The Most Secret Myths Of The Unicorn In History

The Most Secret Myths Of The Unicorn In History

Today we are going to immerse you in the depths of myths and legends about the most famous mythological creature: The famous Unicorn. It is often depicted as a white horse with a horn that embodies purity.

She is the love of all young girls and has had no trouble finding her way into the culture. But beyond the collective imagination, what secrets can this legendary creature hold for us ? 🦄

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Women Watching A White Unicorn In The Forest

The History of Unicorns

A. Who are the Unicorns ?

Historically, the unicorn is a fantastic creature that embodies the symbol of eternal purity and the symbol of the power of love. It is depicted as a fabulous animal with a long horn in the middle of its forehead. According to the legend, it lives and hides in the forest or in the mountains in the form of all that is pure for all eternity. Indeed, its age is leaning towards infinity. This mythical creature will never be able to see itself die of old age. ☠️

Monoceros Feu Unicornu Aliud

More than just a magical kind of rhinoceros, the unicorn still preserves a great deal of mystery about it, all over the world. Many historians, experts in Greek mythology or Chinese mythology, have tried to elucidate them. No one has left with all the answers. But in this article, we are going to deliver to you EVERYTHING that centuries of research have brought us about this myth.

B. Middle Ages Origin: A Christian Creature

The first written records of the history of unicorns date back to 300 BC. But they began to take on the magnitude they have today only during the Middle Ages. Why? 🤔 Because before the 15th century, their existence was absolutely not a myth, a legend or an imaginary story. It was part of the medieval bestiary in the same way as a rhinoceros, a deer or an antelope.

In fact, these horned animals are among those that have caused confusion in the belief of the true existence of unicorns. For a long time, hunters helped to fuel this by bringing so-called unicorn horns back to their villages as scientific evidence.

Unicorn In Captivity

The very first appearance of the Unicorn Is Found In The Bible. Lines are erected in its honor. It is described as a miraculous sublimation, a divine revelation, as a true penetration of the divine and as the mount of the gods. When they became a myth, Christians invented a story to justify its absence.

The horn of the unicorn took up too much space on Noah’s ark. Noah decided to abandon it to the sea and then it sank in the depths of the ocean. That’s when Noah asked God to save it. He made it evolve in the form of a narwhal. It is an aquatic creature with a unique horn that really existed and still exists today. (She is called: “unicorn of the seas.”)

Knights Riding A Unicorn

Characteristics of the Legendary Horse

A. Long Magic Horn

The unicorn is identified mainly by its single horn. It turns out that this horn is endowed with very powerful magical powers. With its horn it is able to act against poisons to completely cancel their effects. It is able to heal any wound. And it is able to overcome anything that is not pure enough for it. She only has to dip her horn in polluted water to make it safe for consumption again.

The Unicorn Horn gives her a rather explicit sexual symbolism. The unicorn is a lady who has taken a vow of chastity. But on her head she clearly has a male attribute. Incarnating wisdom and purity, she can only be approached by virgin girls.

Unicorn Under The Moon

B. Symbol of purity

The unicorn is designated as the emblem of purity par excellence. This is due in particular to its power to detect evil and overcome it with its magical powers. This is the reason why it was the mascot of the royal justice of the country of England during the Middle Ages. Nothing is more capable than she of doing justice by differentiating between the wickedness of men and the reasons why they might have broken the law out of duty.

Lion And Unicorn

It is not only in what it represents that the unicorn is pure. It is also in what it shows us. It is a beast with the presence of a lion’s mane, the presence of a tiger’s tail, the excellence of a horse’s split hooves and the esotericism of a magician’s frontal horn. Everything that is objectively perfect in the rest of the creatures has been transmitted to the unicorn to make her what she is: A being from whom the whole screw of existence has been removed to leave only the good.

C. Why does the Unicorn have a Horn ?

It’s common knowledge that the unicorn has a twisted horn. However, it is rarer that the reason for its existence is known. Its origin dates back to the premise of Greek mythology.

God, before releasing his creations into nature, had to find the right balance between good and evil. He then invented this horn to make the unicorn a fundamentally good being. Through his horn, the unicorn incarnates good as Satan incarnates evil. 👹

Evil Vs God

3) Theory around Unicorns

A. The Unicorns Have Disappeared

What if they did exist after all? What if they just disappeared? Science has already tried to answer this great question through archaeology. And what are the results, you may ask?! Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but they suck. Scientists have found absolutely NOTHING in over 50,000 years of research… 😭

Archaeologist Looking For A Unicorn Fossil

But despite this observation, the hypothesis does not completely fall apart. Remember that unicorns are very well known for their magical properties, their cosmic dimension and also for their purity. Perhaps, seeing the world degrading and no longer able to live in harmony with it, they were forced to leave for another universe, another galaxy, another planet? But in this case one thing is certain: unicorns, although they still exist today, have indeed disappeared from the surface of the earth ! 😱

B. Siberian Unicorn : Elasmotherium

Elasmotherium Is A Species Of Rhinoceros that has lived in Asia and Europe. It became extinct 26,000 years ago. It has always been nicknamed “the unicorn of Siberia” or “the giant unicorn”. Why was it called “the giant unicorn”? Because the latter has a horn more than 2 meters long!

But that is far from it. One can discover in the texts of Julius Caesar a testimony. This testimony affirms that he saw with his own eyes an ox in the shape of a deer and possessing a frontal horn higher and straighter than the one known to us.


In addition, there is an obvious representation of Elasmotherium in the illustration below. This is the Gundestrup cauldron found in Denmark. It is a work of art dating from -100 B.C.! Would the giant unicorn be the origin of the propagation of the myth of the unicorn? No evidence is tangible enough to definitively affirm this. But that doesn’t stop us from thinking that it may simply be the truth. 😏

Big Unicorn And Knights In Antiquity

C. The Unicorn of the Seas : The Narwhal

The Narwhal Is Nicknamed “Unicorn Of The Seas” because of its tusk which can measure up to 3 meters. It is an aquatic species that clearly has its importance in the unicorn legend. Not only in its appearance, but also in its history.

During the Middle Ages, explorers and hunters exploited the narwhal’s tusks and turned them into a real trade because it was thought that they had medicinal properties. Many people at that time confused narwhal horns with unicorn horns. 🙄

Unicorn Whale Of The Seas

But maybe they weren’t entirely wrong! 😲 Legend has it that Noah forgot that the ark was not big enough to hold the unicorn. So he was forced to banish it by throwing it into the water. But he still asked God to help him so that she could stay alive. He changed her into the narwhal we know today.

What if unicorns simply existed in a form we didn’t suspect? What if, after all, the human race has never stopped being around them? What if they’ve been right in front of us all along, right under our noses ?

The Unicorn in Art

You’ve obviously seen unicorns all over the art world. Whether it is through movies, painting, video games or music. No surprise, artists love to base their works on them.

We’ve also concocted some little lists in which you can find direct (or indirect) references to them ! 🤗

A. The Unicorn in the movies

The unicorn is found in many film works, here are a few examples that we strongly advise you to go and see 🙃 :

  • The Last Unicorn : a drama released in 1982.
  • Nico the Unicorn : an adventure film released in 1998.
  • The Journey of the Unicorn : a fantasy film released in 2001.
  • U : an animated film released in 2006.

The adventures of Tintin : Le Secret de la licorne ; an action film released in 2011.

Find Here A List Of Unicorn Movies !

Dvd Movies

B. The Unicorn in Painting

The unicorn can be found in many paintings (such as this Unicorn painting) around the world in many different eras. Here are our favorites:

  • Lady with Unicorn : an oil painting by an anonymous Venetian from 1510. Now on display at the State Museum in Amsterdam.
  • The Guardian Angel Unicorn : a contemporary painting painted in 2012 by Georges Ruault. It is not currently exhibited but it can be found quite easily on the internet.
  • The Unicorns : a series of paintings by Gustave Moreau whose date is unknown. Now visible at the Gustave Moreau museum in Paris.
  • Allegory of temperance : a painting created during the 17th century by Simon Vouet. It takes place in the Palace of Versailles.
Unicorn Painting

C. The Unicorn in Video Games

Inevitably, the unicorn, as a very prominent symbol, has often been used in video games. It is often used in scenes that are meant to be absurd and offbeat. You may have spent time on some of them?

  • Unicorn Princess : a simulation game where you help a unicorn to save the world.
  • South Park : The Annals of Destiny; it appears as a vehicle making rainbow farts to move forward. 🌈
  • The Sims 3 : she is available as a pet.
  • The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt; You can ride a unicorn during a love scene.

FINALLY an Xbox One video game where you can live your best Unicorn Princess Life In 4K UHD

Unicorn In The Witcher 3 Game

D. The Unicorn in Music

In a lot of ancient and modern music, You Can Find References To Unicorns In Some Music. Each artist appropriates them in his own way. That makes it very rich! 🤩

  • “Unicorns exist” by Didi Chandouidoui : a metal track released in 2016.
  • “The song of the unicorns” by Natoo : a humorous song released in 2014.
  • “The unicorn (and the big crocodiles)” by the band “les compagnons de la chanson gros crocodiles” : a children’s nursery rhyme from 1968.
  • “The song of the dolphins and unicorns” from “les trois accords” : A pop rock song unveiled in 2015
Girl In A Unicorn Pajamas Under A Rainbow

E. The Unicorn in the Books

“The Great Unicorn Book: Official Manual” by Selwyn E. Phipps; expert in unicorns, the author has written us a very rich album of information !

“Where are the unicorns still hidden” by Paul Moran; Unicorns are hiding, you have to find them. 😄

Unicorns Coloring Book: More than 60 beautiful unicorns; a book with more than 60 colorings !

The True Story of the Unicorn – And of all those who believed in its existence from Katherine Quenot; a handbook that retraces their entire history !

Unicorn Books

Other Forms of the Unicorn

Depending on civilizations and cultures, variations of the western unicorn that we know exist. Each form of the unicorn is accompanied by different tales and legends. Some of them are really the opposite of the creature we have been talking about from the beginning. So it’s up to you to choose your favourites ! 🙂

A. The Black Unicorn

Like the traditional white-bodyed unicorn, The Black Unicorn is a black-horned creature admired for its magical properties. Except that for this one, no one really knows the capacity of its esotericism. Legend has it that this unicorn was the first prototype of the creature created by God. It was white and similar to the unicorn we know in the West.

The Black Unicorn Is Running

But that was before the devil took it over and made it his puppet. Purpose? This black being is half god/half devil, half good/bad. It is the sinister result of the merging of good and evil. 😈

B. The Winged Unicorn : Pegasus

Pegasus is a divine winged horse. This legend is specific to the Greeks and their mythology. It is said to be incredibly sturdy, strong and agile. She is gifted with flying ability, but she only lets herself be ridden by warriors she finds brave enough.

Pegasus Is A Creature Of God. Indeed Poseidon, the God of the sea, is the father of her. She then embodies divinity and wisdom. Like all living Gods, her duty is to gather souls to bring the spirits of the dead to the stars. 🌠

White Unicorn With Wings And Baby Unicorn

C. The Chinese Unicorn : Qilin

The Qilin is a Chinese unicorn. She has the head of a dragon and the body of a tiger. The Chinese worship her as a goddess because the myth states that they are able to predict the future. Many people come to gather in front of their totem poles with a vision of the future.

The Qilin Statue

D. The Persian Unicorn : Shadhahvar

Shadhahvar is the unicorn of Persian folklore. It is a carnivorous being similar to a gazelle with a hollow horn. It is very thin. Dark spots run from her eyes to her face, which give her perpetual tears, a symbol of sadness.

When the wind blows on her horn, a flute-like melody sounds. This has the effect of attracting humans and animals in the area so that she can quietly devour them. The Shadhahvar is called “the evil unicorn”. In Greek mythology, it is often compared to mermaids because it uses the same hunting technique! 🧜♀️

Unicorn With A Long Horn

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Did you like this article? Then feel free to send us your feedback in the comments, and tell us the best stories you know about unicorns! 🙂

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