A unicorn necklace is a beautiful jewellery for women that is worn around the neck. The necklace was one of the first beauty accessory to be worn in time by us in order to sublimate itself. Often associated with important ceremonial, magical, events, the mythical one-horned creature necklace is very appreciated by women, it can be associated as a symbol of wealth or simply beauty due to its design made of precious stones and gold, 14k gold, white gold, diamond, sterling silver chain, with a small silver horn made of glitter. Often made of pink, pastel or a rainbow color for the girls or little girl, the symbol of grace necklace is available in different forms, whether in transparent, charms or as a pendant.

The cute unicorn necklace is mainly composed of a chain, a band or a cord that wraps around the neck of the woman to decorate. It is often made of all kinds of materials which are precious metals such as 14k gold plated or rose gold necklace, white gold, platinum or silver or even 925 silver as well as charm or plastic for little girls. It is possible to attach to the necklace a pendant on the clasp which is usually already arranged on the jewel. The necklace attachment is intended exclusively to put pendants, crosses, amulets or other semi-precious or precious materials such as gemstone, sapphire, emerald, garnet, ruby, diamond or pearls / bead are essential decorative jewelry as a pendant. Other simple accessories such as a choker are available to attach your necklace for another style.

How to choose a horned animal necklace for kids and girls ?

Girls and children love to wear the unicorn necklace around their necks. Of ancient origin, it has been worn by almost all civilizations. They are made with precious metals as well as other jewelry or colored beads gemstones (beaded necklace with a stone). Other names can be used for the fabled horse silver chain necklace, such as locket, pendant, neck, collar or collier. To know if a necklace is suitable for a child, there are several things to consider :

1. The safety

The first thing to check on the mythical horned creature jewelry is safety, while you are making your choice, make sure that the one-horned animal pendant is not too tight or too long. If it is too tight, it could cause discomfort to the child. The necklace must be comfortable for the child and safe. Also pay attention to any pendants or other items that may be on the necklace that could pose a choking or strangulation hazard.

2. The size

To find a white horse-like animal necklace that fits our neck perfectly, it is crucial to find the right necklace at the right size. Two methods exist to measure and thus find the size that will fit you. First, the best of the two methods is to equip yourself with a tape measure and pass it around your neck to the height where your necklace should fall. The second method is similar to the first, you must wrap a thread around your neck and mark it with a marker to indicate the length of these unicorn necklaces. On our online store, we suggest different sizes to help you choose the right necklace for your child.

3. The materials

Our east with one horn necklaces are made in different materials such as sterling silver necklace, plated gold, diamond or crystal as well as in different colors such as rainbow, pastel or transparent. Suitable for women and children, there will be something for every taste, from kawaii to sparkly. The magic contained in the metal snake chain of our necklaces is unique, that’s why this jewel is an exceptional gift to offer to your loved ones.

4. A unique style

A factor which is determining in the choice of your unicorn necklace is its beauty. For special events, such as birthday parties, Christmas, wedding or other, many people love to give heart necklace to their children, regardless of age. This pearl or chain jewel is one of the many thoughtful gifts that your children are sure to cherish !

A wide range of fabled beast necklaces on our online store

A multitude of necklaces from the universe of the magical one-horned horse can be found on our online store. Below is a list of symbol of grace jewellery that we have arranged for you on our store :

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