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The Most Beautiful Permanent Unicorn Tattoos

The Most Beautiful Permanent Unicorn Tattoos

The unicorn is a legendary animal that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a large, pointed spiral horn protruding from its foreheadUnicorn tattoos are often childish and colorful.

You’ll love the variety we’ve found, which features a panel of tattoos, some of which are fun and comfortable, and some of which are slightly intimidating! 💉

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Needle Tattoo Apparatus

Unicorn tattoos : Who wears them ?

Unicorns are generally appreciated by women, although there are certainly men who also like unicorn tattoos!

When it comes to tattoos for women, unicorn designs are among the most popular, and when you look at some of these beautiful and breathtaking designs, you will understand why.

The unicorn is a mystical animal that has long been essential fantasy folklore. References to the unicorn have already been found in ancient Greece. Described as a horse-like beast with a large, pointed, spiral horn protruding from the forehead, unicorns were a symbol of cleanliness and peace.

Blue Unicorn Tattoo

What is the general colour palette ?

Pastels are trendy, as are brighter colors. You will see different shades of blue, purple, pink, and red. Add yellow and, of course, black, white, and grey, and you will have a uniform set of unicorn colors. Although some of the tattoos are black and white and very nice.

Where do you usually get a unicorn tattoo ?

The forearms, legs, and back are generally the most popular areas. Afterward, it all depends on the taste of the person who wants to get a tattoo. Nothing prevents you from getting a Unicorn Tattoo on your belly or hands, for example.

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision about a tattoo. Indeed, one can doubt the place where to do it or the design… Fortunately, there is a temporary tattoo. It’s a fake tattoo that will last between 3 and 10 days, a great alternative.

Now that you are informed let’s take a look at some of the most spectacular Examples Of Unicorn Tattoos !

We start this top with a look more threatening than the friendly faces we usually see. The dominant look is enhanced by spectacular shading and intense fire, as well as the colors behind the galloping charge.

Some examples of realistic and colorful unicorn tattoos

Tattoo of a unicorn on the calf

Beautiful Unicorn Tattoo On The Leg

Tattoo of a majestic unicorn

Unicorn Tattoo With Crystals

Tattoo of a UFO that kidnaps a unicorn

Ovni Unicorn Tattoo And Alien

A tattoo of a unicorn running over the flowers

Black Unicorn Tattoo With Flowers

An abstract unicorn tattoo on the forearm

Glass Unicorn Tattoo On Arms

A tattoo of a little unicorn on her fingers

Unicorn Tattoo On Finger

A unicorn tattoo on the pecs

Black Unicorn Tatto On The Chest

Unicorn tattoo on the back

Black And White Unicorn Tattoo On The Back

Top 20 unicorn tattoos on video

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