The Rainbow Unicorn

Everything You Need To Know About The Rainbow Unicorn !

The world of unicorns is, as everyone knows, a wonderful world where dull and grey have no place. The unicorn moves on rainbow bridges, slides on rainbow slides. Its physical appearance is rainbow: its hooves, tail, mane and sometimes even patterns on its rump to make it look a little more girly.

Unicorn cakes are necessarily rainbow cakes. Even when the unicorn is sick, it spits a rainbow, poops a rainbow or vomits a rainbow. You can also opt for rainbow unicorn makeup.

His whole life is colorful and magical. She brings a smile and cheer to anyone who could see her. We all wish we could live in the amazing world of the Rainbow Unicorn, so we are going to show you all the facets of the Rainbow Unicorn to bring you the touch of color that you may have been missing in your life today 🌈

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The Rainbow Unicorn : Mane, Tail & Hoof

What could be more beautiful than a white unicorn with its rainbow-coloured mane, tail and hooves? She’s a real eye-catcher and it’s not just an expression.

It radiates a thousand lights, reflects the light back to us and dazzles us with its multicoloured radiance.

Sleeping Unicorn Rainbow
Dabbing Unicorn Rainbow
Unicorn Head Rainbow

The Rainbow Unicorn: Spit, Vomit & Poop

Even when she’s sick, she’s charming. The Rainbow Unicorn spits, vomits and poops rainbows so as not to disgust us.

She is like a magical and wonderful princess. The only things that could naturally repel us, she turns it into a spectacle for the eyes. If that’s not magic…

Unicorn Vomiting Rainbow
Kawaii Unicorn Pooping Rainbow

Unicorn Rainbow Cake

A unicorn birthday wouldn’t be successful without the rainbow unicorn cake 🎂

Unicorn Birthday Rainbow Cake

You have a choice with a rainbow unicorn cake that’s kind of fun.

Funny Unicorn Rainbow Cake

Or this one which will be a little more serious and very elegant.

Cute Unicorn Birthday Cake

If you want to make a unicorn birthday cake worthy of the name, we suggest you visit this article made for you.

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The Rainbow Unicorn : Walking, Running & Gliding

The way she moves is just as magical as she is. She twirls from rainbow to rainbow, as if she were using them as wonderful bridges. They lead inevitably to where she wants to go.

Bad guys aren’t allowed on rainbows, so she’s not in danger. That’s why the Rainbow Unicorn is allowed to slide on them like on a toboggan or to run around and have fun with each other.

Unicorn Walking On A Rainbow
Unicorn Sliding On A Rainbow Slide

Rainbow Unicorn Makeup

The unicorn is very elegant and always radiant thanks to its rainbow colours. If you also want to sublimate yourself, here are some examples of rainbow make up.

Rainbow Eyes Makeup

Eyes can be made up in different ways, either linear or blurred with liner or false eyelashes, it’s up to you to reveal the rainbow unicorn inside you.

For the mouth, there are also several ways to make it up for a shiny or matte rainbow result.

Unicorn Lipstick

If you want to follow a specific tutorial for Unicorn Makeup, we recommend our make-up collection on our online shop !

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