The Best Summer Unicorn Gifts For Your Loved Ones

The Best Summer Unicorn Gifts For Your Loved Ones

It’s true, finding unicorn gifts is a very complicated thing, why do you tell me?

Because obviously all unicorn gifts for the summer are great! Summer is the best time of the year when it’s hot, everyone goes to the pool (and for the lucky ones to the beach), most people are on holiday and everyone is in a good mood… well almost.

Just imagine that there are people who go all summer without being accompanied by a unicorn! (yes it’s crazy). That’s why we decided to do an article on our best unicorn gift ideas for the summer. Thanks to this you will be able to offer the best unicorn gifts to the people you love and who wish to be accompanied by their unicorn during this long awaited magical moment 🎁

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1) The Unicorn Float

Unicorn Float Big
unicorn float

How can we talk about unicorn gifts in summer without mentioning the famous uncontrollable Big Unicorn Float in the float market! The famous unicorn buoy will bring unicorn magic into the life of the person who will possess it. If, on top of that, he’s an undisputed unicorn fan, it’s the number one accessory to have this summer.

The Giant Unicorn Float

Unicorn Float Giant For 6 Person
unicorn float

A unicorn float is good. But a Giant Unicorn Float 6 Person is even better! This big unicorn buoy is for people who see the big picture. Big gifts are often what you want to open first because they’re awesome. Adopt your new companion now by clicking on the picture !

2) The Unicorn Necklace

Unicorn Necklace Kaykay Jewelers
unicorn necklace

With the heat of summer hard to not always be in a bathing suit. Thanks to the Kay Jewelers Unicorn Necklace the person who will be lucky enough to have one of our beautiful unicorn necklaces will be able to have the unicorn style in any circumstance even when they are at the seaside! An excellent choice for girls and women.

3) Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

Unicorn Tattoo Toot Temporary
unicorn tattoo

Unicorn Toot Temporary Tattoo are a good idea for a gift, as we are very little dressed because of the heat, it’s time to be relaxed, not to get upset and have fun with these ephemeral unicorn fake tattoos. Young girls really like this kind of gift because it allows them to have fun and look good at the same time.

4) Unicorn Twin Bedding

Unicorn Twin Bedding Set
unicorn bedding

It’s hot but we like to have the fabric of our duvet cover to “protect” us. So let’s do it in style! And by any style but the incredible style of the Unicorn Twin Bedding Set ! A very good gift for this summer if you want to please a woman or a girl.

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Unicorn Iphone Case Iphone 7
unicorn iphone case

The unicorn hull is a good gift at any time, but especially in summer.

Who says holiday also says to spend his life on youtube, facebook, twitter, etc… so it is important to have the most beautiful Unicorn Case For Iphone 7 and it is even better if she is a unicorn fan. Get this new unicorn item by clicking on the image.

6) The Mini Backpack Unicorn White

Unicorn Backpack With Sequins
unicorn backpack

During the summer we go out, see a lot of people go out. So as not to be easily annoyed, a Unicorn Backpack With Sequins is the ideal object to carry your things without having a too big bulky bag. It’s a cool unicorn gift for people who like to go out for a walk.

7) The Kawaii Unicorn Wallet

Unicorn Wallet Smile
unicorn wallet

As we all know, summer is the time of year when we spend the most money. What’s better than a wallet to carry your money safely and in style with the Smiggle Unicorn Wallet !

It’s a good gift to give to the person if they’re planning to go on vacation or if they move around a lot.

8) The Unicorn Gourd

Unicorn Water Bottler Pink
unicorn water bottle

The unicorn gourd is certainly one of the best unicorn gifts to make this summer. It’s hot, so it’s super important to hydrate very often for our own good.

The Pink Unicorn Water Bottle is a nice accessory in the style of the unicorn but also a very useful everyday object in this period. With our unicorn gourd, you will be able to make him happy and you will make him understand that you want his good.

9) The Unicorn Sleep Mask

Unicorn Sleep Mask Rainbow
unicorn sleep mask

It’s hard to sleep when it’s hot, especially when you’re not used to the heat anymore. This unicorn style sleep mask is a nice and fun object to offer but also quite practical for people who have trouble sleeping.

If the person to whom you plan to give this gift is traveling during this period, it can be a good gift for them to find peace and quiet on the plane or other means of travel.

A Unicorn Sleep Mask Rainbow is cool, but with a head and a horn on it it’s “too super awesome”!

10) The Unicorn Cap

Unicorn Hat Girls Baseball
unicorn cap

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun during the summer, but it’s also important not to wear your father’s ridiculous big cap! (😂)

With this summer Girls Unicorn Baseball Hat, protect yourself from the sun while being unicorn fashionable! A cool and important gift for a girl, because it mixes the useful with the pleasant.


Choosing a unicorn gift in summer is not always easy, that’s why we made you our top 10 of the best unicorn gifts to make during the summer period. Whether the person is a girl, a boy, a woman or a man, there is at least one unicorn item that will suit them! We hope you enjoyed our expert selection of Unicorn Gift Images.

Feel free to visit our unicorn shop to see our products in more detail, maybe you will find a super nice unicorn gift to offer during the summer!

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