Our Most Beautiful Photos Of Unicorns

Our Most Beautiful Photos Of Unicorns

No one can resist the beauty of the unicorn. Everything about unicorns, from Unicorn Costumes, unicorn accessories to unicorn gifts, are strong evidence of the passion of unicorn lovers all over the world. They all have in common pretty vibrations and a childlike feeling with colours often associated with unicorns such as white, pink, rainbow and iridescence.

There is nothing better to brighten up your days than beautiful pictures of unicorns stored on your computer and phone. Let’s see with us the best pictures of cute unicorns that will easily bring a smile to your face (^‿^v) 🦄

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Unicorn in pink

Such a perfect combination. Pink is the ultimate colour when you think of beauty, and when unicorn is combined with this colour, the result is the irresistibly cute and fairy-tale look that can drive a unicorn crazy. Pink horn, pink mane, pink cheek and even pink tail are the main characteristics of a pink unicorn. Just like the pictures we show you below :

Look at his shiny, wavy, smooth and pink hair! A horn glittering like a crown only adds a princess and girl look to her. A pink-haired unicorn wants to see her in your avatar ?

Unicorn In Pink

This lady unicorn looks like a sleeping princess with beautiful hair and pink cheeks. She was surrounded by beautiful flowers around her neck. Such a sweet and Elegant Image Of The Unicorn.

Flower Unicorn

Unicorn baby with a unique fairy-coloured mane. It looks like the colorful sky with little stars coming out of it.

Stars Unicorn

This unicorn is distinguished by its bright pink mane, tail and, above all, its sparkling pink eyes. The shiny, watery eyes seem to speak to us. No one can resist such an adorable baby.

Kawaii Unicorn

The small unicate (unicorn+cat) is the trend among unicorn lovers. The combination of two of the cutest animals makes it even more beautiful. This unicate has an adorable pink body with a colourful tail and a yellow star on one of its eyes. Would you like to adopt this cute pet ?


Unicorn and rainbow

Anyone want this dazzling friend to come to your party tonight ? Adorned with sequins, this magnificent unicorn will make you dance for a successful magical evening !

Glitters Unicorn

Isn’t our baby pig unicorn adorable ? Sleeping surrounded by its thick, soft rainbow mane.

Sleeping Unicorn

Another unicorn asleep with a rainbow mane. A hair so glorious with a golden, catchy horn.

Unicorn Manes

This little unicorn has a rainbow running down her mane, tail and even her mouth. Anyone would love to adopt him and fly in the rainbow fluid he makes !

Unicorn Throwing Up A Rainbow

Beautiful dolphin with all the characteristics of a unicorn! The pink horn and tail, the rainbow-coloured body makes it instantly a mythical and magical animal like a unicorn.

Unicorn Fish

This beautiful legendary creature with unique and magical colors. Its mane of many roses will take you to a wonderful world !

Unicorn Art

Dabbing a unicorn can drive anyone crazy with its freshness. The rainbow hair and tail are perfect for a hippie style.

Dabbing Unicorn

We all believe in the magic of rainbow unicorns ! This beautiful unicorn is proof of that. Its unique pastel coloration will not leave you indifferent.

Rainbow Unicorn


The unicorn has entered into legend as one of the most mysterious and divine creatures. Stories of unicorns continue again and again in the Bible and in medieval tales. Is there any truth in them or are they all the fruit of man’s desire and imagination?

Although science cannot yet give us a satisfactory answer about the unicorn, what we have now is certainly an accurate visualization of the unicorn through thousands of years of history. Let’s go with us to see what the unicorn looks like at different times (or more precisely, how images of real unicorns have evolved over the years).

The unicorn in the Bible

The unicorn was mentioned nine times in the King James version of the Bible. However, the “unicorn” in the original Hebrew biblical text was “re’em”, which probably meant a wild ox with a horn. After many translations, from Hebrew to Greek, from Greek to Latin and finally to English, “re’em” was translated several times and became unicorn. They only use the word “unicorn” to refer to an animal with a single horn. However, we call it the fairy unicorn, which looks like a white horse with a horn on its head.

Representation of a unicorn in the Bible. They are somehow similar to our imagination, but with a much larger horn.

Greek Mythology Unicorn

Some have said that it is the unicorn that the Hebrew Bible mentions. Not as beautiful as we imagine, is it? It’s actually the Siberian Unicorn, a real animal that existed about 29,000 years ago. Scientists found its fossil in Kazakhstan. It is the closest thing that humans can find that resembles the “single-horned” creature in the Bible.

Syberia Unicorn

The unicorn in medieval times

There are tons of documents about unicorn hunting in the Middle Ages. People already knew about the magical healing power of the unicorn horn and used it as an effective antidote against the incurable poison. This is proof of what it looks like:

The unicorn looks more like a dog with one horn than a horse. It has a lot of hair on its head and neck and a horn that is very wide in relation to its size.

Unicorn In The Bible

The most famous document we found in the Middle Ages on the unicorn must be the Unicorn Tapestries, woven in Brussels towards the end of the 15th century, beginning of the 16th century. The unicorn in captivity is part of this well-known masterpiece :

Apparently, it looks slightly different from the picture above, which looks more like a dog. This unicorn look is similar to that of a goat and closer to the body of a horse that we all think of.

Middle Ages Unicorn

These representations vary enormously and it is difficult to say that they are all the same type of “unicorn”. Nevertheless, there is one significant common feature in all these models, and that is the abnormally long horn. The unicorn in our thinking often has a cute little horn with a conical shape, the real unicorn horn that we have not seen could be as sharp as the spear.

The image of the unicorn in today's life

Nowadays, you don’t see unicorns anymore. There is no scientific proof yet that they will move out of their comfort zone and appear before us in the near future. However, humans can satisfy their imaginations by creating beautiful images of unicorns. Let’s take a look at the beautiful images of the unicorn that we all hope to see one day :

Unicorn Running In The Meadow

Some of them are supposed to be real unicorn detectives. Are they real or is it just a Photoshop product or just a horse with an artificial horn? Either way, these images are the most real visualization of unicorns that man can make. It is also as close as possible to the unicorn of our dream. Let us hope that at last, with our own eyes, one of us will be able to see the real unicorn and tell the others about this miraculous experience.

I hope you will have a good time with all these pictures of real unicorns. Do you want to see these Pretty Pictures Of Unicorns ? Visit our blog for more beautiful unicorn pictures and inspiring unicorn stories. In addition, you can visit our shop where you can find many amazing unicorn gifts and accessories.

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