Three effective ways to choose your T-shirt size : The Unicorn Sizing Guide

“How do I choose the right shirt size?”

The question of men’s T-shirt sizes comes up a lot. That makes sense. When you buy online, you can’t try on the T-shirt of your dreams. Luckily, I have several tips to help you find the right size !

Sizing Guide

Choosing the right size is important !

Wrong T Shirt Size

“When a T-shirt that doesn’t fit is really the wrong size…”

If there’s one thing that changes everything, it’s choosing a garment that fits.

Clothes that are well cut and in your size will enhance your figure. That’s what the team at the men’s fashion blog, Comme un Camion points out:

“Choosing clothes that don’t fit is the number one mistake [that men make] !”

This sizing guide will explain everything if you have any doubts about how to find your T-shirt size.

The goal is to avoid looking like Ross from the Friends series:

What a T-shirt in your size should look like...

Before going into the details of the sizing guide, it is necessary to visualize the result of a voucher purchase.

A good quality T-shirt must be well cut. And that makes it easier to choose your size. At a glance you can see if it fits well.

Here are 5 things you need to pay attention to :

1. The waist at shoulder level

The first thing you need to watch is how the shirt falls on your shoulders.

That’s how you see if the shirt fits you. Romain Rousseau explains it well in the Bonne Mueule sizing guide:

“The sleeve seams should fall on the shoulder break. If it is well cut, the rest will follow. »

If the sleeve seam is not adjusted, it will give a “plunging shoulders” effect.

The Waist At Shoulder Level For T Shirt

“Joey from the Friends series: An example of the “plunging shoulders” effect fashionable in the 90s.”

If you like the style of the 90s (relaxed T-shirt, sometimes tucked into your pants), I advise you to opt for a size up.

For a T-shirt that falls well on the shoulders (fitted cut), it looks more like this picture :

T Shirt 90 Style

“Ici, le T-shirt tombe juste à point au niveau des épaules (chaussures Timberland, chino Carhartt)”

Nowadays, it is much more common to see men with a tight-fitting T-shirt than a “loose” T-shirt (i.e. with drooping shoulders). But this choice depends on the style you want to adopt.

2. The waist at the torso

The shirt must fall off when you’re standing. The pectorals will be just slightly moulded. But you shouldn’t feel tight.

Note that it is normal for the T-shirt to crease when you are sitting. Like you, the T-shirt will go into a more relaxed position.

Here’s an example with the black tar-and-white T-shirt:

Man With Black Tar And White T Shirt

“In sitting position, the TaronBlanc T-shirt only makes a few folds. (Click on the image to discover the T-shirt)”

The T-shirt should be neither too tight nor too wide at the hips.

As I was saying, it depends on your taste. Some people prefer their (men’s) T-shirt to fit snugly. Others prefer it more relaxed.

3. The waist at arm level

For short sleeve T-shirts, length is important.

Sleeves usually stop at half your biceps. A more athletic couple will have slightly shorter sleeves that will emphasize your muscles (Marlon Brando style, see the surprising story of the T-shirt).

Men With T Shirt The Waist At Arm Level

“Marlon Brando in T-shirts with very short cut sleeves”

Anyway, no longer.

Don’t let the sleeves of the T-shirt go down to the elbow (it’s very 90s like this example of Chandler wearing a T-shirt in the Friends series).

Sleeves Of The T Shirt Go Down To The Elbow

“Notice the length of the “short” sleeves of the T-shirt (the “loose” was a typical look of the 90s).”

Usually aim for the middle of the arm. This is what Valéry recommends from the fashion blog Jamais Vulgaraire :

“The ideal is when they stop right at the beginning of the biceps and triceps so as to emphasize those muscles as much as possible.”

For long-sleeved T-shirts:

When you stand with your arms along your body, the bottom of the sleeve should be at the base of the thumb (just below the wrist bone).

4. The length at the belt

A good length T-shirt stops just below the waist:

Man With T Shirt The Length At The Belt

“The right T-shirt size: The bottom of the Charcoal Grey T-shirt TarWhite just covers the belt.”

Avoid: T-shirts that fall down your butt. If this happens, the T-shirt is either too big or the cut is too long.

This is the good advice from the Chic Types team:

“[The shirt] should be long enough to hide your belt but not cover your butt.”

The long T-shirt (under the buttocks) is back in the fashion world. But it’s a style that doesn’t suit everyone (I’ve been told that it goes into an avant-garde look with a “designer T-shirt”).

5. Depth at the neck

The neckline of a T-shirt often called a “round neck” or “V-neck” (even if the T-shirt does not have a collar by definition) is very important.

The shape depends on the model of T-shirt chosen:

  • A V-neck T-shirt refines your silhouette. And the right size T-shirt will have a V-neck that is not too deep. Look how the V-neck T-shirt TaronBlanc falls on Augustin Paluel-Marmont, co-founder of Michel & Augustin) :
T Shirt Augustin Paluel Marmont Co Founder Of Michel Augustin.

“Augustin Paluel-Marmont (Co-founder of Michel & Augustin).”

  • The round neck T-shirt reinforces your stature. The size of a round neck depends on the style you want to adopt. You can choose a round collar for an elegant outfit or a flared collar for an informal look.

Now you have a good idea of what a T-shirt looks like in your size.

So here are some tips on how to find your T-shirt size.

How to choose the right T-shirt size

There are several ways to find your size when buying online.

Here they are !

1. Start with your usual size

To find the right T-shirt, I advise you to start by choosing your usual size.

Men’s T-shirts often (but not always) fit the same way. (I’m talking about “size”, not “fit”. The latter depends on the brand of T-shirt).

I therefore advise you to start by trying on your usual T-shirt size.

Most brands try to stay within the norm when it comes to sizes. This is the case with GoudronBlanc. From the beginning of the brand, in 2012, we have respected the French size scale. The aim is to make your life easier when you choose your T-shirts.

2. Think about your measurements (height and weight) :

It’s not easy to decide alone.

If you need advice, ask your question in a comment.

To do this, tell us your height and weight.

We have already distributed several collections and many of you are wearing our T-shirts. So we have a good idea of which size fits which type of corpulence.

Your size is useful to us. It is the first element that helps us to deduce if you need an S, M, L, or XL. As a rule of thumb, a six foot tall man will go for an M, and a five foot tall man will go for an S.

Weight also counts. This helps us to refine the height choice. A rather thin man of 1.80m will rather wear a T-shirt size S (if he weighs less than 70kg). On the contrary, a man who is 1.80m tall but weighs 85kg will be better in a size L.

3. Find your size with a tape measure

If you are not sure of your height, the best way to find it is to use a tape measure.

This will allow you to measure your torso (or chest) circumference. This is the information that all online T-shirt stores use to advise their customers.

Find Your Size With A Tape Measure For T Shirt

“How to measure a man’s chest circumference with a tape measure”

Here’s how a man can measure his chest circumference to choose his T-shirt size:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Run the tape measure under your armpits at your pectorals, the strongest part of your torso.
  • Make sure the tape measure stays straight, at the same front and back.
  • Make sure that you keep the distance of one finger between the tape measure on your chest (the tape measure is neither too loose nor too tight).
  • Relate the measurement obtained to the size correspondence (see below).
String To Measure T Shirt

If you don’t have a tape measure, use string. Go around your torso and measure the length that was needed to go around it.

(MacGyver will be jealous of your makeshift tape measure).

Matching T-shirt sizes

The size scale comes from the Anglo-Saxon world:

  • S = Small
  • M = Medium
  • L = Large
  • XL = Extra Large

So you have to translate it into centimeters. And that varies by brand of men’s T-shirt.

For example, here’s the size guide for TaronBlanc T-shirts: Then simply refer to the measurement obtained when you measured your chest circumference.

4. Find your size from one of your T-shirts

If in doubt, measure flat a cotton T-shirt that fits you well. And compare the measurements with the table below.

Find The Exact Size For Your T Shirt

“How to measure the size of your T-shirts”

(Be careful not to pull on the fabric when taking measurements).

Children's T-Shirt Size

To order the right T-shirt size

  1. Take your usual size. To make your life easier, our stylist has taken the French size scale. So choose the size you usually take.
  2. It is easy to take your measurements. If in doubt about your height, take your measurements. For a T-shirt, the key measurement is your chest circumference. You will find all the necessary information in this size guide.
  3. Consider the shrinkage rate. An organic cotton T-shirt will shrink. You are dealing with a natural material. So it’s inevitable. Take a T-shirt that gives you a little bit of room. If you take care of your T-shirt, the shrinkage of the fabric will be almost imperceptible (for example, 2 to 3% in the case of tar-and-white T-shirts). For maintenance, wash your T-shirt at 30°C. Do not tumble dry. Air dry.
  4. Result. Choosing the right T-shirt size is super easy. All you have to do is let yourself be seduced by the T-shirt of your dreams.

The pleasure of a T-shirt in the right size

That’s it !

You have all the tools to find your shirt size. All you have to do is order your favorite colors and models of T-shirt.

And if you have any questions, just ask our Customer Support.