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Top 10 Unicorn Tattoos

Top 10 Unicorn Tattoos

The unicorn has it all: beauty, fantasy, magic and mystery 🦄. Moreover, it is a legendary animal found in many cultures. Perhaps this is why it is one of the most recurrent tattoos of the last decades. So much so that it is still a trend. For this reason, we now offer you the best 2020 unicorn tattoos.

Here is our favorite selection of unicorn tattoos !

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Top 10 spiritual unicorn tattoo

Cute Black Unicorn Tattoo

Although we know what unicorns look like, when it comes to unicorn tattoos, there are several things that need to be clear. First of all, where do we want it and to continue, how do we want it. In colour ? In black and white ? Big ? Small and disguised ? To get out of doubt, you’d better take a look at the best 2020 unicorn tattoos.

Top 9 unicorn chibi tattoo

Unicorn Chibi Tattoo

Now that you have finished the article and want to see other alternatives. All you have to do is click on the tattoos on the side for women and mix the different options. Even if you want to look at some for men, these are the best tattoo designs for men 2020. The tattoos that are worn this year.


We started with the beast. With the best unicorn tattoos big 2020. It’s been a long time since we lost the fear of the XL tattoo and we are more and more numerous. Choosing the area that best suits the design, is more important with large tattoos. It is best to be advised by the tattoo artist. That said, these are the best large unicorn tattoos 2020.

We have started the best large Unicorn Tattoos 2020 with one of the nicest. Of eminent Japanese inspiration, this unicorn is one of those that do not go unnoticed. Simple race but with a lot of details.

Top 7 unicorn tattoo with color

Unicorn Tattoo With Color

In the purest style of the Knights of the Zodiac comes the next big unicorn tattoo. The cosmos is the protagonist of the tattoo. An elegant silhouette against a wonderfully defined universe background. Finally, on one side. Sensuality on the surface of the skin.

Top 6 galaxy unicorn tattoo

Galaxy Unicorn Tattoo

If what we like is the XXL, this big unicorn tattoo is ideal. It fits the arm of wonder and, without the need for colour, shows that it is an imposing work.

Top 5 unicorn tattoo xxl

Unicorn Tattoo Xxl

Finally, a tattoo of a large unicorn threaded in the past. It’s not perfect, but nobody’s perfect. What matters is the message: a tattoo of a tattooed unicorn. The meta-tattoo.

Top 4 multicoloured unicorn tattoo

Multicoloured Unicorn Tattoo

Finally, we leave you a photo gallery with the best unicorn tattoos large 2020. The ones we saw and more.


You are one of those who prefer XS tattoos, you want something discreet but playful? You’ve come to the right place. It’s time for the Best Little Unicorn Tattoos 2020. A toe, an ear, a doll, a foot… Anywhere is a good place to hide a chiquai unicorn. To say that they’re luxurious, as a rule, seems obvious.

First of all, a risky but effective gamble, considering the result. A small and pretty unicorn tattoo on the chest. It suits her very well, but so do we. Funny bet for the one who dares with her…

Top 3 small unicorn tattoo

Small Unicorn Tattoo

The doll has long been the most common site for small tattoos. Obviously, unicorns have a lot to say in this area. In this case, a simple unicorn on the field with four balloons is enough to create a great design. Childish and innocent, but just as great 😃

Top 2 birthday unicorn tattoo

Birthday Unicorn Tattoo

Are the little 2020 unicorn tattoos worth it to symbolize love? 😍 Just look at this double tattoo to prove it. Together since 2011, but we don’t know if they continue or not. Now the tattoos are a scandal.

Top 1 symbolic unicorn tattoo

Symbolic Unicorn Tattoo

We start at the chest and end at the shoulder. Also funny, nice and with only one color: black. A simple design that takes the size of a thumb but gives an overwhelming personality.

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