Our Magic Top 10 Unicorn Necklaces And Earrings !

Our Magic Top 10 Unicorn Necklaces And Earrings !

Why ? Because it is difficult today to wear unicorn jewelry such as necklaces or unicorn earrings with the choice offered by Monde Licorne in its collections. That is why we will guide you with our expertise of these beautiful unicorn jewelry and be able to be fashionable with unicorn style.

Before proposing a unicorn necklace or earrings we try to have 3 criteria: continue to innovate without being extravagant. The earrings or necklace must be timeless, classy and have a touch of madness. Why “crazy”, you may ask?

Well, unicorn jewellery before being very pretty fashionable jewellery, they mean that there is a part of madness in you that the unicorn also possesses ! Let’s start right away with our top 10 best Unicorn Necklace and earring creations ! 💎

Diamond Unicorn

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10) Unicorn Necklace Rhinestone

Unicorn Necklace Rhinestone

For the first unicorn necklace, we don’t take any risk because the unicorn necklace is one of our best-sellers on Unicorn World! It managed to convince many unicorn fans with its rather simple style, because you can feel the quality of this Unicorn Necklace Rhinestone thanks to the little touch of madness. Its color will sublimate your outfit and that in any circumstance with its timeless style.

9) Friendship BFF Collar for 2 Unicorns

Unicorn Necklace Bff

This unicorn necklace is a bit special because it is a jewel that you buy for two people! Indeed this necklace is usually worn by two young girls “for delirium” and to show that they are the best friends in the world !

The Bf necklace are 2 necklaces in 1 !

How is it worn ? It’s quite simple, one has the necklace on the left which is “best” and the other wears the necklace on the right which is “friends” which means best friends.

It is a good purchase to make if two people like each other and want to consolidate their friendship with this BFF Unicorn Necklace !

8) Unicorn Emoji Earrings

Unicorn Earrings Emoji

These are the first unicorn earrings you’ve seen in this top 10, and it’s not for nothing! The unicorn earrings “Kap” are the best selling unicorn earrings of Unicorn World. Why? Well because they mix the unicorn style with a very classy and feminine style.

Accompanied with their box to show them off, girls and women love it.

If these Unicorn Emoji Earrings are well accompanied they will reflect their sober and chic style.

7) Unicorn post Earrings

Unicorn Earrings Post

These Unicorn Post Earrings are very popular in the “unicorn fashion” because they are very simple to wear. Whether you are in business attire or in a formal dress this little detail will revolutionize your style by its simplicity and unicorn style. You can finally become the most beautiful unicorn that ever existed ! 😂

6) Unicorn necklace Planet Walm

Unicorn Necklace Planet Walm

The Unicorn Necklace is a small colorful necklace that is very often worn with outfits that have little or only one color. Why is this? Because thanks to a sober outfit the Unicorn Necklace Planet Walm will be able to bring out all these beautiful colours: pink, red, yellow, green and blue. Accompanied by a gold-coloured chain, this jewel is a very classy jewel to be worn without moderation.

5) Unicorn Heart Necklace

Unicorn Pendant Necklaces

This heart-shaped necklace is a very nice necklace with a sober unicorn style and class thanks to its silver color. It is a timeless necklace. Whether you are at the beach or at home, it will accompany you everywhere. To have the idea to offer the Unicorn Heart Necklace is a good idea because indeed it is a very good choice of gift to show the love you have for this person (especially if in addition to that, she is a fan of licorne🤭).

4) Unicorn Earrings Silver

Unicorn Earrings Silver

These mini unicorn earrings in 925 silver are great for people who like to wear jewelry but in a discreet way. Thanks to their small size, the Unicorn Earrings Silver “Find” is a good jewel to show a part of the unicorn that is in you in a very discreet way.

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Unicorn Earrings Skeleton

The Unicorn Earrings Skeleton have a very special design close to the Japanese style while keeping the unicorn touch. Unicorn fans love it for its kawaii style. They don’t have a lot of color to be able to wear them in any situation and keep all its chic and beauty.

2) 14K Gold Unicorn Necklace

Unicorn Necklace 14k Gold

You can tell by the title of the necklace, it’s a unicorn necklace for women only.

With its cute, elegant style and gold color, this 14K Gold Unicorn Necklace is the perfect accessory for women who love to have a touch of classy unicorn. Be irresistible with your new gold-coloured unicorn necklace for women!

1) Unicorn Geometric necklace

Unicorn Necklace Geometric

We reach the end of this top 10 with the unavoidable Unicorn Necklace n°1! A very light Geometric Unicorn Necklace to be as comfortable as possible. It is a very beautiful jewel which made more than one crack. It is the favorite necklace of the followers of the unicorn style, it is simple and effective. With its beautiful golden color, it is impossible not to fall in love with such a necklace. As we said before, it is a sober necklace. It allows any public (boy, man, girl, woman) to wear it as he wishes.

If you are still looking for the right Unicorn Jewelry Pictures or to buy, you can go and look at our entire collection to make your choice on which is your best unicorn necklace, as well as our unicorn earring collection.

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