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The Best Kids And Girls Unicorn Watch

The Best Kids And Girls Unicorn Watch

⌚️A unicorn watch for kids and girls is considered a personal toy in their eyes. Each child has his or her own personal taste in the choice of design and style of his or her unicorn watch. As a result of our kid’s choice, we can’t say whether this watch is good or bad for them, however, we can observe whether their watch is made of quality materials. And of course, how can we identify those signs that indicate that there was a safe design of this little kids unicorn watch who’s a child’s jewelry.

Kids And Girls With A Unicorn Watch

1. The materials of the kids unicorn watch for girls and ladies

A kids unicorn watch is at least made of stainless steel on the inside of its dial. You can also opt for a ceramic watch, which is better due to its solidity, or titanium, however, these ladies unicorn watch have a higher price and are heavier for our kids small wrist. If we have to compare steel to stainless steel, it cannot be damaged by perspiration and therefore the humidity of our body. In case your child tends to suffer from skin irritation, we advise you to buy a stainless steel watch which will be perfect for him to fight against his skin irritations.

If you want your unicorn watch to keep its black, silver, pink gold or gold color, it is important to check if a PVD coating is available for it because in just one year, the coating of your watch may lose its color if you use it frequently.To check the type of materials used for your girl unicorn watch, simply read the back of your watch, usually the inscriptions of the materials are engraved on it. Please note that when we use the term “watch back”, it is to indicate that stainless steel is the only material used in the back of your unicorn watch.⌚️

Another sign of quality that many people are accustomed to is the weight of the watch which gives a valuable indication of its strength as well as the type of steel it uses or also the type of movement.

Namely, 316L stainless steel is very often used in the best known watch brands. In order to be sure of the type of stainless steel used on your watch, you must check with your salesman because the PVD coating and the type of stainless steel are not specially indicated on your kids unicorn watch.

Girls Unicorn Watch

2. Type of unicorn watch glass

A sapphire glass will always cover a watch that must be of quality. Of course, this may depend on the type of function of your kids unicorn watch. During frequent use, even violent use, the sapphire glass will not scratch and will remain clear. For a watch intended for kids, a mineral or crystal glass will be more than enough to ensure quality on it while keeping a good quality-price ratio which is often cheaper but more sensitive to scratches. In the case of a sapphire glass, it must be inscribed on the back of your unicorn watch or inside its dial.

Pink Unicorn Watch For Kids

3. The movement of unicorn watches

The quartz movement or “COSC” certified mechanical movement makes a unicorn watch for kids a good watch at an affordable price. In the majority of cases, you will always find a unicorn watch with a quartz movement that is actually powered by a battery. In order to have a watch that is affordable as well as more accurate, it will require your watch to have fewer moving parts, which is precisely the advantage of quartz crystal.

Mechanical And Quartz Watch Movements

Mechanical Movement

Sweeping motion

Quartz Movement

Individual ticks

For example, the Dutch brand Prisma uses different movements such as Ronda, Seiko or Miyota. Over time, these prestigious brands have proven themselves to the general public. Known and designed for durability and quality that defies price. The above mentioned movements have a lifespan that can be measured in decades if they are properly maintained.

Ladies Unicorn Pink Watch

4. The water-resistance of the unicorn watch

To know if a watch is of quality, you have to check the water-resistance of the ATM. Water is one of the most harmful elements for a watch, it causes a lot of damage. This is why, the water-resistance of your unicorn watch is an essential element to know if it is part of good quality watches or not. Like the movements and the materials of the watch, the water-resistance of the watch presents degrees which are variable.

If it says “10 ATM water-resistance“, this indicates that the watch is able to withstand a high pressure of 100 meters underwater or 10 bars, making it an excellent unicorn watch for your child to swim with. 5 ATM (shower) and 3 ATM (hand washing) are other degrees that indicate the water resistance of your unicorn watch. A minimum for this one is to be waterproof at a pressure of 3 ATM which offers comfort. Ask your dealer about the water resistance of your watch if it is not indicated on the back.

5. The strap of your unicorn watch

The strap of the kids unicorn watch can also be associated with the water-resistance of this one. We advise you to avoid or minimize the slightest contact of a leather strap with water because it is not waterproof and does not withstand water. It is important to know that the best watch strap, whether it is made of leather, fabric, silicone or plastic, must fit perfectly to the unicorn watch case. In the case of a fabric strap, it is strongly recommended to have seams that are narrow and above all symmetrical so that it is of good quality.

Black Unicorn Watch For Girls

6. Have an excellent finish

In short, to know if a unicorn watch has a good quality or not, has all the qualities we have mentioned, but in addition it has a hard-wearing finish, we can in this case say that it is of excellent quality and we can recommend it to you on our online store. The comfort and finish of the unicorn watch is what makes the ultimate difference between a watch at a good price and a watch that is affordable. All these details that we have described to you should make a set that is convincing but most of all attractive for your kids.

White Unicorn Watch With A Good Strap Finition

6. A unique watch brand at Think-Unicorn

Rich in history and love, our kids unicorn watch is one of the must-have gifts to give to your childrens. Our collection of unicorn watches have all been carefully scrutinized to bring out the best quality to satisfy your demand. In case your watch has a manufacturing defect, at Think-Unicorn we give you the guarantee to provide you with spare parts or simply to offer you another world. Do not hesitate to take a brief moment to browse through our collection of unicorn digital watch, there is something for all tastes and ages !

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