Top 10 Unicorn Floats For Holidays And The Beach

Top 10 Unicorn Floats For Holidays And The Beach

Summer is fast approaching and it is always a pleasure to enjoy water games. So young and old can spend a good time together. To enjoy this moment to the fullest, there is one solution: basking comfortably in a unicorn inflatable float in your pool.

What could be better than a unicorn float to immerse you in complete and magical relaxation ?

To help you make a choice, here is a top 10 of the best unicorn floats for children and adults.

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Guide : how to choose your unicorn float ?

First of all, it is important to know the different criteria to take into account before choosing your unicorn float. In all, we can name six.

The first criterion to take into account is the quality/price ratio. In order to know if this last one is good, you must pay attention to the quality of the materials that make up the unicorn float. Today, it is possible to find two types of materials used: PVC and vinyl.

To be perfectly honest, there is no real difference between these two materials: it all depends on your preference. However, some brands on the market have specialities such as Intex or Newyang.

In fact, the importance of the quality of the material used lies in the fact that if the material is of good quality, the unicorn float will be less exposed to punctures. Also in this respect, the seams must also be studied as they are the most fragile, especially for unicorn floats at the entry level.

Unicorn Geant Float

The second criterion to take into account is the inflation valve. In fact, to have the capacity to support the weight of an adult, it is important for the unicorn float to be able to store a considerable volume of air. For pragmatism and practicality, it is advisable to choose a model with a suitable inflation valve. Finding a unicorn float with a double valve is a godsend as it is suitable for both manual and electric inflation.

The third criterion to consider is the size of the unicorn float. Indeed, it would be a real shame to take an uncomfortable Unicorn Float. It is therefore essential to choose an optimal size that will allow you to settle comfortably and without worrying about the intensity of the waves.

The fourth criterion to evaluate is the shape of the unicorn float. In fact, it is possible to find two shapes of unicorn floats on the market: solid or ringed. This criterion is quite personal and depends entirely on individual taste. However, solid unicorn floats are more suitable for “chilling” over water.

The fifth criterion to consider is the weight the unicorn float can support.

Finally, the last criterion is the design of the unicorn float. It is a very personal choice because it depends exclusively on your tastes.

Man In A Unicorn Pajamas On A Float

10th position : The unicorn float glass holder

In tenth position, we have the Unicorn Glass Holder Float. It’s sold for 19.90 euros. Once inflated, its dimensions are as follows: 35 x 20 x 20 cm. We agree, this unicorn float will only carry your glass or your drink in the pool. Obviously you will not be able to ride it. However, it would have been a pity not to have put this unicorn in our top 10 because it is so practical and its design is ideal.

Indeed, it is always nice to have a cool drink nearby, without having to get up every time and get out of your pool to drink it, let alone look for a place to put it in the pool !

Unicorn Float Glass Holder

9th position : Unicorn float tube

In ninth place, we opted for the Unicorn Float Tube. It is sold at 20.98 euros. It has an excellent quality/price ratio due to the fact that it is made of PVC and other environmentally friendly and non-toxic components.

To optimize safety, this unicorn float has two handles on either side of the buoy. For added convenience, a cup holder is available inside the unicorn float : what more could you ask for ?

Its characteristics are as follows: 200 x 100 x 90 cm. Its size is quite impressive, which gives it a capacity of three people including one adult and two children.

It should also be noted that this unicorn float is equipped with a double valve: the inflation is therefore very easy and fast because it is possible to inflate it manually or with the help of electric inflation equipment.

Unicorn Buoy From Newyang

8th position : big unicorn float

In eighth place, we can mention the Big Unicorn Float. It is sold at 20 euros and has an excellent quality/price ratio.

Its characteristics are as follows: 275 x 140 x 120 cm: it is three metres long. As you can see, its size is considerable. As a result, it can support a maximum weight of 10 kilos, which is the weight of two adults.

The finishes are perfect with quick valves that allow inflation and deflation 5 times faster than other models.

The materials used for this unicorn float are of first quality. Moreover, they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The quality of the materials used for this unicorn float is of the highest quality and makes it extremely sturdy.

Vickea Buoy Unicorn

7th position : unicorn water float

In seventh position we find the Original Unicorn Water Float. It is put on the market at 49 euros.

The materials used for the manufacture of this unicorn float are durable: they respect the environment and are particularly soft and comfortable. The special integrated valves are perfect for quick inflation and deflation, making it easy to transport.

Its characteristics are as follows: 270 x 120 x 140 cm. Its size is considerable and can support more than three adults. Its stability is also a considerable strength, unlike other unicorn floats on the market.

Its design is perfect for outings to the pool or the beach. It is optimal as a decorative piece and its colours will delight the smallest ones.

Unicorn Buoy Of The Original Cup Brand

6th position : Unicorn float sun squad

In sixth position is the Sun Squad Unicorn Float Glitters. Its selling price on the market is 22 euros. This buoy unicorn is made of reliable PVC and environmentally friendly components.

Its characteristics are as follows: 240 cm in length and 110 cm in width. It can support two adults and has a capacity of 160 kilos. Its large size allows you to lie on it.

Two safety handles are available on the neck, which makes this unicorn also ideal for children, provided they are supervised of course!

It is also composed of special valves giving it a quick and pragmatic inflation. It is easily transportable.

Unicorn Float Sun Squad

5th position : Large Unicorn Float

We are in the middle of this ranking and in fifth position, we can mention the Large Unicorn Float. It is sold at 29 euros and its excellent quality/price ratio is undoubtedly its strong point.

This unicorn float is made of PVC and other ecological and durable materials. These materials give it a comfort and softness that meets all expectations.

Two rubber handles are placed on either side of this unicorn float. Thus, they make it possible to apprehend too strong waves and water battles.

It is also equipped with a double valve that allows it to be easily inflated and deflated.

Another strong point of this unicorn float is that it can be refunded if the product and the packaging are not damaged during the return.

Large Unicorn Float

4th position : 2 Person Unicorn Float

In fourth place, we have the 2 Person Unicorn Float. It’s a unicorn ring float. It’s perfect for children.

Its design is frightfully simple but stylish enough to be a beautiful decorative piece. Once inflated, it weighs 400 grams. Its characteristics are as follows: 25 x 20 x 3 cm.

The materials used in the manufacture of this unicorn float are environmentally friendly and therefore non-toxic. The materials are of good quality and prevent any risk of cracking.

Unicorn Float 2 Person

3rd position : Jumbo Party Float Unicorn

We are now at the top of this ranking. In third place, we chose the Jumbo Party Float Unicorn, thanks to its design, has delighted all the followers of this chivalrous animal. Indeed, this unicorn float is very colourful, with multicoloured hair, wings and tail as well as a twisted horn of yellow colour.

The characteristics of this inflatable unicorn are as follows: 198 x 140 x 97 cm. It has two handles on the unicorn’s neck for added security and stability.

This inflatable unicorn also has two air chambers, which makes it quick and practical to inflate, making it easy to transport.

It is made of vinyl and all the materials used in its construction are environmentally friendly.

Jumbo Party Float Unicorn

2nd position : XXL Unicorn Float

At the penultimate place, we have the XXL Unicorn Float. The materials are environmentally friendly. Indeed, this inflatable unicorn is made from soft vinyl: a material that is both tasteless, non-toxic and durable. It should be noted that the brand follows the patent number 004666501-001 concerning the respect of environmental standards.

The air valve is suitable for inflation via a hair dryer or pump. The practicality of the latter makes it very easy to deflate afterwards. This unicorn float is therefore very easy to transport, which gives it yet another strong point.

Anyone who would like to sunbathe all day on this unicorn float will be delighted to discover the integrated cup holder: an excuse to never have to go out again!

To maintain stability, as well as safety, two rubber handles are placed on either side of this inflatable unicorn: this makes it possible to control the impact of the waves.

It is clear that this model has nothing to envy to the others: it has everything for it, which places it in second position.

Xxl Unicorn Float

1st position : Giant Unicorn Float 6 Person

We finally arrive at the top of the ranking and it is the Giant Unicorn Float 6 Person which takes the first place of this top 10. This unicorn float is made of PVC: it is particularly soft and comfortable. The material is non-toxic and durable, which makes this unicorn float an excellent value for money.

Its size is considerable and its capacity is estimated at over 220 lbs. Its length is 199.9 cln, its width is 89.9 cm and its height is 99.1 cm. It weighs 1.18 kg.

To help you climb on this legendary creature, and especially to control its stability, two safety handles have been placed on the neck of your Giant Unicorn Float. Inflation is also made easier thanks to its adapted valves.

Giant Unicorn Float 6 Person

You now have all the tips to choose a float unicorn that meets all your expectations and needs.

However, if you are still in the dark, here are some models and articles presenting some float unicorns to help you make a choice :

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