The Top 40 Best Animated Unicorn Gifs

The Top 40 Best Animated Unicorn Gifs

Unicorns are often very appreciated by people, they are beautiful and cute spitting and blowing out rainbows and many other surprising things…

If you’re looking for unicorn gifs out of curiosity or to keep busy, you’ll find your happiness with these animated unicorns! You can also search for them to download and send them to your friends depending on the conversation and events 🌈


Gifs Unicorn Rainbow

When you’re wondering “where’s my cat?” Well, he’s on a unicorn.

Cat Riding A Unicorn

My daughter recently taught me that unicorns make rainbows!

Unicorn Running With A Rainbow

Do you think it’s a demonic unicorn or an angelic unicorn?

Kawaii Unicorn Under Rainbow

So it was because of that damn kid that it was raining…

Girl Ridding A Unicorn On A Rainbow

When they tell you you’re gonna eat your favorite food…

Happy Kawaii Unicorn With Rainbow Vomit

Use that unicorn gif if the situation is “wow.”

Unicorn Vomiting Rainbow

The unicorn gif of the LGBT community

Lgbt Unicorn

Impossible not to find cute this ball of unicorn hair walking on a rainbow!

Unicorn Sheep Walking On A Rainbow

“But what’s that unicorn doing on that rainbow? »

Dancing Unicorn On A Rainbow

Unicorn gifs are the gifs you can literally put everywhere, in your facebook, twitter, discord, etc… but also during your conversations with your friends to make the discussion more epic and funny! Use the unicorn gif to share your love for the unicorn and make it clear that you are as crazy as she is!

Funny Unicorn Gifs

Quand tu réalises que même avec une combinaison licorne ben t’es pas vraiment une licorne

Girl In Unicorn Pajamas

Me crazy? Not at all.

Crazy Women In A Unicorn Costume

This animated unicorn’s gif is to be sent without moderation in any situation. (Even if it is basically meant to wish a happy birthday)

Unicorn Happy Birthday

Is it a cat? Unicorn? No, it’s a LICORN CAT.

Caticorn With A Horn

Gif Unicorn Kawaii

This unicorn gif is much too kawaii, impossible to resist…

Cute Jumping Unicorn

That’s an ugly, nasty gif coming from me, is a much too cute gif !

Pink Fluffy Unicorn

Who dares to hurt a unicorn? WHO?

Dragon Vs Kitticorn

Who would dream of having a magic unicorn in their backyard? (Well, I would, anyway.)

Unicorn Running In The Pray

Impossible to resist the beauty of this magnificent unicorn…

Magic Unicorn

Gif Unicorn Happy Birthday

The unicorn gif to celebrate a happy birthday to a unicorn fan!

Happy Birthday Unicorn Cake

Stylish, right? It’s our Unicorn Night Light in a gif! 😎 (you can find it by clicking on the pink link or the gif image)

Glowing Unicorn Lamp

Have you ever seen a unicorn brush its teeth? Well, I have now. (Well, not sure if it’s really a unicorn, but it’s doubtful…)

Unicorn Brushing His Teeth

That's a unicorn BADASS !

Badass Unicorn From Galaxy

To send without moderation to congratulate your friends.

Unicorn Congrats

When all of a sudden the magic of the unicorn hits you

Muscular Unicorn

And yes, even unicorns make themselves beautiful.

Unicorn Wearing Make Up

You mustn’t bother the unicorns, otherwise, watch out:

Unicorn Laser

Another very good example of why you shouldn’t try to bother unicorns…

Unicorn Vomiting Laser

Gif Licorne Fun, Divers, Bonus

I don’t know this game but it’s probably the best game in the WORLD!

Unicorn Game

Huh. I imagined the unicorn appearances a little more… “Fantastic”?

Unicorn Flying To The Space

More facts at Unicorn World because yes, this gif shows that ice creams are made with unicorn poop.

Unicorn Pooping Ice Cream

A unicorn llama in space, isn’t that normal ?

Unicorn Lama In Space

Is that her? The Magic Super Unicorn, the rainbow unicorn symbol?

Glitter Unicorn Rainbow

You want some for the winter, too? To be able to face the cold ground with class? You can order our super bright unicorn slippers by clicking on the pink link or on the picture!

Unicorn Slippers

Shh! Unicorn secret.

Unicorn Shhhh

This unicorn gif is for you. We wanted to remind you in case you forgot. 😊

Unicorn Every Day Im Majestic

The one and only true and beautiful unicorn in an animated gif.

Unicorn Draw

When your parents arrive and you have to hide your unicorn quickly.

Unicorn Behind Curtains

The super unicorn dab goes into action!

Dabbing Unicorn Disco

Even unicorns eat ice cream in the summer.

Sunglasses Unicorn With Icecream

We’re not sure how to define that gif, but you’ll probably need it at some point.

Jumping Unicorn

Cheer up! (Do you think she’ll ever make it?)

Hippo Unicorn

This gif is far too beautiful!

Unicorn Wings

We all want to be like him, on our unicorn buoy sipping cocktails all day long!

Men On A Unicorn Float

How other people see me when I’m with my buddies:

Unicorn Squad

Here is our super magic unicorn buoy you can have one too if you click on the link in pink.

Rainbow Unicorn Float

I hope you enjoyed our animated unicorn gifs and recorded some for you and your friends. If you like unicorns you can always visit our unicorn shop for who knows, find your happiness!

If you are looking for even More Unicorn Gifs you can always check out giphy, you will have something to entertain you for a few more decades.

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