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Mask Or Unicorn Horn : Transform Yourself Completely Into This Mythical Animal

Mask Or Unicorn Horn : Transform Yourself Completely Into This Mythical Animal

Would you like to become a unicorn ? These brave and pure beasts could inspire you if you use in addition to your pyjamas 2 very original accessories which are the unicorn mask and the horn. See in our article what they are and how to enjoy them.

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What is the unicorn head mask ?

The unicorn head mask is usually made of latex. It is therefore relatively easy to put on and has linings designed with good quality textile. The mane of this small mask is made of fur, which gives it a lot of realism. The unicorn head mask fits any outfit. If you wear it with a three-piece suit at a fancy dress party, you are sure to be a hit. In the comfort of your home, it will give you the opportunity to play all sorts of games with your children and friends.

You can choose the unicorn head of your choice from the plethora of models, colours and sizes available. However, you will probably have to straighten the horn attached to the head to enjoy it fully.

Unicorn Head Mask

Some precautions of use to be respected

The unicorn head mask is a flammable product. You should be aware of its use when giving it to a child. Also keep it away from a fire or barbecue. Unicorn Mask are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Moreover, you should never iron, tumble dry or launder it. To clean it, simply use a damp sponge. Finally, always choose a model that will fit snugly on the head. Otherwise, you may find it heavy.

Boy In The Meadow With A Unicorn Mask

Unicorn horn : an excellent accessory

The unicorn horn usually accompanies The Head Of A Beautiful Unicorn Mask. It is inspired by the characteristic protuberance that adorns the head of the mythical horse. The horn is the most seductive and fascinating accessory when wearing an accessory reminiscent of this animal.

A unicorn mask always includes a horn of the same type. But many customers would prefer not to wear this type of mask because of its weight. However, they would like to put a horn on their head. These people will then turn to 2 types of products or accessories:

Unicorn Mask Is Eatting In The Fridge

Unicorn head wigs

They are shimmering, multi-coloured wigs with latex ears and horns. This wig can be used during fancy dress parties or during a carnival. The Generic company manufactures some of them in fairly good workmanship.

Teeth Washing With Unicorn Mask

Unicorn horn headbands

These are headbands designed to hold the hair, but include a unicorn head and other possible ornaments such as flowers. Unicorn Headband is very common accessories used at parties such as Halloween, hen night, or at fairs and other occasions.

Some guidelines for their use

Unicorn horn is an excellent complement to unicorn pajamas. If yours comes without this type of accessory, you can always order one to match your disguise. While headbands are suitable for everyone, unicorn horn wigs are more suitable for adults. Watch out for the use of this type of accessory when you make a young child wear one.

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