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The Top 5 Of Celebrity Unicorn Hair


Hello, guys 👋! I don’t know what the weather was like at your place, but around me, just a few hours ago, a group of unicorn-looking kids were lighting up the whole street 🦄.

Maybe you already know what I meant by “unicorn look 👀” when I looked at my topic today. Yes… I had been attracted to their unicorn hairstyles. So, when I got home, I turned on my laptop and looked for unicorn-inspired hairstyles 💇.

Guess what! I found not only various beautiful unicorn hairstyles, but also a fact that many celebrities are unicorn lovers as they have left a unicorn signal on their hair. So… who are they 😃 ?

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Dye your hair with unicorn symbol colors? Why not? Why not? Look how stunning Katy was on her prismatic world tour. The main colors were light green and purple which successfully highlighted her skin and eyes.

Katy Perry Unicorn Hair

Katy Perry’s hairdresser may be a big fan of unicorns, as Perry has another rainbow hair in an H&M holiday ad. This time, however, yellow and green got the spotlight.

I found an interesting video on Youtube which is “fashion & luxury ⌚” and I think it would be great for us to do rainbow hair on our own. The process is quite simple and the results will certainly satisfy you. What good advice from unicorn 🦄 !


Kesha Unicorn Hair

Singer “Tik Tok” thrilled her style at the MTV Video Music Awards with a Unicorn Hairstyle. Unlike K.P., half of her hair was mostly yellow and light green while the other half was a combination of blue and purple.

Unicorn hairstyles for adults 🦄
the best unicorn hairstyles


Gal Gadot Unicorn Hair

OMG!!! I’m a big Wonder Woman fan. It’s perhaps one of the most charming unicorn hairstyles ever. If you’re in the mood to try a wavy curling hairstyle with the vibe of a unicorn, this will be a perfect choice for you! Big waves make your hair thicker and more porous. If you want to dye in different ways, I think you should choose bright colours as you will look younger and easier to distinguish from the crowd.

famous unicorn hairstyles


Alicia Key

the best unicorn hairstyles

The long style represents almost every shade of the rainbow 🦄, with braids alternating shades of pink, purple and electric blue. Alicia Keys has just managed to put the most magic into the thigh grazing trend.


Gigi Hadid

Gigi has done something amazing with her hair 💇comme the horns of these cool creatures with a twisted braid in the center of her head. Gigi had this style a few times but always did it a little differently. This time she went for three mini braids and finished it with a high ponytail. But before, she only had two American braids in the center of her head and what’s great is that they are both amazing 😃 !

Fancy a unicorn wig ?

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