The Fashion Of The Unicorn Suit, The New Trend To Discover !

The fashion of the unicorn suit, the new trend to discover !

On the Internet or in physical markets, the fashion for unicorn pajamas is growing. Today, this creature, which was once found in mythology books, can be found in every street. It is omnipresent and exists in all forms : clothing, status, figurine, drawing…

Nowadays, living in a unicorn costume is a widespread phenomenon. It is used for sleeping, for costume parties, for Halloween… If you want to know more about this comfortable garment that has become popular, we suggest you continue reading this article 🌃


How was the fashion for unicorn costumes born? Origin and history

Today, it is impossible to cross two corners without observing a unicorn disguise. This soft and charming garment also makes the front page of online stores, one wonders why. If you, too, want to know where this unicorn trend comes from, we invite you to discover the fashion history of unicorn pajamas.

The origin of unicorn pajamas

The use of unicorn pajamas as a multifunctional garment comes to us from Japan. Yes, the current Kigurumi is an invention of the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Indeed, animal disguises first appeared among the Japanese. The Japanese used their clothes to celebrate special days.

When unicorn disguises appeared, they immediately spread all over the world. In America and all over Europe, the unicorn pajamas was welcomed by all the clothing industries. Today, this cosplay costume (Inflatable Unicorn Costume) has reached the peak of its glory.

Toddler Ridding A Unicorn Pajamas

Has the unicorn costume trend gone viral ?

Given the popularity of this disguise, we can answer “yes” to this question. Indeed, the unicorn fashion can be found everywhere. Whether it is at the cinema, in museums, and everywhere else in our environment, unicorns are present. We would all like to have a Unicorn Costume for Christmas or Halloween.

Thanks to the organic cotton they are made of, these nightwear are comfortable and pleasant to wear. If we like them for sleeping, it is also thanks to their unique charm. Moreover, the unicorn is usually associated with purity, which makes this garment pleasant to wear.

Unicorn Make Up

The different types of unicorn combinations to offer to your friends

There are several types of unicorn pajamas for men, women and children. In general, the differences between these garments are in shape, colour and texture. If you want to buy such a garment for a friend, here’s what you need to know.

  • Classically, unicorn pajamas can exist in two pieces. They consist of shorts or long trousers, sometimes combined with a shirt. This model is most often suitable for people who like to be casual (men and women).
  • There are also one-piece pajamas, which have a few buttons on the front or a zipper. You can also find models that have a hood on which the horn and mane are placed. Also, you can opt for the one-piece kigurumi, which has a removable and sometimes sewn-on hood.
  • As far as the type of material used is concerned, Unicorn Pajamas do not have any particular characteristics. Apart from its remarkable comfort, it uses the same material as other pajamas or some nightwear. Pajamas are usually made of cotton, polyester or synthetic fibres.
  • There are also unicorn suits or ensembles that are divided according to size. For example, you will easily find pajamas for babies and young children, as well as pajamas for adults (men and women).

Unicorn pajamas suits : for what purpose ?

There are many reasons to buy pajamas in combination with a unicorn. For many people, it’s the perfect night outfit. They use it to sleep and stay warm during the winter. In addition, its soft texture makes it an asset for a soothing sleep.

For others, they prefer to ski in their unicorn jumpsuit or practice other outdoor sports. This allows them to avoid the cold while remaining elegant. Still others buy the sleep suit as a gift idea for their boy or girl friends.

Girls In Unicorn Pajamas

Be trendy with a unicorn jumpsuit: complete your look

When you really want to make a difference, you have to be 100% unicorn. To do so, you will have to accompany your disguise with a few extra Unicorn Accessories such as Unicorn Slippers, unicorn hoods, etc. This way, you will be able to attend unicorn parties with your unicorn costume and attract everyone’s attention. If your style is rather discreet, consider choosing a colour that is not too showy, such as purple or navy blue. You too can get into the unicorn pajamas trend with our collection.

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