Our Most Beautiful Unicorn Coloring For Your Children

Our Most Beautiful Unicorn Coloring For Your Children

As you know, colouring is more than just a hobby, it can be part of educational games for youngsters or even art therapy for adults.

When we need to find a hobby for children, much better than cartoons, colouring books to print are a good alternative. We know how much they love unicorn drawings and just like us, they enjoy colouring very different ones: small ones that can be made several times in several colours, bigger ones to be able to keep them or more detailed ones, whatever their size, to spend time and be satisfied with the work done ✏️

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Our goal for your children's enjoyment

That’s why we decided to offer you a multitude of Unicorn colourings. These are all colorings to be printed for free. You can print them as many times as you like. We have arranged them by theme and then by level.

It is true that the little ones are not able to make large and very detailed coloring pictures, because of their motor skills in construction and their limited patience.

For those who wish to have an example, we have put, as far as possible, unicorn colorings with an already colored model.

Unicorn Coloring Tutorial

Magic drawings as a surprise

You will also find magical unicorn colorings. You certainly know. A box is associated with a number or a letter and this symbol represents a color. If you respect this principle, when you are finished, you will be able to see that you have coloured a unicorn without noticing it. This is why they are called magic colours.

We have also decided to surprise the wise children by offering you the possibility to create a personalized unicorn mask. Indeed, a unicorn colouring in the shape of a mask to be cut out is waiting for you.

Finally, we have attached a unicorn coloring video that you can print beforehand to follow the video in real time. Don’t hesitate to pause to take your time to color or even to review this video as much as you need.

Colouring Marker For Unicorn Drawing

Advice on the material to be used & Conservation of unicorn colourings

You are free to choose the medium on which you wish to print the unicorn colouring. It seems interesting to us to choose a white paper to leave all the possibilities of colors.

The weight of the paper will depend on what you have at home or on the use you wish to make of your Unicorn Drawing.

If you wish to keep it in a drawing book to create your own colouring book, or if you prefer to give it as a gift for Mother’s Day for example, you will adapt the thickness of the paper so that the presentation is more or less elegant and easy to keep.

Regarding the tools, we know that children love to colour with markers or pens. Coloured pencils and pastels are appropriate for the youngest. Their drawing is a multitude of essays and all coloring is their personalized work. Painting is also a good means of expression. From water paint or gouache, the main thing is to be proud of the final result. Although children learn very quickly, let’s keep in mind that Cézanne and Van Gogh were not made in a day.

On the contrary, it is quite possible to use only a grey pencil to make your black and white drawing. This gives a very artistic and modern rendering.

Now that you have all the necessary material, you just have to Choose Your Unicorn Drawing To Color And Print it before you can have fun. One click on the drawing of your choice and off you go !

Colouring Unicorn Winged

This category allows you to see the unicorn with its wings spread, which gives it an even more wonderful side.

Let’s start with a colouring of a young unicorn with open wings. It does not have too many fine details so it corresponds to the beginner’s level.

Unicorn Coloring With Wings
  • The next 2 are also young unicorns but they have a little more fine features. It will be necessary to be a little more precise. They can make the happiness of young children applied.
Cute Unicorn Coloring
My Little Poney Unicorn Coloring

The following unicorn colouring has a pattern to follow. It is a base that corresponds to colour ideas, but nothing prevents you from changing certain shades that will please you. It’s up to you.

Unicorn Coloring Before After

The next 2 unicorn colourings are adult unicorns with large spread wings, moving mane and tail. They are just waiting for colour to be sublimated.

Flying Unicorn Coloring
Pegasus Unicorn Coloring

This unicorn colouring represents a unicorn with large open wings in a green setting with a rainbow in the background. The success of this colouring will be the use of many different colours.

Unicorn Landscape Coloring

This colouring unicorn requires a lot of patience and meticulousness, as there are so many small spaces to colour, especially in the feathers of its wings. Lovers of complex colouring will be delighted.

Majestic Unicorn Coloring

Unicorn Coloring with Hearts

What could be cuter than a lovely unicorn with little hearts. Whether they’re around her or on top of her, they’ll bring a little extra touch of tenderness.

Just like this frightened-looking unicorn, the little hearts make her even more tender.

Cute Unicorn Coloring 1

Now let’s colour in this little unicorn in love with little hearts on her rump. There aren’t too many little details, so the younger ones can learn to color without overdoing it easily enough.

Kawaii Unicorn Colouring

This young unicorn is not a little proud to have found love. Quite a symbol and subtlety in this drawing.

Unicorn Cuting A Heart Colouring

Now we can give back the necessary colours to this dreamy and loving unicorn drawing on a multicoloured rainbow background.

Unicorn Colouring On A Cloud

The most romantic will not be able to resist colouring in this drawing full of love and happiness, where everything seems perfect.

2 Beautifuls Unicorn Colouring

Unicorn Coloring with Stars

We’re used to unicorns putting stars in our eyes. Here they have them on them or around them. The first 2 colourings are for beginners, the youngest or those who like simple colourings.

Little Unicorn With Stars Coloring
Unicorn Falling Stars Coloring

This unicorn dab and the stars show us that she’s doing her interesting thing. Maybe she’s on a stage ?

Dabbing Unicorn Coloring

The stars on this unicorn’s rump give her more femininity than she already exudes.

Stars On Unicorn Body Coloring

The little unicorn fairy with her star magic wand. She fulfills all the dreams of wise children.

Halloween Unicorn Coloring

The unicorn with his dark glasses like a rock star. The stars bring an extra touch of pep.

Sunglasses Unicorn Coloring With Stars

The following unicorn coloring has a template that can guide you if you run out of ideas.

Stars Unicorn Coloring

The little unicorn is in the moon, his head in the stars.

Unicorn Under The Moon Coloring

In the next 2 colorings, unicorns frolic in the clouds, surrounded by stars and clouds. What a wonderful scenery.

Rainbow Unicorn Coloring
Galaxy Unicorn Coloring

As they say, the best for last. This unicorn coloring in the stars with a multitude of details will satisfy the unicorn and complex coloring enthusiasts.

Space Unicorn Coloring

Prancing Unicorn Colouring

To rear up, the unicorn stands on its hind legs. There are several reasons for rearing. Either to defend itself from a predator, or to attack when it feels threatened, or to gain momentum before a mad run in the clouds and rainbows.

The first colouring of the Raiser Unicorn is very simple, so that even the youngest ones can colour it in this majestic state.

Simple Prancing Unicorn Coloring

This coloring to print represents a princess unicorn rearing delicately to join her fiancé. Her long tail and bushy mane make her irresistible.

Cute Unicorn Prancing Coloring

This young winged unicorn reared because she is very fearful. No danger on the horizon, be serene.

Kawaii Unicorn Prancing Coloring

The following drawing shows the unicorn rearing in self-defense. It is big and strong enough to scare off its opponent.

Dragon Unicorn Prancing Coloring

The next 2 radiant unicorns wishing to let off steam and gallop through the sun’s rays look exactly like these. Their rearing is the starting point of their crazy race.

Long Horn Unicorn Coloring
Running Unicorn Coloring

This one rears up because she wants to attack an assailant to save herself. The horn forward so as not to miss him.

Attacking Unicorn Coloring

The next unicorn rears masterfully. Perhaps she is dancing or courting her suitor. This print colouring will delight the draughtsman with the meticulousness he will have to show.

Big Unicorn Coloring

Colouring Unicorn Kawaii

The kawaii style is a cute style, like in cartoons. Below you will find several kawaii unicorn coloring cards to print in different situations that can be found in children’s favorite cartoons.

The first 2 unicorns to colour in are from the drawings for the youngest ones. These drawings do not have too many details and the lines are a little thick to make filling easier without overfilling.

Kawaii Unicorn Coloring
Kawaii Unicorn With Wings Coloring

This unicorn to color in looks a little lost. She’s probably just thinking. Her beautiful mane promises beautiful results once colored.

Unicorn Kawaii Coloring

Now it’s time for the greedy ones with that unicorn sitting on a cupcake. The colors you put on will tell us if it’s chocolate or red fruit.

Cupcake Unicorn Coloring

The shy and beautiful unicorn that every little girl wants to colour in is this one.

Beautiful Unicorn Coloring

The 2 following drawings are straight out of manga. The big eyes of the unicorns reveal it to us at first glance.

Beautiful Eyes Unicorn Kawaii Coloring
Unicorn Kawaii Coloring

The superhero unicorn is not missing. In fact, she’s very convincing.

Super Kawaii Unicorn Coloring

Here is now the coloring with model, this is the surfing unicorn with multicolored mane.

Surf Unicorn Coloring

Colouring Unicorn Cat

The unicorn cat is well known for combining the magic of the unicorn with the sweetness of the cat. Colouring can therefore be done in soft colours.

This little unicorn cat to color is made for the youngest. Its minimalist body makes colouring easy.

Kitticorn Coloring

The 2 following colourings represent unicorn cats a little pensive, in love and dreamy.

Unicorn Cuddle To A Heart Coloring
Sad Unicorn Coloring

For this unicorn cat, it’s toilet time. He looks very happy. It’s up to you to give him the right colors.

Dogicorn Coloring

Five unicorn cats in the same coloring. Are they twins or cats of different colours? You tell us…

Rainbow Catticorn Unicorn Coloring

The following colourings to print are unicorn cats in different situations: at the beach, eating ice cream or resting. You can choose with or without a model.

Cuttest Unicorn Cat Coloring
Before After Caticorn Coloring

Colouring Unicorn Knight

The coloring unicorn knight represents a unicorn with a knight’s accessory or having lived in the Middle Ages.

This small unicorn with a knight’s cape has everything of a big one.

Vampire Unicorn Coloring

The armoured unicorn gallops into battle to help his fellow creatures.

Knight Unicorn Coloring

You can wear a knight’s armour and still look very elegant. That’s the case with this young unicorn knight.

Queen Unicorn Coloring

This knightly unicorn is not disguised, she really fought in the time of knights and rough fights in the battle of the territories.

Chinese Unicorn Coloring

Unicorn Colouring in Nature

The unicorn is an adventurer and there is not a corner of nature she hasn’t visited. It is therefore essential to represent the unicorn in a meadow, a field of flowers or in the forest.

This unicorn is resting around exotic and very fragrant flowers.

Flowers Unicorn Coloring

The young unicorn discovers the pleasure of walking in the forest.e very fragrant exotic flowers.

Forest Unicorn Coloring

The unicorn mother teaches her unicorn baby the happiness that flowers can bring. He seems receptive.

Unicorn Mom And Children Coloring

The princess rides her unicorn to go for a walk in the park surrounding the medieval castle to enjoy the fresh air that the trees can provide.

Unicorn Queen And Castle Coloring

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Garden Unicorn Coloring

Colouring Young Unicorn

The representation of the unicorn in its youngest age brings an additional touch of tenderness.

The first unicorn to be coloured in is drawn in a “rough” way. The lines are thick and there is not much detail. Colouring is ideal for toddlers.

Little Unicorn Coloring

The following 2 unicorn colourings have a soft side. The young unicorn is rather clumsy, hesitant or even shy. Some people like to colour in this kind of drawing where they find themselves in them.

Unicorn Rocking Horse Coloring
Young Unicorn Coloring

Now, the 2 following colourings represent happy, festive and very dynamic unicorns.

Sleeping Unicorn Coloring
Unicorn Young Coloring

The 2 colorings below are mischievous unicorn drawings, active and playful at the same time.

Dancing Unicorn Coloring

Unicorn Coloring : the video

Before watching the following video on an additional example of unicorn coloring, we suggest you print out this drawing so that you can follow the unicorn’s coloring in real time.

Tutorial Print Unicorn Coloring

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