The Story Of Unicorn Kawaii

The Story Of Unicorn Kawaii

Unicorns are mythical creatures that look like white horses in a fairy-tale world, except for a spiral horn that comes out of their foreheads. Many traditions surround unicorns; in some myths the horn cures diseases or protects people from poison. Reading stories about unicorns encourages children to use their imagination and imagine worlds where similar enchanted creatures exist .

So get your child’s unicorn pyjamas and unicorn plush ready for a unicorn story in a magical world about the beautiful rainbow-haired kawaii creature.

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“Unicorns,” an illustrated book by Abby Colich, traces the history of unicorn myths and presents stories of unicorns from various cultures and parts of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe and India. The book also contains a chapter that compares unicorns to other mythical creatures. The final chapter allows children to decide for themselves whether unicorns can be real. This allows them to form their own ideas and enter their own world. Click on the book to know How To Catch A Unicorn !

How To Catch A Unicorn Book

Where are the unicorns ?

Where Have The Unicorns Gone” by Jane Yolen and Ruth Sanderson is an illustrated story in verse that asks and answers the question of the title. The story tells the story of unicorns, explaining that the creatures roamed “sun-spotted glades and flower-filled aviaries”.

The poem also explains in detail how the negative aspects of the progress of civilization, such as deforestation, industrialization, pollution and fighting, threaten the lives of unicorns. According to the book, unicorns eventually fled to the sea and remain there. The book contains brilliant and complex illustrations that help to convey a very frank environmental and political message about our world.

Where Have The Unicorns Gone

My secret unicorn

Written by Linda Chapman, “My Secret Unicorn” tells the story of a girl named Laura, who has a beautiful pony named Twilight. When Laura says a special series of enchanted words, Twilight turns into a unicorn. Together, Laura and Twilight try to help Shadow, a little pony who lives nearby and is afraid to jump. Twilight uses the magic of her unicorn to help Shadow.

However, Shadow learns to fend for himself one night when he is trapped in a storm. In addition to being a delightfully enchanting tale, the story subtly encourages children to face their fears. This unicorn story will help your children gain confidence in the absence of their parents.

My Secret Unicorn

Niccolo's Unicorn

In “Niccolo’s Unicorn Hunt” by Sylvaine Nahas and Bimba Landmann, Nicolo is a young boy who likes to dream of having his own unicorn. Some authority figures, such as his older brother and his teacher, tell him that he is simply stupid to think such things.

However, his grandfather tells him to look for unicorns in art, literature, music, his own imagination. In other words, in his world and Nicolo finds the search rewarding. The bright illustrations in the book present warm colours, striking perspectives and the most elaborate attention to detail, while giving the story a very dreamlike atmosphere.

The Unicorn Hunt


Girl With Fluffy Unicorn Animation

Once upon a time there was a herd of unicorns living in a field behind an old farmhouse.

Unicorns are very special creatures, for one thing, they are magical. They are invisible to everyone unless they choose you as a friend to be able to see them. In this herd, no human could see them because they wanted to stay hidden.

One unicorn named Titi was younger than all the others, and the older unicorns would not let her participate in their games. She was so lonely and sad that one day she decided to go to the farm and see if there was someone to play with.

What she saw made her smile. She was the farmer’s daughter playing alone in the garden and the best she could do was pretend she had a horse. The Unicorn thought, “What if I could play with that little girl and be her real horse? So Titi approached the little girl and shook magic unicorn dust at her.

The little girl could not believe her eyes, standing before her was the most beautiful, shining pink Unicorn. The little girl rubbed her eyes in disbelief and said, “Are you real?” “Yes,” said Titi, “I saw you playing and wondered if you wanted to play with me?

The little girl laughed and shouted, “I would love to play with you. My name is Gracie and I’m four years old. Come on, let’s play. Titi and Gracie played all day; they had the best day of their lives.

At dinnertime, Gracie’s mom came out of the house and told her to come to dinner. Gracie asked if her new friend Tweety the Unicorn could come too. Her mom said, “Don’t be silly, Gracie, Tweety isn’t real, she’s just pretending. When Tweety found out that she had dropped a magical twilight on Gracie’s mommy.

In an instant, Gracie’s mom started rubbing her eyes when she saw the most wonderful Unicorn standing right in front of her. Then she looked around the farm and saw many, many unicorns. She almost fell down when the Unicorn started talking. “I’m real and I’m Gracie’s new friend,” Titi says.

Well, you’d better come over for dinner. What do unicorns eat?” asked Gracie’s mother.

Unicorn Rainbow Poop


Each of these unicorn stories are taken from foreign authors mixing imagination, magic and enchantment. In other words, everything that children love. From fairy tales to mythology.

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