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Top 10 Rocking Unicorns For Children

Top 10 Rocking Unicorns For Children

The rocking unicorn is the perfect toy to help baby strengthen his sense of balance and develop his coordination and motor skills. However, in order to motivate him to play with it often, it is important that it looks good. If you want to give a little gift to a little girl, what could be more magical than a unicorn ?

This toy is at the same time useful for her development, fun and above all original. However, choosing a good rocking unicorn is not only about aesthetics. To help you make the best choice, here is the top 10 rocking unicorns 💺

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The musical rocking unicorn

The musical rocking unicorn is available in white, while its hooves, horn, hair and tail are pink. For more stability and safety, the rocking unicorn has two wooden handles. The plush is very soft to the touch, which offers optimal comfort. The wood used is of the highest quality, which gives the rocking unicorn exceptional stability.

The saddle is made of comfortable plush and this unicorn also has two stirrups to give an even more realistic effect. Its strong point? It makes animal noises. To hear them, just press on its ears.

The Musical Rocking Unicorn

The rocking unicorn Labebe

That rocking unicorn is adorable. It is available in light pink and pale pink: a very feminine and childish design. Moreover, its horn is made of glitter to accentuate the magical side.

Compared to other Unicorn Wooden Chairs, this model has a small armchair with a belt for extra safety. Aesthetics are not put in rest by the fact that the edges of the seat are decorated to represent the wings of the unicorn.

Its mane is very comfortable and it is possible for your baby to cling to it easily.

The Rocking Unicorn Labebe

The rocking unicorn Nattou Rocking Jade

This unicorn’s name is Jade. It comes in pastel shades. A seat belt is available on the saddle to ensure stability and consistency.

The materials used to build this rocking unicorn are top quality cotton and polyester. The wooden handles are made of solid wood.

This wooden unicorn is characterized by its easy maintenance. Indeed, the fabric of which it is made is easy to wash and clean: stains are easily removed with soap and water.

The Rocking Unicorn Nattou Rocking Jade

The Celeste & Fae Rocking Unicorn

This rocking unicorn is available in pink and grey: it is every little girl’s best friend. Its design is well crafted to highlight the beauty of this chivalrous creature. Indeed, its body is in pastel pink and it is sprinkled with pink and grey stars. Its horn is a sparkling grey, thanks to the glitter stuck on it.

To facilitate its comfort, this magic unicorn has a padded saddle. This pretty unicorn also has a small pocket on the side: it contains a small winged rabbit.

Another highlight: this rocking unicorn also has wooden handles and a wooden base made from top quality materials, and above all, environmentally friendly.

The Celeste Fae Rocking Unicorn

The Rocking Unicorn

The rocking unicorn of the brand ” Histoire d’Ours ” is available in original colours, namely in white, pink and purple, which gives it an atypical and magnificent design.

The wood used to make its wooden base is of the best quality. Moreover, it is non-toxic and respects the environmental standards in force.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that this rocking unicorn has no seat belt, except for the two handles on the unicorn’s head. Therefore, this rocking unicorn is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

The Rocking Unicorn Bear Story

White Rocking Unicorn

The design of this model makes all the difference. It is available in white and pastel pink. The wooden base is made of sturdy wood. This White Rocking Unicorn is incredibly easy to clean and is also soft to the touch. It is every little girl’s favourite cuddly toy.

White Rocking Unicorn

Rocking unicorn large model

Rocking unicorns are not just for babies. The older ones are also passionate about this magical animal. This model for adults is available in white and pink. Its horn is a deep orange and fits nicely with the two handles on the unicorn’s neck.

Comfort is assured with its high density cotton padded saddle, to allow your little girl to ride her animal for hours without getting bored.

The wood used for its structure is of considerable strength, allowing it to support up to 40 kilos. Its height is 40 cm: this rocking unicorn is ideal for little girls from 3 to 6 years old.

Rocking Unicorn Large Model

The Bayer Chic rocking unicorn

This unicorn is the perfect gift for little girls from 18 months. It is available in white and grey, with a golden horn. Its backrest allows your child to play with it for hours.

The base is made of solid wood, so it will stand up to all the adventures your little one could make !

The Bayer Chic Rocking Unicorn

Rocking Unicorn by Heunec

This rocking unicorn is perfect for the older ones. It is available in white and pink, with a twisted horn for more magic. Its saddle is made of leather and its pink stars embroidered on its hind leg accentuate its magical design.

Her strong point? She makes music! To be able to listen to it, you have to press your ears. It is undoubtedly one of the rocking unicorns with the best quality/price ratio.

Rocking Unicorn By Heunec

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