrobe


Complementing childhood and femininity, this plush sewn flannel piece transformed into this cozy dress is a precious piece to wear among the range of girls’ bathrobes. Once you wear your Galactic Unicorn Bathrobe, it instantly provides you with a comfortable and cozy embrace. It’s a very gentle way to feel comfortable and rested at any time of the day. It’s so breathable and thin that you can walk around the house for hours once you wear it.

The hoody is made with the utmost care and looks exceptional when it matches the outfit. If you want to hang out in the lawn on a walk, then it’s perfect to go with loose pyjamas too. It’s a perfect combination of comfort, luxury and rejuvenation.

Pink And Blue Unicorn Bathrobe


It’s for those who like to explore resonance and high spirits at any time on a Sunday afternoon. LAZY ? SWEET ? COMFORTABLE ? WARM AND COZY ? WHAT’S YOUR MOOD?

My Little Unicorn has a unique solution for you with this unique unicorn bathrobe. Once you’ve washed your head and are ready to spend a quiet lunch in the house, all you have to do is choose this unicorn bathrobe that gives you a magical respite.

The pocket size is incredibly handy for carrying a mobile phone, while you work at home, cook a meal or even take a walk in your garden.

Colored Galaxy Unicorn Robe


Available in different sizes, tell your toddlers it’s time to put on My Little Unicorn’s bathrobe. You could instead give them this beautiful pink and blue plush Unicorn Robe. This heavenly imprint of the robe will surely seduce their curious minds and add magic to their day.

It’s not just an after-bath, but this super comfortable and protected outfit allows them to spend the whole day in this vibrant outfit. In addition, they can carry their pens, pencils, gadgets in the rather spacious pockets on the bathrobe.

Man In A Unicorn Bathrobe

This Galactic Unicorn Hooded Children’s Bathrobe is ultra comfortable, unisex (therefore suitable for your boys or girls), and ensures durability. This material is long lasting and does not lose its luster when washed. It can be machine washed and can be tumble dried at low temperatures for perfect results.

What if you had the idea of a unicorn pool party with your friends and family? You could just wear these colourful children’s bathrobes and look forward to a day of happiness and luck while you relax by the pool with your friends. Imagine the kind of happiness and aura these little colorful unicorn dresses can create around your home that ensures a perfect day.

In addition to this magical outfit you can add some very comfortable unicorn slippers. Think-Unicorn offers you a wide range of unicorn slippers.

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