Top 10 Best Unicorn Movies

Top 10 Best Unicorn Movies

You’ve probably seen movies. Everybody’s seen movies. But have you ever seen movies where the holy unicorn appears ? We’ll assume you haven’t. 🙄 This is a huge mistake !

Seeing a unicorn movie is something that is essential for the universe to accept you as an individual and allow you to enter heaven. You want to get into heaven, don’t you ? Then let us make it possible for you by offering you our selection of the best films and series to share with your family, friends or yourself. Make yourself comfortable, and let the culture settle in your brain as you read these lines.

⚠️ Not all the works mentioned in this article are based on unicorns. We consider a work to be worth talking about when one of our magical creatures appears in the footage. (Even for 3 seconds). The attention panel is down, so let’s go to the menu for the Top 10 Best Unicorn Movies / Unicorn Series ! 🎥

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10) Onward : a Disney Pixar Production planned for 2020

At the bottom of this top, “Onward”, A Disney Pixar Animation. He’s not last because he’s bad. It’s last because it’s scheduled for release in March 2020. So we haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

But we still wanted it to be in the top because we have good instincts about its success. We have a flair for detecting films that make a mark on unicorn cinema.

A Disney Pixar Production With Unicorn

We still have a few leaks to get under our teeth to understand what it’s all about, like this crispy trailer video for example. Or the synopsis. (Deep voice) >> A long time ago, the world was magical. Unicorn and Mermaid lived in abundance. But things changed very quickly. The characters in this fantasy world will do everything to try to find that magic again to put it back in their lives. << (Deep voice). Makes you want to, doesn’t it? See you on March 4th, 2020 for the news. We’ll talk about it in more detail. 🧐


9) The Last Unicorn : A Great Cartoon Signed Arthur Rankin

In the penultimate position of this top, we couldn’t resist selecting “The Last Unicorn” By Our Dear Mr. Arthur Rankin, published in 1982, adapted from Peter S.’s book. Beagle published in 1968. There is a recent version of the film released in 2013. It is the same film with better technical conditions. We ranked it ninth. That’s not because it disappointed us. It’s because the films in this top are not ranked in logical order. That’s it. That’s it.

The Last Unicorn

It’s the life story of a unicorn who thinks she’s the last of her kind. Why does she think that? Because she witnessed a discussion between two hunters that strongly suggests it. But she doesn’t want to believe it so easily. She wants to be certain. For that, she decides to go on an adventure.

An adventure that consists of going in search of her own. Our opinion? It’s excellent. It’s a work that breathes poetry but is surprisingly also endowed with a great philosophical connotation. So if you’re a fan of Verlaine or Plato, The Last Unicorn is for you. You’ll tell us all about it! 😇

8) The Adventures of Tintin : The Secret of the Unicorn

No need to introduce you to the famous Steven Spielberg who is at the helm of the film from this 8th position. Released in 2011, “The Adventures Of Tintin : The Secret Of The Unicorn” is in the Action / Mystery genre. For this one, we grant ourselves the right to use our Joker card. For what valid reason? Because in this film, the unicorn does not appear as a unicorn. It appears as a metaphor. But it’s still good !

The Adventures Of Tintin The Secret Of The Unicorn

What metaphor will you tell me? Well, it’s very simple. It’s about a boat called “The Unicorn”. The Unicorn is not just any ship. It is a ship that has a great deal of mystery about it.(like the unicorns !🦄) It is the trail that is likely to lead our heroes to what could be the greatest treasure in history.(like the unicorns !🦄) If you are thirsty for adventure then you should find yourself in the travels of Tintin and Captain Haddock, and enjoy the work very much.

It’s available on Netflix !🥰

7) Nico the Unicorn : A work by Graeme Campbell

Nico The Unicorn Is A TV Movie released in 1998 (like the cut of monde🏆). It is easily found in its entirety and in english version on the small video hosting platform called “YouTube”. So no excuse not to attend this masterpiece ! But then, what is it about ?

Nico The Unicorn

Well, it’s pretty simple. The film takes place in a parallel universe where unicorns exist (although it is not certain that they never existed, you can read our previous article to learn more 😉: Unicorns: Myths and Legends). A parallel universe in which a unicorn is mistreated by its master.

So much so that she moves away from it to get closer to someone who will become, for her, the most beautiful friendship story of her life. It is a true emotional journey. You’re going to love it if you have a little heart beating in the back of your chest.💘

6) Charlie the Unicorn : Best Flash Animation Series on Unicorns

Charlie The Unicorn is an unpretentious little show directed by Jason Steele. It includes only 4 episodes of 5 minutes each and is available entirely on YouTube. It’s the kind of show that doesn’t steal more than 20 minutes of your time (pratique😎). For the anecdote, the creator hadn’t measured the viral effect of his mini-series. Because he had basically produced it for his mother.

Charlie The Unicorn

In the heart of these 4 episodes, we find the main character of Charlie who is a lethargic unicorn. (Basically it means she is tired) Charlie is accompanied by two young unicorns completely crazy. We enjoyed following their adventures which are all crazier the ones than the others. If you are a fan of humour based on the gap between the offbeat and the absurd then you are the perfect customer for Charlie the Unicorn, because you will get your money’s worth !

5) Unicorne Store : a Netflix exclusive

Unicorn Store Is A Comedy straight out of Brie Larson’s imagination, and it premiered on April 5, 2019. Presented at the Toronto festival in 2017, the critics remained how shall I put it? 🤔 Critic! But each work being subjective, we obviously invite you to make your own opinion.

The Unicorn Store

The story (without spoil): Kit, a young woman who failed art school, still lives with her parents. To do nothing, she finds a job in communication. Job in which she receives strange envelopes that ask her to join a place called “Unicorn Store”. But what will happen there ? That’s a good question ! But we said “spoil free” 🤫

4) U : Best Musical Animation Film

U, A Film With A Minimalist Name Released On October 11, 2006 is the work of Serge Elissalde. Technically, we found it very original because it uses an animation strategy that you don’t see very often. If you’ve never seen a film using this method, then we strongly advise you to take an interest in it. It’s very exotic ! 🤩

U The Unicorn

This creation plunges us into the life of a teenage girl called “Princess Mona”, a princess who still lives with her adoptive parents. She is desperate for their cruelty. She decides to leave for another family. It is a family of musicians in which she meets a certain “Kulma”. Small disclaimer: This is the kind of film that doesn’t leave you insensitive !😋

3) Harry Potter and the School of Wizards : The Forbidden Forest

No need to introduce you to the first part of the excellent Harry Potter Saga. In the cosmic unicorn, we are all in love with it. So much so that we sincerely wanted this beautiful Harry Potter Patronus T-Shirt to be in our shop. The only unfortunate people who couldn’t attend this masterpiece are certainly deaf and dumb. We will assume that all your senses are working and therefore that you have seen the movie. Do you remember this passage ? 🤩

Harry Potter And The Unicorn

Harry Potter and his gang venture into the Forbidden Forest, which is forbidden because of the dangerous magical animals that inhabit it. Their goal is to find unicorn blood, a goal they accomplish successfully. They find the blood, but not the beast. So they decide to go in search of it.

Harry sets out on a quest and goes into the forest with Draco Malfoy. He sinks until he finds a unicorn corpse being devoured by an evil being whose name cannot be pronounced.🤐

2) Despicable Me 3

In the third part of Despicable Me 3, Agnes discovers that unicorns exist for real. A news that obviously puts her in a state of total ecstasy. Later in the film, Agnes gets a unicorn and decides to name it “Fluffy”. From that moment on Agnes is accompanied by Fluffy absolutely EVERYWHERE.

Me Ugly And Evil 3

If you also want to adopt a unicorn named Fluffy to take it absolutely everywhere we have a sublime resin figurine of very high quality. Ideal if you are a fan of the saga or if you want to give a gift to your little girl. 🙂 It is sold with its original box. So it is a very good starting point if you want to start a collection !

1) Think Unicorn : No. 1 without any dispute

Think-Unicorn, that’s us. Maybe we’re not a movie. Yes, we are. But in spite of everything, we’re going to great lengths to offer you a movie. The best products, the best blog posts, the best customer service, that’s us! Why is that? Because we work from the heart. Our love for unicorns drives us to raise the standards we set for ourselves every day.

Unicorn Wallpaper

We’re happy to exist to keep that myth alive. We are happy to exist to keep the magic alive. But this is not a fight we must fight alone. For despite our power, we are far too weak. For in spite of our power, without you we will lose and we will fall miserably into the pit of hell: a world without fantasy. If you don’t want to reach such a fate, then join the movement. We will be truly honored to have you in the VIP sphere of our customers and truly honored to know that you are ready to fight ! 💪

If you know of any unicorn movies that we haven’t mentioned, then feel free to tell us about them as a commentary. We will be really happy to discover them.🤩 And don’t hesitate to give us your opinion on the movies we talked about! On that note, good magic to all of you…🦄

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