The Best Unicorn Gifts

The Best Unicorn Gifts

The month of December announces very cool temperatures, but also enough to warm the heart with the festive season. It’s a good time to get together with family and loved ones in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In the land of unicorns, there are the same traditions as here on earth but with even more magic. The innate power of unicorns to make everything more wonderful makes their reputation and Christmas Eve is obviously one of them.

Apart from the meal, the decoration, the Christmas tree, there is something very important or even primordial: Christmas presents.

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Pink Unicorn Backpack For School

The best unicorn backpacks to offer your children

Whether you are a child or an adult, everyone likes to receive a present. At Think-Unicorn, all the items in the shop can be a Gift For Unicorn Fans but there are the best-sellers and the most awaited at the foot of the tree. That’s why we wanted to help you in your choices.

It is important to know that a unicorn always needs a bag to carry its personal belongings and whatever it goes. Nothing better than our unicorn backpacks which are both very pretty and very resistant.

We have a wide choice of unicorn backpacks to please all our unicorns, but we are aware that choosing just one is even more complicated.

We have selected :

  • Unicorn backpacks in pink tones for unicorns a little “princess”,
  • Unicorn backpacks in blue tones for unicorns with character,
  • Unicorn backpacks in water green tones for the most rebellious of our unicorns,
  • Unicorn backpacks in cream tones for the more discreet,
  • Unicorn backpacks with a message for those with a sense of humor,
  • Unicorn backpacks with big side pockets for the adventurous.

Proudly go to school with your unicorn backpack

As you can see, the choice of the unicorn backpack was no accident. It is an accessory in its own right to a dress code, a look and a personality. Sometimes you can simply associate it with the color you want to wear according to your mood, but more often than not it is a well thought-out choice.

Our unicorn backpacks are also unicorn satchels, they can be taken to school, college and even high school.

It is the fashion accessory for your shopping trips with your girlfriends or when you go to the beach or the pool during your summer holidays. It can also accompany you on a hike, a walk in the forest and even on a family picnic.

The unicorn backpack can follow you anywhere you go, whatever the event and whatever the circumstances.

It is a must have, but it can make the difference with its design, its colours and the unicorn universe it represents. It is the ideal Unicorn Gift for these Christmas holidays.

If the person for whom you are looking for a gift to give already has one or more backpacks, you can very well offer him the unicorn slippers. They are a sure value.

They are so comfortable that everyone would like to have a pair so they can slip their feet in them. They’re very soft and they don’t squeeze your feet.

Merry Christmas Unicorn Backpack

Our best unicorn slippers to keep you warm

All you want to do when you get home and it’s cold and wet outside is to put on your unicorn slippers and enjoy the relaxation and well-being they provide.

Whether you are a child, a teenager, a woman or a man, everyone has the right to their own little cocooning happiness, which is why Unicorn Slippers Are An Ideal Gift to please the person who receives them.

We have a wide choice of slippers because feeling fun to the tips of your feet is important. The tastes and the colors are not discussed then here is our selection which will answer each one:

  • The pink unicorn slippers, quite fine that marry wonderfully with fine feet, for a very feminine unicorn,
  • The pink unicorn slippers, with a unicorn head and its horn in relief, for a more realistic rendering,
  • The multicoloured unicorn slippers with its horn of the unicorn in relief, very soft, to melt of softness,
  • Pink and white unicorn slippers, with pink or multicolored mane, for more madness in your feet,
  • Unicorn slippers in the shape of sneakers, a small rainbow mane and its horn in relief, for more relaxation in the feminine or masculine,
  • Luminous unicorn slippers, unisex, so you’re hip even at home.
Rainbow Unicorn Slipper With Mane

Be all cute with soft unicorn slippers

To each his own slippers, but for everyone the comfort and pleasure of wearing them. Who wouldn’t like to receive these cocooning essentials as a gift.

There’s another gift that everyone would like to receive. It’s the unicorn plush toys. They make the hugs we dream of giving and receiving unicorns come true.

With them we can touch, caress and hug this magical creature.

We have a collection of magical plush toys that includes small unicorn plush toys to take everywhere. They have small ears, horn, eyes and nostrils in relief. Its small mane is just as soft.

We have also provided large unicorn cuddly toys. They take the place of a pillow and are just as comfortable. They can also be a playmate for little girls.

Glow Unicorn Slippers

Great gift for your children

For unicorn fans, enthusiasts, unicorn lovers of course we can not do without: the unicorn plush XXL. They are true friends. They are so soft that we can’t do without cuddling and cuddling. Caressing them becomes hypnotic, relaxing and anti-stress.

If you are looking for an exceptional unicorn plush, you can choose the luminous unicorn plush. It will satisfy its owner with its reassuring side and its fun side with its soft and changing lights.

Unicorn cuddly toys are essential items to put under the Christmas tree to see the smile on the face of each of your loved ones.

Here are other unicorn items available in our shop that will delight young and old alike :

Christmas is THE festival of magic and unicorns are more than anything else the symbol of fairy and wonder. They have a more than legitimate place in this family celebration where love reigns.

Think-Unicorn team and more particularly Lili wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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