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The Unicorn Dab : How Did This Magical Phenomenon Come About ?


Left arm stretched backwards, right arm bent in front of the chest and looking towards the right elbow. dab fashion has invaded our screens this decade and has even taken over in real life. Today, everyone is getting into it! Athletes, dance groups, and even unicorns. Yes, the unicorn that dab 🦄 is not new. Indeed, this phenomenon appeared several years ago and continues to seduce.

At the cinema, on clothes or accessories, it is common to see a unicorn doing the dab. Well, that is simply magic. However, one wonders! Where does this phenomenon come from? How did it spread so quickly? Why did the unicorns adopt this arm movement? Where can we find the unicorn that dab? And finally, how to take advantage of this new trend ?

If, like many people, one of these questions is one of yours, you are on the right page. Indeed, we are going to present you succinctly the origin of the dab and its appearance in the unicorn fashion, the impact of this phenomenon in our lives, and also the best accessories of the unicorn who dab and how to use them.

Dabbing Unicorn Artwork

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The dab gesture is now so popular that it is a gesture that everyone can master, at least those who are interested in the latest fashion. First appearing in America in a group of RAP (Migos), this two-armed gesture is now a worldwide trend.

In France, it has become popular thanks to the celebrities who have taken it up. Notably, Paul Pogba during the euro in 2016, or some film actors and singers who have used it a lot.

Following the success of this movement, taken up by the unicorn dab in recent years, many things have been said. While some consider it just a fun dance movement, others have made it a true community symbol.

For example, in some French suburbs, it is used to represent youth, freedom or joy. Moreover, President Emmanuel Macron took it back in 2018 to celebrate the victory of the blue team at the World Cup.

Still others use the dab to transmit messages such as: “I am with you”, “we are together”, yes even “we share the same emotion”. In any case, this movement of the arms has imposed itself and continues to appear on our screens.


As you can believe, the unicorn dabbing fashion is not as old as the dab itself. Indeed, this phenomenon has been taken up by unicorn fans and then by fashion designers. Today, seeing a unicorn doing the dab on dab unicorn t-shirts or other accessories is simply beautiful.

First because of the impact of the unicorn on our lives, and second because of the fun it brings. Indeed, everyone would be delighted to have a unicorn with a rainbow mane, with a pearly horn dab on his unicorn dab sweatshirt or on a sweater.

As it has always been the case, dressing in custom unicorn T-shirts makes us unique. Indeed, besides the casual side of this outfit, it makes you feel light and purified. The cause ? The white horse with the twisted horn is a symbol of purity in many beliefs.

Unicorn Dabbing Animated


Whether we are small or large, women or men, we feel freer when we wear unicorn disguises. The reason is simple: just like the horse, all morphologies resembling it have the particularity of being free. For example, we can mention the pegasus, the unicorn, or other animals whose morphology is similar to that of a horse. That’s why you usually hear the expression “I’m a unicorn, I can do anything“.

➡️ If unicorns or dab unicorns are so popular today, it is mainly for three reasons :

✔️ First of all, because they make us more special than ever

  • By their representation, the unicorn dab makes us different people. Formed in pastel colours that attract at first glance, this fantastic creature gives us the impression that we are capable of anything when we wear them. This is why unicorn nudes are so beloved.

✔️ Secondly, because they easily justify our glamour and fun side

  • We all love to have fun when it’s allowed. From a very young age, we’ve been passionate about fun things; we love Xxl games and anything that enchants. That’s why it’s easier to say “I’m a unicorn” to justify the animal side we sometimes show. There is nothing wrong with pretending to be a unicorn. As long as our wardrobe has accessories from this creature, we can afford to do anything.

✔️ And finally, because they have everything we look for in life

  • Although the unicorn is a widely spread and appreciated creature, the unicorn that dab is not as popular. In fact, only unicorn fans possess this badge. That is why, any occasion to wear unicorn prints that dab are ideal to stand out. This way, one remains unique and free to impose oneself. Your friends and the people watching you will be inclined to follow your clothing look. Imagine yourself, you will become a real model.
Unicorn Dab On A Women Shirt


After the movies, unicorns invaded the fashion world. Soft and comfortable, the accessories of this legendary creature have brought a new touch of beauty to our clothes. Whether for sleeping, going to the beach or for more responsible occasions, there will always be a unicorn colour to accompany us (polo shirt, men’s sweatshirt, children’s shirt, women’s t-shirt, shirt and ready to wear for all tastes).


Did you know that? The Unicorn Dab Shirt is one of the most popular clothes in America. Whether it is a woman’s t-shirt, a man’s t-shirt, with long or short sleeves, this garment brings out your simplicity. Moreover, if it is embroidered by a unicorn dab, the result is simply magical.

Unicorn Dabbing In A Donut

Having an original tee shirt with an openwork Unicorn That Dabbing Makes You Feel Like That Animal. Indeed, to be a unicorn simply means to belong to the world of princesses, to be free and to do what you want, and also to be pure. So, if you want to give a gift to someone close to you, giving them an embroidered unicorn shirt is the best thing you can do.

Remember to choose a color and size that will suit the person who will receive your gift. For example, for a man, a navy blue with or without a hood, a short-sleeved shirt, or a man’s V-neck t-shirt will do the trick. Feel free to observe the person’s clothing style to find the perfect design.

If it is a woman, more romantic colors will be greatly appreciated. For example, choose from different styles of pink or white t-shirts. Women love soft! That’s why you need to think about the material of the garment to offer them. As an example, a white organic cotton shirt will please more than one.

Think of the children and offer them something casual. If they are already a little big, a light blue or a sober colour will meet their expectations. Don’t forget, you can observe the color of the toys they prefer before you decide.

Skeleton Dabbing Unicorn Shirt


Buying a t-shirt is good! However, it won’t cover you on cold winter nights. That’s why, in order to spend pleasant nights in unicorn mode, pyjamas are the best solution. Usually made of organic cotton, these men’s and women’s clothes will give you a feeling of well-being during the night.

In addition, you can opt for unicorn costumes printed with an embroidered message. Don’t hesitate to choose the ones with a unicorn dab or the ones that are styled to your look. As with the t-shirts, you can offer this disguise to your loved ones and share the joy of wearing a unicorn.


The unicorn that dab doesn’t just stop on a printed t-shirt. Nowadays, it is possible to have jeans pants, tank tops, polo shirts, sweaters, and even slippers of this legendary creature.

For the most part, these accessories fit all occasions and each have different colors. Whether day or night, wearing a multicoloured unicorn garment brings pleasure, it makes you unique and allows you to pass on the good mood around you. What’s more, you stay trendy and completely fashionable.

Unicorn Dabbing Slippers


Just like the telephone hulls or wall decorations, it is possible to observe the unicorn dabbling every day and at any time. For example, opt for the unicorn print on your phone pouch and seduce those around you. If you’re more of a big-eyed type, you can draw a unicorn on your walls. Remember, once you’ve decided to become a unicorn, you are free to do whatever you want. After all, that’s what this new trend is all about.


Appeared in the United States as a simple symbol of representation, the dab has become a viral phenomenon throughout the world.

In sport

Dabbing means something else: expressing intense joy and sharing it with those who are watching you. This phenomenon was first observed in American football, where a player who has scored a superb goal decides to make this movement with his arms to celebrate his goal. This was later taken up by French footballer Paul Pogba. The dab’s popularity did not stop there! It is invading the football world.

In politics

Also in the United States, Hillary Clinton defines dab as a political instrument. A tool that allows her not only to forge her relationship with the young people, but also to seduce the African-American electorate. By using the dab unicorn, this politician succeeds in obtaining the support of the population base. In addition, the dab has been taken up in politics and has also been taken up by the French president, the director of “Culture Shock” Margarita Chughtai and Fatima Robinson.

In the music

In music, the dab is above all a simple dance step, easy to do, even by the smallest ones. If the phenomenon of the unicorn dab has been so successful, it is mainly due to the simplicity of the gesture. Indeed, you don’t need to be a professional dancer to succeed in this step. The only rule, remember to make your two arms horizontal.

My Little Poney Dabbing


In conclusion, the unicorn that dab is not a universal symbol. Everyone gives it the meaning they want in complete freedom. However, remember that it is a fun symbol that expresses joy. Do not hesitate to use it to celebrate your emotional moments 🤗 and to transmit good mood around you. If you want to complete your look, you can also use accessories of the unicorn that dab or print it on your clothes (T shirt round collar, T shirt V neck …). This phenomenon is limitless and corresponds to both men, women and children.

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